Guy Steals Cop’s Gun, Commits Suicide with It, Cop Runs Away

Guy Steals Cop's Gun, Commits Suicide with It, Cop Runs Away

Guy Steals Cops Gun, Commits Suicide with It, Cop Runs Away

In what looks like a South American country (not sure which one), a guy committed suicide by stealing a gun from a cop, and using it to shoot himself in the head right there, right then.

CCTV video of the incident show the cop pause and take a sip. The guy, who just sits nearby wearing a facemask, quickly stands up, approaches the cop, pulls his gun out, cocks it and without much hesitation, puts the barrel to own temple and runs a bullet through the brain.

As the guy collapses on the ground, the cop just runs away, leaving the dying guy and his service weapon behind. Them enforces of the scamdemic are so useful, one can’t help but get right down on their knees and lick their boots like a good little worthless slave.

Props to Best Gore member @anxell for the video:

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59 thoughts on “Guy Steals Cop’s Gun, Commits Suicide with It, Cop Runs Away”

    1. I fucking hate people who take other people out before committing suicide. Like, why? Kill yourself. That’s what you want? Why in the hell would you take innocent people with you? What are you accomplishing? Okay, I’m done rambling now.

  1. It’s been said before, but I just have to comment on how no one reacts to this. Cars and motorcycles whiz by, pedestrians keep walking.
    The only one to react was the cop, and that was to run away with food and drink in hand, minus his gun.
    It’s insane.

  2. That gives new meaning to “suicide by cop” lol. He should have just pissed off one of the cartels and they would have done the job for him plus had a little fun at the same time, plus we would have had a new video for our entertainment. LoL

    1. What reflection, The guy that moves from right to left after the cop ? That guy was wearing light coloured trousers and was sitting down behind cop, he hopped up and ran behind bushes and poles before going between the other cop and entrance. Either way if the swift suicider,with nothing up his sleeves, wanted to off more around him, there would of been little they could do.

    1. He may have followed him for awhile, waiting for the right opportunity…

      My gut instinct, tells me he didn’t want the cop to shoot him. That’s why he waited for the cop to relax, while he buried his face in his food.

      I’m guessing he didn’t want the cop to go through mental trauma, by issuing a “suicide by cop citation.”

      Similar to a motorist getting pulled over for a headlight out…

      1. Good theory, he had it timed to the split second. He must have experience with that type of gun to get the safety off that quickly, and chamber a round. Even a lot of holsters have safety features, at least a snap or clip.
        Like you said, he must’ve planned this well, following the cop and waiting for the right moment.

        1. @DilDoe
          Why Da-Fuck would that Cop run away when he just noticed the guy blow his brains, and instantly killed himself. Like he’s dead dummy, do you want somebody else to grab your gun out on the sidewalk and start blowing everyone away??? Like W.T.F. was that, was he trying to keep his lunch from getting blood all over it, or on it, lol??

          You might have as our brother @Dildoe said a hell of a good theory right there brother. 🙂

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