Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun

Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun

Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun

Backinfo from Best Gore member @uzitv:

Kid records himself blowing brains out with gun, video gets uploaded to YouTube titled “1444”. Don’t know what language that is.


In the meantime I acquired a longer version of the video, and it’s also the correct orientation, which now shows clearly that the markings on his t-shirt are in Russian. His name was Gleb Korabljov (Глеб Кораблёв). He was born in September 2001, so at the time of his suicide, he just turned 18. The gun used was apparently a Saiga 12 shotgun.

Thanks a lot for the video, @uzitv:

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510 thoughts on “Guy Records Himself Blowing Brains Out with Gun”

  1. I have a very STRONG feeling he won’t be able to fix the top part of his head with some tape and glue. I will give this young poor bastard a lot of credit however. As it takes some serious balls to pull the trigger of that high powered rifle, and end yourself in this excruciating way. Only 18 and he had his entire life ahead of him. How ironic that he was born the very same time 9/11 happened. He probably felt guilty for coming into the world at such a tragic time for what happened in America, and therefor decided to end himself in a similar way. Stop fuckin’ wasting yourselves!

  2. I believe the number of comments for this video must be some kind of record ! My comment here now is 496th ! Incredible – my initial comment was back on page 1 but never have I seen any post get so many? It’s an interesting video, but there are ALOT on BG so not sure exactly why this is so different….. Viva la BG…………

  3. that couch has really nice upholstery, he should have done it outside so his mother do not have to replace it with cheap shit or think about him every day she sit on blood stained couch, blah blah… why shoot your brain out, get into some drugs, overdose on some heroin and make people hate you then die like distant person those people are and stop making suicidal people being horrible… just joking… he did well, and I bet didn’t expect result he got, but hey, who is to know, like Julia Child told us… who is to know everything spilled out (like his brains), well certainly he doesn’t!
    May I add, that was great waste of sperm his dad did in his hoe mom, or the other way around, but I am glad he is out of gene pool.
    yes, yes, I am evil :}

  4. What the fuck is up with people live streaming their suicides on social media? Are people really that egotistical? Wish i could catch people like this in the act, tell them how much of a cunt they are and then fucking blow their heads off myself. Saddens me that young kids are gonna be exposed to this i know its reality but its feels so unnecessary to me especially to be on social media. Fuck him but nice blood spill

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