Guy in Wheelchair Falls Down Elevator Shaft in South Korea (파워섹스)

Guy in Wheelchair Falls Down Elevator Shaft in South Korea

Did you know that Best Gore is one of the most popular non Korean language websites in South Korea? Did you also know that South Korea comprises the highest non English demographic on Best Gore? To all my South Korean friends:

한국, 감사합니다. 난 당신을 사랑 해요! 파워섹스!

Here’s a CCTV video from South Korea. Some grumpy guy on one of those wheelchair thingies that people who are not really disabled use wanted to get into an elevator but the door closed before he could force his way in. He pressed the button to open the door but it was too late and the elevator already left the floor.

Grumpy as he was, the guy reversed his wheelchair and rammed into the elevator door, cracking it partially open. After that he reversed again and rammed through the door one more time, successfully forcing his way through only to find himself on the edge of the abyss which was the elevator shaft. The turd fall right down. Instant Karma!

파워섹스! Props to Best Gore member De Geso for the video:

When I went to Asia and back, I flew Korean Air because… fuck are Korean girls ever gorgeous. Like holy shit. I want to marry a Korean 😛 (awful music warning):

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153 thoughts on “Guy in Wheelchair Falls Down Elevator Shaft in South Korea (파워섹스)”

  1. Darwin always takes out the idiots and the less patient. As for the girls, well, the only one who seemed to be enjoying the dancing was the one in green shorts. The rest looked rather bored and mechanical.

    1. is like a parable of the discharge of manhood trough the shaft. That’s the really adicttive thing for every healthy, strong male. This guy should be an inferior faggot who didn’t deserved to live if he was crippled, and, on top of that, fell down a shaft in the opossite direction in which every healthy male assesrts his manhood.

      1. Your first sentence was my favorite part too.. oh, wait…

        He didn’t have anything to lose really.. If I were wheelchair bound, I would probably ride off every fucking ledge and elevator shaft I came across.

  2. Now come on guys Mark has given you a feast with those Korean girls,, how about we have some of you guys do a dance to crappy music for us girls – ermm now lets see, here’s my line up…..


    As for the idiot trying to get into the elevator – didn’t he know that the thing goes up, opens, goes down, closes. Oh wait he went weeeeeee just a little piggy all the way home 🙂

          1. Videos are hidden in Edgar Allan Poe’s former dorm, but you first have to talk with him via an OUIJA BOARD for him to reveal the location, if you are drunk enough. Edgar’s spirit dislikes sober people.

    1. Ass, schmass -I like what’s up front! I once rescued a South Korean girl from drowning (she swam too close to some fisherman’s lines). We sat talking on the beach & she would Not let go of my arm. I was This close to getting a phone # to hook up later (her idea), but a bunch her little stick-buddies finally came looking for her and off she went. Ahh, farewell my little mermaid… 🙁

          1. My little alicatt <3,seeing as how we are so close,been boyfriend and girlfriend and all,lets take the next logical step in this path of love………and have a bg wedding,through high and low and sun and snow,i will never let go of this glow you did sow in my heart…… say you
            sweet alicatt?????? 🙂 🙂 🙂

          2. @oddy
            as lovely a sentiment as that was…i shall have to refrain at this point in time as i have been emotionally scarred by my last ‘online’ husband….i now keep a wide birth from all of this wife crap…lol…but thank you for the offer 🙂

  3. I wonder if he meant to do that…the doors had windows so how could he not see that the elevator go down…he even waited a while right after they went down, I think he was just so pissed he wanted to fuck up the doors but got a little carried away…all the way down the shaft

  4. LOL how did he not see that was going to happen? Maybe he was having a shitty life in addition to having a shitty day and seized on the opportunity to end his own life. I saw this video on YouTube a while ago and I think this dude actually fell only a dozen or so feet. I don’t think he made it.

  5. New member, signed up expressly because of these annoying Darwin comments. It’s the same thing at 4gifs, people say that crap all the time and it’s never funny (say karma or something else for godsake)

    Onto the video, totally hilarious. The retard kept ramming the door because he was raging. Probably is a total asshole as Mark stated, this video & the wigger/migger one before it are primo vids…keep up the awesome work!

    1. You know what really displeases me?
      When people announce that they’re new.
      Like we’re gonna roll out a freakin’ red carpet for you.
      And why do ‘retards’ like you have to repeat (in the comments) what we just saw in the video… state the obvious much?
      Don’t like the comments – piss off back to YouTube.

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