Guy Shoots Himself in Head As Cops in Riot Gear Threaten Him

Guy Shoots Himself in Head As Cops in Riot Gear Threaten Him

Guy Shoots Himself in Head As Cops in Riot Gear Threaten Him

This apparently happened in Brazil. The video shows a man standing in the middle of the road and pointing a gun to his head, as several cops face him and threaten him with full riot gear.

The man pulls the trigger, and commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. The armed thugs approach him, but fail to put handcuffs on him like they would in countries where cops are trained in Israel.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. His arms and legs stiffened up for a few seconds after he fell to the ground.

    I can’t help but think that death isn’t a instantaneous process where at one point you are at full conscience and at another one you have ceased to exist and there is nothing. There must be some inbetween stages where thought, perception and awareness continue even as the brain is being deoxygenated and dying. I wonder what it must feel like.

    1. Nah he was still fully flexible when and after he hit the ground. His muscles relaxed and his arms swung down, the muscles that were holding his gun arm up relaxed and his grip and arm dropped to the relaxed position by his side. Through my own up close and personal proximity to the dying and then the dead… you don’t stiffen up that quick! After death comes a-calling… there is a floppy period which can last for hours before any rigor sets in. I’m glad he relaxed a bit… as that looked a bit of a tense and stressful few minutes he must have had before his death.

      There might well be some in between stages between living and dying where there are some tiny limited stages of perception. Nil I’d imagine following a headshot… except the heart pumping out as the blood pressure plummeted (heads bleed a lot)… everything else has shut down. I watched my brother sink through them all over a period of weeks then days, then hours. He even moved after Death had come a-calling.

  2. Mark, aka Vincent 😉 you are really pumping these videos out lately. Keep up the great work! Very appreciated! If I had a laptop, I’d contribute. Can’t do much with a shitty tablet. Mark for prez after Trump!

    1. Can you imagine how well received Mark’s platform would be here in the states? People’s ears would bleed upon hearing his first stump speech, which would inevitably come with an awesome video.

  3. This Bastard reminds me of the guy who shot himself in the sheriff office interrogation room.
    Both of these guys knew what comes after Police interaction.
    Police penetration of every orfice.
    Its the best way. On your own terms.

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