Hijack This Post plus Yukio Mishima Harakiri Scene from Yukoku

Hijack This Post plus Yukio Mishima Harakiri Scene from Yukoku

It’s been a while since I’ve posted in the Brain Fart category and right is the opportune moment so I’m gonna take this opportunity and share a Harakiri scene from a 1966 Japanese movie Yukoku which was released in English language countries under a name “Patriotism”.

Yukoku was written and produced by lead actor Yukio Mishima who also stars as lieutenant Shinji Takeyama in the harakiri scene presented below. Harakiri, also known as seppuku is a ritual suicide usually performed by the samurai for whom ending their own life for the matters of honor or guilt was the ultimate act for taking responsibility. It is something not easily understood by the 21st century people, especially people for whom the money and power mean more than any sense of self respect or honor.

Hijack This Post

While I’m at it, I’d like to take this opportunity and introduce new feature to Best Gore – HTP or Hijack This Post. The HTP posts, starting with this one will be here for anyone to hijack any way they like, or to comment on the video posted within if they so desire. But it’s foremost role would be to allow for chit chat on any unrelated topic so comment sections on Best Gore related posts remain dedicated to the post, not mindless blabber.

Best Gore has always prided itself on quality content backed up by detailed information with lots of research put into it and this quality of content was reflected in quality of comments. For years, Best Gore’s comment section contained witty remarks which made reading it worth anyone’s while. This is no longer the case and after I was approached by a number of senior members about it, it became clear that my input was needed.

So in an effort to avoid losing the mark of quality Best Gore’s comment section has always been known for, while at the same time accommodating the growing need for healthy social interaction among new members, I’d like to introduce the “Hijack This Post” posts. If we keep random chit chat within the HTP posts and only reasonably relevant commenting on actual gore posts, then we should be able to achieve the best of both worlds while not losing on neither front.

What do you guys think? Would you play along (don’t kiss ass, share your true feelings, whether yay or nay. I’m trying to find a solution which would work the best for each of us)?

Note on Six Monthers

While I cannot predict the future, I can say with certainty that most of you who are the most active posters right now will not be here in 6 to 8 months. How can I say that? Because I’ve seen it happen over and over every 6 to 8 months (sometimes less, sometimes more) over the course of 4+ years that I’ve run this site. People who come like big water and get all over-excited because they’re now members of a gore site usually only last for a few months. Loyal S.O.B.’s typically act differently and only post when they have something of value to say. I’ve seen a score of these cycles with hoards of 6 monthers coming and going so I speak from experience. No hard feelings, I’m merely sharing a common trait I have noticed running the site.

That being said, if for whatever reason you should feel offended by me suggesting to keep social interaction within the dedicated posts while retaining comments related to gore posts under gore posts, then I’ll be perfectly content to have you pack up and move onto any of the several sites known for scraping Best Gore rejects or just forget all about gore all together. Based on historical observation, I don’t anticipate to see you on here come December so… no hard feelings. But I would like to hear everyone’s input on this so we can take the route which works for real S.O.B.’s, cause I know you’ll stick with me for as long as the site is around and for that I’ll try my best to make it the way YOU want it to. Let’s talk,


Props to gorelover3934 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

297 thoughts on “Hijack This Post plus Yukio Mishima Harakiri Scene from Yukoku”

      1. I like the idea of keepin’ the chit chat and gore conversations separate, I say we give it a go and see what happens.And I think I’ll be comin’ to this site for the duration. I thought my job would slow me down comin’ to the site but so far it hasn’t and I don’t think it will.Now onto the video, I thought it was pretty cool especially for it’s time, but what was up with that freaky lookin’ bitch, she was spooky.

        1. “Don’t look at me. You did this bitch. I should’nt of ate those brownies you baked. How ealse am I supose to get them out? I can’t even shit them out! Yha, I’m wearing Depends. So what!”

    1. I sure wouldn’t want to stop coming on to this site. i might be around the 6 to 8 months period by now, but i do appreciate the website for what it is. I am very confident that i will be dedicated to coming to this site everyday until the day it dies. Other than this website, i really have no place else to go on the web. It’s the only reason why i still pay for my internet bill. I’m generally sticking to topic for pretty much everything i posted. For my input, i believe it’s perfectly understandable about how you feel about certain people and what they do on your website. i mean, it is your website, so who can really say otherwise.

  1. I’m not a long time member so I’m not one to talk but what if their was like a forum area or some shit or private message doodlie. In the end it’s all up to you mark and how you wanna run your site and if anyone has problemos with it start their own damn site.Lol

    1. Hey @spank, Mark tried the forum thingy twice and it just didn’t work, I personally didn’t go to it but I think when it first came people would go to it then within’ a few days it would die down drastically and then he ended it. It just didn’t work.

      1. Yah I can see how that would end up like that. I like this idea because we all come here mainly for the gore and back storys and that’s what sparks the conversations so with the hijack area you can talk about random crap while still being able to know the gore area is the gore area.

      2. Actually, forum was active but myself being the only guy for everything, I just didn’t have time to maintain the forum. There is much more that can go wrong on a forum and after one of my main supporters started school and another one a business of his own, which rendered both of them unable to help me with moderation, I decided to disable it. Less headache for me, more time to focus on the main page. It will have been a year in September since the forum was disabled.

  2. I love this site, I may not comment as much but i check it at least twice a day. I too am guility of spilling of random shit now and again and for that I’m sorry but just wanted to share the fact I still love this site.

  3. Thank you Mark, great idea! I dont watch many of the videos, I read your always informative descriptions and used to love the witty comments. As you have stated, thats changed somewhat. I think you have found the perfect solution for everyone!

  4. Sounds very much like censorship and goes against the grain of what this site purports itself to be.

    With all due respect to the “gore core” (as I call the long timers), even they were newbies at one point.

    Where does one draw the line? Beef curtains? Racism? Nonsensical rants from core members about shit rivets and demon seed?

    Seriously, had I wanted to feel censored and second guess what is “appropriate” to say or not, I would have created a facebook account rather than this one.

    1. I do not hold a gun to anyone’s head. Feel free to create your facebook account and use it as you wish. I’ve stated it numerous times throughout the years that there is no freedom on Best Gore. On the contrary, a lot is censored out because if people wanted to be on a site full of drama and teenage style angst and drivel, where every other comment is all in caps and/or full of “ur” or “b4” words, they could go to just about anywhere other than here.

      That’s what set Best Gore apart from the rest of the internet and that’s what ensured its rapid growth. Had it not been so, this site would quickly disintegrate into another immature bullshit. People come here because I dedicate 6 hours of every day to filtering the crap out of the comment section. I do all that work so members can enjoy an experience undisturbed by bullshit. I remain the only one who’s head is about to explode every day from hundreds of bullshit comments I have to read and get rid of so you don’t have to. And for that I’ve been thanked many a time by members who matter and in return, I’ll always stand by them before standing by a six monther.

      1. Thank you for all you do to keep us S.O.B’s in check mark I can’t even imagine if every comment got through, The site would be dead. If I wasnt such a poor fuck Id give up some green because I can tell it takes lots of hard work and dedication to keep this place mature and headache(for users) free.

        1. You ask for opinions and get pissy when they’re given?

          U mad bro?

          But I’ll bet you’ll be rolling in the 6 monther’s money asking them to buy your products.

          You, Sir, are no better than those you chastise.

          1. @Author Known, I didnt think Mark’s reply was “pissy”. This is HIS website, he’s entitled to run it anyway he wants to! As far as merchandise, he doesnt push it, he made it available to members because so many asked for it. I think once you cool down, you’ll realize he’s right. If not, as he said, he doesnt hold a gun to anyones head. Hope you decide to stay on Best Gore.

    2. @author. how dare you call my rants about DEMON SEED nonsensical?!!!! you bitch are a newbie and a johnny come lately who will soon be gone from this site and on to the next thrill in your pathetic life. probably crystal meth i predict. you being a bitch will never understand the psychology/physiology behind DEMON SEED and men’s need to spill it and spread their evil thru it. it is a primary drive and motivator for many of men’s actions. if DEMON SEED did not need to be spilled their would hardly be any need for interaction between women and men as all you bitches are crazy and major pain in the asses. Mark and i spend major time whacking off to exorcise ourselves of this DEMON SEED because were it not expelled men become physically ill. you being a stupid bitch will never grasp this concept just as i will never know why a period turns you bitches into pms monsters. leave the DEMON SEED alone as it is evil and is called DEMON SEED for a reason. as for the comments section i vote leave it as is. all the newbie jerk offs will soon be gone and the old members can interact as they always have. SO SAYS DA MOUSE! Mark, i’ll always be with you as long as i have internet and a pc and this site is still up. i like walking around with my eyes fully opened to the evils and dangers of this world. thx dude.

      1. where is STENCH?!!!!! he needs to come back and put these jerk off newbies such as @author known in their place with on of his classic shit rivet rants. where is TIGER?!!!!! she’s good at putting bitches in their place. where is RAZOR?!!! we need you Pamela to put author in her place with a smackdown. senior members rally behind me to bitch slap these newbies in a best gore war. i know @jesus will not come because he’s a punk but everyone else is welcome. there must be a CRUSADE to rid best gore of these newbie cunts.

        1. @mouse, here I am! It’s school holidays here so its a battle to get a turn on the computer, that and I’ve been out and about doing stuff with the kids. I don’t have a lap-top or a phone that I can get online with, only the PC in the living room!

        2. @mouse,
          I respect you as the old guard, but I don’t check for being referred to as a bitch. We make up half of the worlds populations and for the most part we aren’t bitches at all. For some reason you men love the ‘bitches’, women that act the way that you want them to, always telling you how smart and funny and clever you are. They are the ones that will fuck you up, not us, we don’t conform to what you think a woman should be, we don’t massage your egos and agree with everything you say, but were not the one’s who will fuck you up.

          1. @wicked mama…

            I completely agree with you regarding the fact that “we are not the ones who will eff you up”.

            However, with all due respect I like being called ‘bitch’ – in this BG forum exclusively… and would be honored to wear a shirt that said “Best Gore Bitch”.

            He he – we’re BGB’s.
            Not to be confused with the Bee Gees but ‘Stayin’ Alive’ none the less.

          2. Oh, my bad…

            With the recent passing of Robin Gibb my “Stayin’ Alive” joke just turned disrespectful.
            None was intended.

      2. That was fucking great mouse. Even though we may have differing religious views I still respect you.

        And to author unknown, I once thought that way too. That if this site really was about uncensoring reality maybe he shouldn’t fuck.with the comments section. But then I remembered that its his site and he knows what’s best for it.

        1. what religious views? i have none. God exists. that is my religious view. religion was created by men to control other men. why should God care if or how he is worshiped by fleas such as humans? why does he do nothing over all the bullshit in the world? why were humans created knowing what fuck ups we are. why are we here? where are we going? people can worship a rock for all i care.

          1. @mouseman, I used to worship a rock, a whole bunch of ’em. I would put them in my glass stem light them and smoke them up. I’m lucky I didn’t find out if there’s a god or not back then. I’m glad those days are over but I had my fun.

      3. HaHaHaaa!!!! Words of wisdom there Mouse, I ain’t spilled in over a week and now I’m fucking suffering man. My mrs says it’s “man-flu” – but what the fuck does she know!!

    3. @AK
      Why am I not surprised you are against this… something for you to whine about though, must of made your day.

      By the way – todays avatar is the best self portrait yet!

      MEOW ~ HTP

      1. I am going to take a whack.

        @Author- Marks comment wasn’t ‘pissy’ I can understand how you might take it as such considering a simple sentence can be read and taken in a thousand different ways.

        If I wrote an article on the web in which I put all my thought and strength into with the topic about AIDS for example, only to have the readers post things that are unrelated to the topic would piss me off.

        Mark is doing all he can so that the members stay happy and not have to deal with trolls left and right.

        I think the HTP threads are a good idea if people want to linger off into a conversation completely unrelated to the post.

        Mark asked for opinions, so do not get ‘pissy’ yourself if he responds with feedback regarding your opinion.

          1. Wow it’s great to see that through time, things still never change much here.

            A.K. if you allow a time a chance to happen you too will see that your finger tip mouth have talked words of stupidity.

            Mouse, I’m fucking back!

  5. I disagree though I was not an active member in 2009 been commenting on Best Gore since 2010 so I guess I’m 1 exception? because I’m still here πŸ˜›

    but yeah as long as the site is running the rest is cool with me πŸ™‚

    1. @Jesus, same! I have been an active member (by that I mean leaving comments) for a couple of years now, but I have been guilty of using the site as a social ‘network’! I am certainly not a ‘6 monther’ just as you are not, but I racked up 2000+ comments, at least 1000 of those in the last 6 months, just from ‘chatting’ to other members!

        1. @Jesus, I liked it because other people can see if you (the commenter) have been making new comments. I was worried I was gonna over-take Rotten Stench for a while there! But yeah, being in the ‘top commenters’ column did make me feel special, I wonder if it’ll come back?

  6. I have no intention of going away as I’ve been a member for a couple of years. I only post comments sparingly, but I check the site daily. I’m also a member of another site which I’m as loyal to as this one. You’re idea seems workable and I’d be interested in seeing how is goes!

    1. I don’t measure loyalty by a number of comments. There are loyal members who post little (some of the most loyal don’t post at all) and there are loyal members who post a lot (again some of the most loyal post shit load – both of which is perfectly fine). The Nigh Indestructible Eyes of Best Gore are not blind. I know who the real loyal members are whether they comment or not. True loyalty is noted and always taken into consideration when decisions are made. Thanks for sticking with me through the good and the bad. Six mothers come and go. Real supporters will be here long after the former have gone out of mind – whether they post little or a lot.

  7. Well, I’ve been on this site for 2 years now, and I’ve only posted less than a dozen times. And I’ve only made an account in december of last year.

    Did become a gnome when I got excited from my town getting somewhat known on Best Gore. (The kupang murder scenes) Which I also contributed some pics too.

  8. Excellent idea Mark, Ive been visiting your site for sometime now, and have watched it grow. Your a dedicated messiah, and never without an educated post/comment. Keep up the good work BG team.
    Cheers Mike.

  9. I’m not at all clear on what your vision is, but I don’t have to be. It’s your barbeque and it tastes good. As long as the wheels are turning I plan to ride along. But I haven’t noticed anything wrong in the commenting. Sometimes the posts go way off topic, but who cares? A lot of those conversations are between members anyway. If Tiger and ‘Stench pick back up on a subject discussed in a beheading post from two days ago, I imagine the rest of us just keep scrolling past what we might not understand. There’s usually enough topic related material to keep it interesting. And there is always somebody making fun of / admiring naked pic of the day. Do you really think it’s gotten too cluttered? Or have I completely misunderstood what your trying to say?

    1. Just looking for input as a response to a number of requests by senior members – that’s basically it. If general consensus is to leave things be the way they were, that’s what’s gonna happen. This post was not intended to restrict anyone from commenting as much as they wish to, I was just asking to see if maybe separating certain discussions was viable and favorable among the many of you. Can’t know unless you ask and I’m always interested to hear what members would like. My resources are thin, but knowing which path to take is a good start.

  10. I admit, I have probably been a 20 lb oozing cyst in the corner of your eye just begging to be popped. Apologies. I think this is a great idea, no ass-kissing.

    I comment on here basically 24/7 unless I am working (which isn’t much) or doing something else within my life. The only reason as to why I comment as much as I do now is because I am not working much right now and have insomnia so I figure I would just search for videos and send them to you. Once my insomnia is controlled and start working more, comments made by me will drop drastically.

    I have a lot of reasons for being a member here, it has a lot to do with why I am an insomniac in the first place. It has calmed my nightmares to a certain extent but I still am staying awake at night. Anyway, I don’t plan on leaving this site. I don’t have anyone to talk to at this time in my life, the people here on BestGore are the people I talk to, It has kept me from losing my fucking mind. That may be hard to believe, but it is what it is.

    Like I said, I plan on staying here for as long as this site is up and running. My comments will decrease as I explained, but I plan on staying an active member.

    1. If it’s that bad Nicole I’m always here to talk, I like escaping my own reality. Don’t have Facebook or anything and I’m afraid I’d get spammed if I put up my email address. If i could send a private message i would. Either way, I’m pretty sure you’ll always find a friend here

      1. @paul-I will be reconnecting my facebook URL with my name soon so if anyone wants to add me they can. I try my best not to have long conversations with anyone, sometimes though, my fingers slip and before you know it I am performing the shocker.

    2. The purpose of this post was not to make top commenters feel like they should limit the number of comments posted. Nor to make those who comment little to feel obliged to comment more. It was just brought to my attention by some long term members that comment section was getting to a point when it was nigh impossible to stumble across a comment related to the post and they felt it was taking something away from the site.

      I most certainly don’t want anyone to feel like they should change the frequency or wordcount or topics or whatever else there is of their posts. But with respect to those who throughout the years enjoyed reading post related remarks posted by commenters, I thought of offering a place for social commenting. This way nobody has to hold back on a number of comments they make and at the same time the opposite side of the spectrum – people who would like to see comments on gore posts mostly related to the post (as opposed to mostly unrelated) would also get their way.

      I saw it as a solution which would keep everyone happy without any drastic changes to the way they peruse the site. Still I wanted to get your input on it first.

      1. Completely understood. I knew what you were stating, I just felt like I had to explain why I was commenting as much as I have been. I plan on commenting just as much as I have been but I will keep the comments related to the thread from now on. Truth of it is, it may cut my comment posting by half of what I normally would post. Which isn’t a big deal at all, its not a game to me. I just like to be able to socialize among other members.

        I think this site is one of the best sites I have had the privilege of being a member on, hands down. You are doing fantastic work, Mark. Before I sound like I am sucking asshole/genitalia, I shall departure.

    3. I understand all sides to the debate.

      I am guilty of posting non-thread related posts.

      If there was a forum or other resources… I would save my bullshit for there.

      But their wasn’t any.

      I am glad that Mark has created HTP threads. Although only time will tell to see if they will work or not.

      I will strive to control my comments.

      I am here for the same reasons as thou Nicole.

      I stumbled upon this website a couple of years back. But I had a life back then…

      It was only until things went down the swanny for me last year that I had the time to explore the site.

      I have plans to relaunch my career relatively soon. So Mark is right when he says I might not be here as a permanent fixture.

      1. @Tom- I refuse to believe that I am anything of a 6 month floater. As much as I love gore and this being the only site that I can visit to do so without having to go through typical sheep comments would be absurd for me to leave in 6 months.

        This site keeps me sane, it has provided for me a social network, to a certain extent as well. I have a facebook, but its worthless. I feel like I am talking to myself most of the time! To me, that has already reached the point of being mental or at least feeling mental.

        I think the HTP threads are at least worth trying out.

        1. Same here me dear.

          I despise the same old, same old fucking routine.

          I am quite forthright in my opinions outside. But I have to be wary that one wrong word spoken by myself could end my career before it has even begun.

          Living like that would drive anybody crazy.

          This site is my ‘release’.

          As Pam says… I REALLY need to get laid.

          1. @Tom- As soon as I finished reading that, this loud voice called to me in my head.

            “Release the demon seed.”

            lol I need sleep πŸ˜€

          2. Haha.

            Too right!

            I am going to go out this week and try my luck with some of the local tarts.

            You go get your head down NikNak. Go out for a run or something.

          3. @Tom-After seeing what happened to that runner, I think I might take Mark’s advice.

            I just remembered that I forgot to eat breakfast…

    1. could it be argued within the parameters and with regards to content-context, that an interactive and socially healthy comment exist? if so this now presumed inane separation of comments will only provide a sanctuary for such the opposite (noncontextual and/or ignorance) of an ideal comment and i may have misinterpreted the very basis of the post here. but here i assume that both of us and anyone else commenting, possibly has fundamental opinions on what an ideal comment is, but in your case im going to assume with outside thought taken into consideration as well. with assuming that, i doubt you find any comments that do not relate to content and/or contain an ignorance value, healthy or even relavent. excusing my subjective scrutiny but does this post depict your conformity to a now majority thought?

      1. I think mark is trying to expose his vision, so to speak. While it is not being hijacked at this point, it seems the members/visitors to this post are some what establishing rules. I read many of the comments even if I dont comment. And yeah its seems like a private conversation between members, and well I stay out of it unless it peaks my interest. Author, it seems, has a thing for attacking members for what they comment in the past. Lets face it we are not the same from day to day or post to post, Its ok to speak on whats going on and move on. Believe me some of the comment I posted, I could tell when I was drunk, I try to make light of it, it sad that people die but IF you think about it we all are waiting in line to kick the bucket. I have a habit of DUI’ing, not good but if i ever end up on here my death might serve as a warning that I did not heed. Sorry for that rant and that being said: Why dont iphone default to 16:9 mode? Its becoming a corporate religion now a days, seems androids dont hang with i phone weirdos, your thoughts guy?

        1. @elcaetz

          Please stop drinking and driving.
          Not because you might kill yourself (could care less if you are stupid enough to drink and drive) but because you might kill me or any of us SOB’s.

        2. @elcaetz- I agree with Fiend. Drinking and driving isn’t something that affects only you, but others around you.

          People are going to have arguments because people have differences.

          I know we are using this thread as a means of resolving an issue with commenting. I saw a comment that said something about a private chat option? I don’t know if this would be way too much but perhaps by each members name there could be a private chat option.

          Just a thought.

          1. Another great suggestion @Nicole.
            But I wonder, does this kind of thing add to Mark’s cost of running the site?

            I hope we are good after earlier conversations Nicole.
            You are a beautiful, intelligent young woman ~ don’t change that no matter what any of us say!

          2. @Fiend- I was wondering that myself. Its an idea though, might as well throw it out there. πŸ˜€

            There is no hard feelings against anyone. We all may have differences with each other but most of us can rely on having at least one thing in common.

            Most of us are here for the same thing, the content that Mark posts.

  11. I’m guilty as well. I’ve posted my fair share of irrelevant, nonsensical comments. These past few days it seems everyone has been going hog wild with commenting, most of which had absolutely nothing to do with the original post. I don’t see a problem with getting a little off subject but when comments revolve around who’s cyber dating who, and who’s going to show their naughty bits, it pretty much ruins the whole purpose of why we’re here. And I don’t mean to single anyone out, I post plenty of bullmess myself. I think this HTP idea is great, maybe later Mark can add a video gore orgy (goregy) chat section, or a BG wedding planner section haha

      1. Off topic discussion will be unavoidable and is normal. I wouldn’t worry about responding even if it’s off topic.

        Maybe only if the off topic discussion catches on, someone could take the initiative to suggest to continue with it on an HTP page. And if involved parties show interest to continue with it on the HTP page, then it can continue there, if not, then it will die and the original page will continue with on topic comments. But not responding at all would be a bit too drastic. Besides, some off topic discussions are so related to the topic, they are great to be kept with the original topic. Only when it starts getting way off it could be suggested to have it moved – I think…

        1. Well, most of the time when I see a reply to my comment it usually doesn’t relate to my comment or the topic.

          I understand it being too drastic, I am just trying to do whatever I can not to be an eyesore to anyone.

          I am also lacking much needed rest and I may tend to go on and on about blubbering crap if I do respond.

          I am trying. =(

    1. I think this thread turned into the exact reason for the hijack suggestion lol
      I think it’s a great idea. Some commenting seems to go on and on with no direction other then chit chat. I have zero problem with chatting but it clogs up some threads.
      I think the idea is great. It’s a win win
      Thanks for your awesome site. I can’t stay away! Haven’t watched a beheading yet… Working up to it πŸ™‚

      1. Hi shellbug!

        I couldn’t help but notice you changed your screen name and no longer have your link to… ah crap – forgotten the site’s name.
        I did however get a chance to look at your wonderful photos on there.
        Being an animal lover (as most are here) the little hedgehog in the bath tub was my favorite!

          1. Takes off glasses and throws them across the room.
            I mixed up two lovely brunettes.
            Well don’t I feel like an ass – my apologies.
            Pleasure to meet you Jana ~ I’m Leslee.

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            There’s too much happening
            Sorry for laughing
            There’s too much happening

            When we grooved on into town
            Charles Atlas stopped to frown
            ‘Cause he’s not made like me and you
            Just can’t do the things we do

            I’m not being mean, so don’t take it hard
            When I ask you to run round the yard

            Sorry for laughing
            There’s too much happening
            Sorry for laughing
            There’s too much happening

            Sorry for laughing
            There’s too much happening
            Sorry for laughing
            There’s too much happening

            Best I could come up with 8(

  12. Sounds like a reasonable idea as far as this HTP gos. I have been a registered member since April 2012 but as far as I can remember I have been checking out BG since about late 2008 of early 2009. But I don’t know for sure since my memory is for shit. Don’t know if Mark knows for sure how long I have been checking out BG.

    Sometimes I post a lot and sometimes it maybe several days before I post anything. This simply has to do with my job. When I’m out on the road I’m either really busy or I can’t get an internet connection because I’m out in the middle of nowhere. Or it can have to do with me being in bum out mode.

    I consider many core members (Tulio, baked, RS, luna, Trooper, Razor, Tiger, Uli, and Jesus) to be my friends even if I would never meet them face to face. Just knowing how other people around the world think about issues concerning the world or just everyday bullshit can be fascinating.

    As far as these six monthers (or less) go, good riddance. Some are just TROLLS anyway with nothing better to do than talk unintelligent bullshit or just attack other members for no reason other than to be asshole trolls. There are some on the site right now (I’ll name no names) that I can’t wait till their gone for good. [ Yes, I do believe that there are some members that wish me gone but that ain’t going to happen unless Mark want’s me to be gone. If anyone has a problem with me speak up and lets see if we can work something out.]

    Got other things I’d like to say but at the moment I got to deliver in Westbrook, ME today so I gotta get going (see what I mean when it comes to my job) before my agent throws a hissy fit at me.

        1. @TheBoatman, I KNEW that! thanks for confirming what I always thought! You know theres another ‘gore’ site called CharonBoat, not as good as this site (none are, its BECAUSE of the comments/chatter! as well as the posts of course)

    1. Cheers William.

      I consider you and a vast load of other members to be friends as well.

      Fortunately. It is a brilliant thing about this site that we don’t attract (many) Trolls.

      Ah. I wouldn’t totally rule out us not meeting.

      When I win the Euromillions (which I will)… I will hold an all expenses paid BG conference.

      We all have ‘What would I do if I won the Millions?’ lists.

      What would you guys do?

      Consider this thread. Hijacked.

        1. I would buy land…

          Loads of it.

          New Zealand sounds nice. I would build a big ranch house with all the mod cons.

          Have a load of sheep (sheep sheep not people sheep), cows and chickens just wandering around aimlessly… Eating the beautiful green grass…

          Growing fat until they finish their lives on my dinner table.

          Have a fleet of Land Rover Defenders and Quads to tour my land in.

          I would follow the route of my forefathers and become a gentleman farmer.

          Return to my roots. Back to the land.

          I would also have a farm on my beloved Ellan Vannin as well.

          After I have my land sorted… I would hold a giant BG ‘conference’ (party) and invite all the guys from BG.

          I would sort my friends and family out with some cash as well. The idea of having loads of money just doesn’t appeal to me… I will just use it as a means to an end.

          I would amass I huge collection of vintage WWII rifles… Mostly SMLEs.

          Plus a few SLRs as well.

          If my projected global struggle for racial supremacy doesn’t happen… I would be content just to seal myself off from the rest of the world.

          And shoot any bastard that attempts to take my land.

          1. @Tom-That sounds like sweet living.

            I want to live on a horse ranch out in the country somewhere.

            Sipping on tea at 4pm everyday.

            Total relaxation.

          2. Afternoon tea…


            Are you American Nicole?

            If you are. You are probably used to inferior Tea.

            You want to go to your local British themed store… And buy Yorkshire Tea.

            If God brewed a tea… He would have brewed it in the name of Yorkshire.

            Even though all my English family are from Lancashire… They don’t get on with Yorkshiremen.

            Tea and Cakes… The best combo since… Since… Ever!

          3. @Tom- I am American. I have never had Yorkshire tea before, I will absolutely have to give it a go.

            I am a big tea drinker. There is nothing like hot tea to relax an angered spirit.

          4. Good…

            I don’t touch the silly ‘Earl Grey’ and ‘Lap sang soo shit’ bollocks.

            The best Tea is good old fashioned ‘Builders’ Tea.

            Splash of Sterilised Milk. NO Sugar. Let the Teabag sit in the brew for 5 minutes…

            Drink whilst scolding hot.

            I bought 20 chocolate Doughnuts earlier for a bargain ?1.50.

            I am working through them steadily.

          5. @Trooper, I HAVE to start my day with a cup of tea! I have it with half a teaspoon of honey and milk. By ‘sterilized’ milk did you mean long-life milk, you know the stuff you buy of the shelf, not the refrigerator? You know THAT stuff is a lot more sterile than fresh milk too!

          6. Tiggy.

            I know where you are coming from on this.

            If I don’t have a cuppa in the morning… I don’t function. It has to be done!

            I can’t have honey in it though… I am not a big fan of mixing my sweet and savoury really.

            Here in the British Isles. Sterilised Milk comes in Milk bottles from the fridge. It tastes odd. But I prefer it in my Tea to any other type of milk.

            The milk that you are on about is called UHT (or Long life) over here.

            It Isn’t my ‘cup of tea’… It is thin as water and tastes like a wet cardboard box!

            You get it in Cardboard cartons and can last 6 months at room temperature…

            Not good!

            I have never tried ‘Raw’ milk… I want to though. It looks delish!

      1. Hay Tom, (if you don’t mind me calling you on a first name basis–your call)

        It would depend a lot on how many millions I won. A single million is not a whole lot these days.
        I know this may sound strange to you but your question of what I would do if I won a million or more is a deep question. I’m quite complicated when it comes to money. My answer would fill this thread to the brim and end up pissing everyone off including Mark so I’m not even going to try.

        Also, read my comment again and Geez do I sound stupid. Never been very good at simple chit chat anyway nor did I help Mark in any way with his question.
        Well I better stop here before I start to sound like an idiot again.

        1. Of course you can call me Tom!

          You are right though. A million isn’t really that much.

          If I won a million… I would buy myself a modest house. Plus a car… Tis all.

          But I am on about a hundred million… A true dream amount.

          Nah. Your comment was great. I post a load of shit sometimes… When I re read it… I ska my head in self disappointment.

          1. @Tom

            A hundred million, holy sheet, if I where to explain to you what I’d do with that kind of amount it would end up becoming book. I think I’ll have to pass on trying that.

          2. Fair enough…

            It is a truly mind boggling amount of money…

            To boil it all down… I would use the money to remove myself and my family as far from the FV and the rapidly encroaching WWIII… The war to finally correct the natural order of things.

            If it happens… I will fight.

            If it doesn’t… (in my lifetime)… I will live the rest of my life in blissful exclusion.

          3. Shelly.

            I don’t totally rule out herbal teas… I have only ever had one cup in my life… And that is only because somebody bought it for me and plonked it in front of me…

            I will never buy a mug… I am to common and allergic to change!


            But I will be polite and let you experiment on me…


      1. I think that your avatar is the best of all. And I don’t hate you. I was just kidding but I crossed the line. Me bad.
        Recently I posted something related to Trooper at the Caption This Photo Contest #57. I hope he won’t get mad because of it, because he is a clever guy and has his sense of humor. But if he gets pissed… here we go again!

      2. @Jesus

        Never have hated you and never will. Your post is usually the first post I read whenever Mark puts up new content.
        There have been quite a few times where your one liner had more meaning about the posted gore than most others who had a shit load to say about it. Not to say that other peoples post are stupid or whatnot but the true essence of writing IS to say a shit load in just one sentence. You have a talent for that and is the reason why I look for your post first before anyone else’s or even before I post my own comment sometimes just depends on what time of day I’m on BG.
        My talent for writing on the other hand, oh geez, I’m not even going to go there.

  13. as ive said before when the same group of people are on the same website day in day out it is hard not to become friendly or over friendly…naturally threads will go off topic…its happens on every site…..it was put out there a few months back to open our profiles and allow people to leave comments for each other or private messaging……that way if people want to talk about normal things they can chat via comments on profiles or private messaging thus keeping the threads gore related posting only

    1. I remember that.

      @Spiderman (where the hell is he…) was the first to start a discussion as to the future format of the website.

      I remember you suggesting the ‘Profile’ route.

      It was quite good.

      I realise now that the status quo is beginning to piss some people off. Putting Mark in an unenviable position.

      1. i do chat a lot but some of the shit that is posted is insanely stupid….i mean there is already a naked pic of the day…..if you want to post nudes do it on another site……if you want to have a virtual marriage there is a site for that too……no disrespect to anyone……a lot of valued people here have kind of not posted since the whole halie thing……and i can see nicole doing similar to what halie did

        1. @Razor- In my opinion, there is an avatar option that doesn’t come with rules. Meaning people should have the right to upload whatever the image may be. If the naked pic of the day doesn’t bother you, why should my avatar bother you?

          People will comment about the naked pic of the day randomly, and if they comment on mine what’s the difference? What’s with the double standard?

          I mean no harm, I feel like this site lets me express on certain things that other sites do not.

          1. I suppose I should also add, my avatar is not a nude pic anymore, my name links to a nude pic but my bits are covered.

            If I want to link my name to a completely nude pic, though, I feel it is my right to do so unless Mark changes the rules to where every pic should go through moderation.

          2. I am with Nicole on this.

            Yes. A load of shit was posted before we got this HTP thang.

            But it was harmless shit. All in the name of fun.

            I come here for an equal dose of Gore and ‘quality’ conversation.

            If people want to stick naked photos of themselves up to impress their mates. I say ‘Huzzah!’.

            I wouldn’t expect anybody to go ‘outside’ to do it.

            Every other website is shit.

          3. We don’t have any naked avatars. Especially female naked avatars. Shame really, for a site with so many girls :S

            Avatars inherit the same rules as everything else – for as long as it’s not an illegal shite, like child pornography or bestiality, it’s OK.

        2. nicole i didnt say the npotd doesnt bother me….but if everyone starts posting naked pics of themselves it will more of less cease being a gore site…..i want to see blood and guts when i come here…people getting cut up and heads chopped off not pussy tits and ass…if i want to see that ill go to stileproject or pornohub or some site like that….but saying that personally i dont care….

          last time i said something like this i was told i was jealous and got barred….for the record im not jealous…each to their own……but i wont be posting my tits pussy or ass on this site because thats what im here for…..

          1. I’m with you @Razor…
            It seems more and more that the women here are making their avatars into nude self portraits like they are trying to prove something.
            I think people should be allowed to have the avatar that they want but I sure ain’t coming here to see that.
            If you are strong within yourself you don’t have to show that kind of stuff.

          2. @fiend…..i actually thought you would disagree with me haha…..im not shitting on nicole…she seems a nice girl but there is a thread back a bit and 99% of the posts are just about her picture…..(once again just to clarify to certain people….not picking on her and not jealous) but there is maybe 20 posts in the thread related to the topic

          3. @Razor- I won’t call you jealous, or anyone else, as I am sure your opinions have different value and I respect all opinions.

            This site will always be about gore regardless of the members avatar.

            I cannot help what other people say about my avatar, even a person with a face pic I have seen numerous sexual comments toward that person.

            If it is a serious problem, then I just won’t post anymore nude pics. I am not going to egg anything on. I didn’t think it would make anyone feel uncomfortable, and I definitely didn’t think it was going to ultimately bring down the site.

            But by discontinuing posting what I want just because it is nude is taking away the options I feel Mark gave everyone.

          4. I agree with you most of the time @Razor.

            This gives me the chance to officially apologize to you for the way I acted many posts ago… I AM sorry.

            Yes, that certain post you are talking about was frustrating for me as well.
            I think Nicole is a sweet woman but unnecessarily giving too much.
            Respect yourself more Nicole!

          5. dont get me wrong nicole……im not putting you down and im not uncomfortable….as i said im not going to say anything because i dont want to get barred again…..it doesnt make you a different person…its just one of those things that bother me…..as fiend said if you are a strong enough person with a nice attitude you shouldnt need to post your nudes on a gore site…..unless of course said nudes have an arm or a leg missing πŸ™‚

          6. @Fiend- Just because I have different view points regarding nudity, doesn’t mean I have no respect for myself. I have loads of respect for myself.

            I have come a long way in life to get where I am today.

            My avatar isn’t going to change how the site works.

            Like I said, If we are not meant to post what we choose then all pics should go through moderation.

          7. Guess I’m the only one who likes to see gore + tits + ass on BestGore don’t be hating! or jealous! keep them nudies coming after all nudity is nudity nothing wrong with that It’s not sexual.. the sheep & the christians are the ones who brainwashed you all thinking that is immoral and wrong.. nudity rocks! and if I was a chick I’d do the same as Nicole πŸ˜‰

          8. I certainly meant no disrespect @Nicole.

            I can’t help but think of this wonderful old saying when you post yourself in the (almost) nude….

            “Why pay for the cow when you can get the milk for free?”

            Food for thought… and no, I am not calling you a cow.

          9. Then don’t come here Fiend, no ones forcing you too. You don’t like what you see, find a new site. Just cause you don’t like seeing tits and ass doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t. Thats the way she works around here.

          10. By the way I NEVER said I didn’t like T & A, I said I didn’t come here for that.

            As for anyone who is willing to give it away so freely, that is certainly they’re right and choice.

        3. @Razorblade_Grin

          You’ve attacked other girls for no reason before and you’re doing it here again. You’ve twisted the post to take away from its intended purpose and used it to serve your own “anti every other girl except from my own fanclub” agenda.

          This is not about what people post and how they interact with others. This is about whether we should keep a certain type of interaction in dedicated places so they don’t interfere with content of those pages.

          I have no intentions to restrict the community from interacting with one another in a way they choose – which is often a way impossible to carry out elsewhere due to interferences from immature individuals. So they do it here, and I’m glad they do, but then you come along and raise the exact same bullshit people come here to avoid.

          I want to encourage people to have mature discussions, not discourage them or drive them away like you do. Dozens of people participate in these discussions every day and show a great deal of respect for one another while they’re at it? Why can’t you do the same?

          1. i wasnt going to say anything as i seriously dont want to get on any bandwagon…but i think its a good idea to have a separate area for more socializing as opposed to gore comments. I like the idea of a way to msg a member specifically…that i think would decrease the anxiety recently shown on here. Its been kooky since that luka crap and for some reason we lost our groove. So whatever brings us back to happy goreland i am content with. And nobody yell at me…im very sensitive…lololol!
            @razor…i agree with you my friend (but im not saying what as again, i dont need a punch in the nose πŸ˜› ) I hate seeing people centered out like this…its so silly…lets all pass the doobie and be happy…thats what i say!!

          2. I don’t think anyone was intentionally ‘centered out’ as you say @alicatt.
            To be honest when I said that some seemed to have something to prove I was referring to Author’s recent rash of skin flash.
            No one was hurt – the fur didn’t fly.
            Just opinions (that since I last checked we are all entitled to).
            It’s all good.

          3. Okay, re-reading the comments I do see (and now remember) that Razor did say this – “and i can see nicole doing similar to what halie did”
            My apologies alicatt – you are indeed correct.

        1. He is an enigma wrapped in a riddle tucked in a mystery.

          He is of busy enjoying your beautiful nation…

          If I was an Ozzie. Or even just lived in a rural area…

          I would go rambling for hours on end… Pretend I was Ray Mears or something.

          Hell. I would probably be dead in a week!

          1. Certainly was WillIam (Will?).

            He said it about Russia.

            Churchill was a charismatic man…

            Although a shit PM. People seem to forget that he executed Miners when their was even a hint of a strike during wartime…

            He attempted to put the Pound Sterling back onto the Gold Standard during the Great Depression… Worsening Britain’s economic situation.

            He ordered the failed battle of Gallipoli in WWI… Which resulted in thousands of ANZACs (and to a lesser extent French) killed in an ill thought offensive.

            He promoted the downfall of the British Empire by involving us in a stupid war with Hitler. Costing hundreds of thousands of Commonwealth dead.

            He destroyed Britain’s small arms industry by vetoing Britain’s adoption of the EM-2.

            Plus he had his tongue up America’s arsehole throughout WWII.

        2. ok i will confess…i have spidey tied up in my closet……..there…i feel so much better now!! lolol only kidding!!! i have no aussies in my closet……BAH! possibly looking at a kiwi in the closet though..hehe

          1. @oddy
            yes i have heard that about the kiwis….sumpin to do with sheep……

            @tommy lol…i cannot hide my wildside…and the men tied up in my closet πŸ˜‰

  14. Wow, I haven’t seen that old gem in a long time, thank you. Not many westerners understand the tragic beauty of this ritual or it’s larger meaning. His kaishakunin was loyal and helpfull. I think the HTP is a fukin good idea .

  15. Hello all. I’ve been lurking around for several months and have got to say this is probably one of the best-put together sites I’very ever seen. And that is due a great part on the personalities of the people and especially the owner (thanks Mark-ontop of all of my other mental problems I now have a phobia of flip flops and 2 men on motorcycles! Lol… ).
    oh by the way…I will be here for much longer than a few months. I’m a bit like tile grout that way-once you’ve got me, I’m here to stay…

  16. We gathered here, we gathered there, only to be dispersed everywhere.

    People of different nationality’s left unguided, longing for a place with thoughts to share.

    Lurking beyond the depths of society, we may have found a place!

    A never ending horizon with reality of total unaltered space

    The more we lurk, the more we unite

    This is the Best Gore site!


      1. @Tom- Aw thanks! You really think it was that good?

        I should note that I would rather change the last line from
        “This is the Best Gore site” to
        “We have found the Best Gore site”

  17. For those who do not know, Mishima finally did seppukku for real in 1970, after taking a general hostage and adressing the Tokyo garrison with a somewhat anachronic speech. He was a kickass writer by the way, and a hardcore SOB. Or in his case, he posthumously became a Master of Best Gore (MOB). I’ll see if I can find some photos from the 1970 “incident” to send Mark.

    1. Sounds cool Tulio.

      I hold the Japanese with the greatest of Esteem and Respect.

      They do things right over there.

      Ah. The painkillers are having an effect on me. I am going to have a lie down whilst my sausages are cooking.

        1. @Tom- I decided to post here to tell you that you shouldn’t stop commenting on BG no matter what others say between others.

          Big J was just aggravated because of my pic ordeal.

          Everything is cool with me, just let it slag off. πŸ˜‰

          Have you seen the newest beheading video?

          1. I am thinking of just staying away from commenting for a while.

            I myself am getting a tad annoyed at having to fight a load of posts that I dislike.

            I am a guy that simply can’t ignore some of the bollocks being spouted on the new posts.

            People would just say… Just let them crack on. But I can’t do that.

            I was just in a bit of a bad mood earlier.

            I think I would just lurk for a bit. Comment occasionally.

            But who knows. Maybe I will feel differently tomorrow?

          2. @Tom- Well I hope you feel differently. People are always going to fight, especially on the internet.

            Just have to squeeze through it. πŸ˜€

  18. Does making bad jokes count as commenting on the gore in question? If so, then I’m A-Okay with whatever. Also, I’m coming up on my six month anniversary of KNOWING about this place, AND commenting. Weeeeeell… I guess it’s time to be hittin’ the ol’ dusty trail… Hahaha. So kidding. Looking forward to Christmas with the SOBs.

    1. Only 6 months @FD? I thought you’d been here for years. I started checking this site out around 6-7 months ago as well. I never intended on signing up but after “getting to know” everyone for a couple months, I joined. This beats the shit pants off of facebook and myspace. I doubt I’ll be just a 6-monther

      1. My first post ever was on January 21st of this year. On a video about a cow smuggler. Yeah, I’m pretty new compared to some of these people. I hope that doesn’t hurt my rep around here. I’m just being honest. I don’t want to be one of those people who claims they’ve only been a viewer since before Mark was even BORN, and have now only 30 years in the future decided to start posting. I know where I stand, man!

          1. Tom: We could’ve LIED about being veterans, but that would’ve been lame. πŸ™‚ So, I guess our posts will have to speak for themselves. You keep making those points of your’s, and I’ll keep making my insane drunken observations. We are now part of the tribe.

        1. Helluva fuck yeah, no sense in lying about it. Had I known about BG when Mark started it I would’ve been a member from the get-go. I used to visit Rotten but it hasn’t been updated in forever. None of my friends are into gore sites so coming across this site was random chance. It’s not easy finding people that aren’t offended by gore. And I know there’s no point in trying to explain to anyone how someone can be into this kind of thing and not be a murderer or masochist etc. etc., although it does make you wonder how many people here have killed someone? Hmmmm….hmmmm indeed.

          1. My first experience with gore was on Rotten. Me and some of the other kids (teenagers, actually, 13 to 15-years-old) around the neighborhood used to go to this Vietnam vet’s house. My friend Shane lived next door to him. His name was Dennis, and he was one of the only people in the ‘hood with a computer, and internet. He was also an alcoholic, but anyway. He used to show us all kinds of nasty shit on there. That must have been about 15 years ago now. So, I became aware of gore. I didn’t get hooked on it until I started visiting Best Gore, though. I just like the reality of it. I’m not a nutcase. Just a guy with something to say about it…something crazy…but I can promise you that I’m not ACTUALLY crazy. πŸ™‚ I know what you mean about other people, too. So many people don’t understand. I may have thought that I’m crazy if it wasn’t for knowing that there’s a huge community out there who’s also into looking at this shit. People like YOU, Mr.Ug!!!

          2. I think all of us here have a more “relaxed” view of life and death. Nothing wrong with making a joke here and there about a flattened skull. I’ve been called weird plenty of times throughout my life and I always take it as a compliment. Fuck normal and all it’s associates

          3. @Nicole yeah isn’t that crazy?! They taste purple and yet they sound green, with a hint of Hailey’s comet. Goddamn I’m dizzy as fuck. My brain is sans drugs at the moment which means the world is red and black. But my work day is almost done and my head will soon be up to the sun, yippy yeehawwww!

  19. I love the idea, HTP
    Sounds like a CIA operation to clear out the Kazakhs, Very prestige.
    The great thing about this site (besides the gore) has to be the people it attracts. very unique characters, And reading the conversations/arguments between them is like watching a debate in which others learn from like some kind of social intellects gathering or some shit.
    Of course its human nature to derail and detach from an on point subject and begin talking random shit, It gets out of hand at times so its good to keep the off subject/on subjects separated.

    If the day comes (which It wont, But you never know) and future newbies begin talking about mainstream subjects, Or getting offended easily then its time to begin a holocaust.
    sig heil

    1. after the tranny affair that got so many people hooked and later flabbergasted, I realized that even the BG Temperance League nuns serves some kind of purpose in Goreland. But I don’t know, sex, hornyness and gore are very closely related things, as the oeuvre of Master of Gore Yukio Mishima showed with exceptional style

  20. Funny, everything you said I was thinking about last night. How the quality of the comments section has gone waayy down. How the people who comment 10+ times on a single story won’t even be here by the end of the year. And where the fuck is stench???????

  21. It is a great idea…

    I can’t see it working very well though.

    I would imagine that non-HTP posts will attract less than 30 comments.

    Mostly consisting of ‘Wow… This is a horrible injury… I knew. Blah. Blah. Blah’.

    I think the flowing conversations that we already have are good enough.

    Fair enough. A lot of the time the comments morph into something totally unrelated. And it can be quite exasperating.

    Although I think it is better than the alternative.

    Isnt the status quo good enough already?

  22. I’ve not been here very long, but I sure intend to stay πŸ™‚

    I think things started getting a bit detached from the topic of the post when the email notifications were cut. For me, that was a great way to follow posts and make related post comments.

    I know there is RSS but when I asked for help with this I didn’t get a single reply, could it be that many of you are not familiar with RSS, and also the feeds are so disjointed (not Mark’s fault) that nothing makes sense, so if you are using RSS as a guide, then the comments are not going to be related.

    Also, even when I have commented and I do find it on RSS there’s nothing there to tell me what came before or after it, so there’s no contexts, at least with the emails there are more or less real time.

    Also i’ve noticed that many posts are ‘out of order’ (again no ones fault) but that can also lead to more chit chat than necessary.

    I like Mark’s idea, but I think that in time there will be spill over from one part of the site to the other and vise versa, only time will tell if it works.

    My suggestion would be to have a box to click say at the end of Mark’s dialog which when clicked opens into like a mini chat room just for the topic of a particular post. By doing this the related posts can be like they are now, but the ‘chit chat’ can be in the mini chat room. People could visit the mini chat room whenever they wanted but their comments would be deleted when when they exit the mini chat room. That way only the related posts remain permanent.

    1. i just posted up top about the emails….i used them all the time….at least i could see who posted what and in what thread…….

      there was a chat room but not many people where online at the same time to really keep it going

      1. Razorblade, I knew there was some sort of chat room, but with it being linked to a particular page/topic and maybe a counter of some sort letting us know how many people are using it, then we would know when would be best times to enter it. There could even be an option to send someone a personal email to ‘invite’ them to the chat room when it’s convenient for both parties.

        The idea is to have a revolving chit chat rather than something that’s permanent, that way anyone can chat about what they want, use language they want and not have to worry about it being on here for ever.

        Anyway just my 2 cents πŸ™‚

    2. For the RSS feed:

      1) Open two windows/tabs. One with Best Gore up and the other with which ever site you get your RSS through.

      2) On the Best Gore page click the RSS Feed link. A screen should come up that has a bunch of code on it. Copy the URL for this.

      3) Go to your feed site and click Add a Feed. Paste the copied URL into the text box.

      4) Viola

  23. Hi Mark, I’ve been lurking in the backround of Best Gore for a few years now, this post gave me the edge to make an account for the purpose of giving my opnion.
    the pictures and videos you put up are truley amazing and have opened my eyes to many atrocities that I had no clue about and I would like to thank you for all the hard work you put into the site, cheers dude.
    after viewing the pictures and videos I usually scroll down to view the comments, they give the site a feel of a real community but I have to agree sometimes the off topic comments have nothing to do with the post it’s on.
    I think making dedicated off topic pages are a good idea personally so people who aren’t interested in it can skip the crap and just view the gore.
    thanks for all the hard work you put into this website and community, It’s good to see there are still some truthful people left in the world who aren’t afraid to show the truth about what is going on infront of our very eyes.
    I hope to be part of the site for aslong as it is up and aslong as I have the net.

    p.s nicole, I know how you feel with the insomnia I’ve worked nights for years (still do) and it’s messed my sleeping up so bad that a good nights sleep is 4 hours for me, I usually get 1 – 2 hours a day at max so if ever you need somebody to talk to just send me a message (I believe I’ve attached my facebook to this page if not I’ll sort it when I figure out how to.)
    that goes for every one of the S.O.B’s

  24. In all the excitement around HTP I almost forgot to watch the video…

    Trust the Japanese (that I have mad respect for) to make the act of Seppuku into something hot and sexy.
    The blood spray on her Kimono did it for me… now I’ve got to clean up this mess πŸ˜‰

    p.s…. the woman is not a hunch back – it is the design of the Kimono.

    1. Haha!

      Nice one there Leslee. It would have been wank material for me had I not been distracted by thoughts of the potential benefits and negatives of HTP.

      Thanks for the information on the Kimono…

      It highlighted the fact of how much a cultural philistine I am!


        1. Ooh..

          I have heard of ‘cheese-steaks’ before… But it isn’t really a British thing to do… To put cheese on a steak.

          I usually put Peppercorn sauce or Steak Diane sauce on mine…

          Tasty tasty!

          Catch you later me dear! Muah!

          1. Actually Tom, I have never had a philly cheese steak… it’s an American invention.

            However, back in the day when I could eat anything, one of my guilty pleasures was a steak and cheese sub from Subway.

            How is that arm of yours Tom?
            I read somewhere you mentioning painkillers kicking in…
            You okay hun?

            Damn I love this HTP.

          2. Ahh. I now understand.

            Subway is nice… But give me a good old fashioned Bacon sarnie from the local ‘greasy spoon’.

            Strangely, the bites on my arm are still there! It itches from now and the but doesn’t give much jip.

            Ah. The painkillers were for a headache I had.

            A bad habit of mine is to use powerful painkillers to control medium pains.

            It stems from the fact that when I get a headache. It can last for along time. I had a headache lasting 3 days not too long ago.

            Depending on what mood I am in. I will either leave the painkillers alone and try to sleep it off.

            Or I would just say ‘fuck it’ and reach for the blister pack.

            Cheers for your concern Leslee my dear.

          3. Oh yeah Tom – the greasier the better!

            I still have an iron stomach, but the processing plant post stomach can (all but) shut down depending on what I eat.
            Don’t get me wrong, I don’t deprive myself of the odd treat… but general day to day eating I have to stick to healthier things.
            Lots of brown rice and salad greens.

            I’m glad to hear you are okay Tom, those headaches can be the worst.
            I used to suffer from migraines, but not so much anymore.

            Good to know you have those painkillers when you really need them.

            To greasy spoons and pain killers…

            Cheers hun.

            p.s… regarding the bug bites on your arm… who could blame them?
            I’m sure you taste as sweet as honey, honey.

          4. Too right me dear… We have a bit of a tradition in my family.

            It is called Coronary Heart Disease. It just goes to show how much we love our food!

            I can eat anything… I do like the odd salad and that.

            Alcoholism is part of the tradition as well. But I don’t often drink any more.

            It is a terrible addiction.

            Good to hear you don’t get migraines any more… Nasty things.


            Cheers doll. I might taste like that… But the bugs don’t taste like honey!

            I ain’t taking THAT dare again.

            Although I can imagine you taste just like sugar and spice!

  25. I used to lurk around years ago.. I did this pretty late at night and right before bed, which probably wasn’t the best idea since it started to fuck with my dreams. So I take “breaks” every now and then. Though having come back recently, I thought maybe I was lost and missing the forums section? Not sure how successful this HTP thread will be, but hopefully it works!

    Also, I agree that it would be cool to have a comment option / private IM spot on your personal profile. I’ve seen that become a great perk on horror boards that I would frequent in the past and it kept threads on topic, for the most part πŸ˜‰

    1. Hello Kels…

      I just want to step in here and say if you think that comment from Trooper (above) was for you I can assure you it was not.
      There was a nasty comment made towards Mark from someone named ‘Buzz’… that is who Troop was talking about.
      Besides Troop and I, Baked and Fresh Bagels replied to Buzz as well.
      Mark eventually deleted Buzz’s comment which sends our replies off in the weirdest directions.
      Although I do not feel I can speak for Trooper, I do know he would never insult a beautiful lass like yourself.

      1. Fiend is right Kels.

        My comment was not directed towards yourself… But was directed to a Troll that goes by the name of @Buzz.

        Fiend is also right on me not offending anybody without good reason. Especially such a pretty Lady such as yourself.

        I have a knack of offending people with my radical political beliefs.

        But I don’t care about Political Correctness.

        But I wouldn’t go round calling random people nasty names. It isn’t my style.

        1. So I’ve replied twice and still don’t see it..?? fuck. Maybe it will appear later.!

          Thank you @ Fiend and Trooper72 – I wasn’t sure since things looked a little weird and I didn’t see Buzz’s comment, but thank you both for clearing that up! πŸ™‚

    1. Hello Sagemoon! I’ve been busy with my kids cos its school holidays! I’m trying to catch up with the posts but once you miss a few, your comments may not get read because everyone has moved on! I have missed all my BestGore friends over the last week too!

  26. I enjoyed the Harakiri scene. Even though it was in black and white, it still pulled off the goriness. The female actress looked liked a stringed puppet and I was looking for the strings. Seems like a lousy way to kick off though.

    Thank you Mark for the hijack option. I really enjoy the conversations if they are humorous and somewhat linked to the original posting. I will frequently laugh my ass off at the wit displayed by some of my fellow gorians. But…..I was beginning to get seriously annoyed by some of the bullshit though. If you want to show your tasty bits, get a webcam and make a buck off of it. I really don’t give a dried fig about people’s emotional problems, so suck it up, see a therapist or get a journal and write all your shit there. Afterwards you can market it and see if it becomes a best seller. You don’t have to post cutesy little lovey dovey two and three words of syrupy bullshit after every damn comment or go into double digit comments and replies per thread. I have not yet blown biscuits (vomited) over any of the official stuff Mark has put up, but some of the comments make me want to hurl my computer out the window. I like this site so much sometimes I stay on way too late, and I will need to stop logging on in the morning so that I’m on time for work.

    Well that’s my two cents worth and it might not mean shit to anybody but boy do I feel better. Keep up the great work Mark and a thank you to all the contributors of time, expertise, and money to keep this great site up and running. Many of us were depressed not so long ago when we thought Mark was trying to commit Harakiri by grizzly bear and overjoyed when he reappeared unscathed making this world a little safer by helping identify Luka the murderous psycho cannibal butt boning necrophiliac gay porn star.

  27. Leave it to the japanese to make suicide look honorable. Stabbing yourself with a sword is easy, but continuing to gut yourself however seems a bit more difficult. I wonder what shamed him to complete this act.

  28. I understand where the senior members are coming from the truth is some of the post do start of having to do with the gore but then seem to move on to other topics that might or might not always be related to the subject at hand and the way I see it is theirs nothing wrong with that, its a normal human defect, when their is a group of people talking about something eventually that subject will manifest its self into something else that just how conversations go. Some of the best and most enlighten conversations here on BG have been off topic and not having nothing to do with the post, now I also understand if people are commenting on the gore and some newbie douche bag starts acting like he’s on fucking Facebook and starts trying to pick up on our BG bitches (term of endearment ladies) then douche bags like that should be crucified and then drenched in gasoline and burned since they have no place here and we have no need for them in the school of BG those people really aren’t contributing, yes they may come on here and say “WOW! that guy got fucked up” and start commenting on stupid shit and think they’re contributing but they’re really just wasting space, and I understand why some think this a problem…cause it is a big one..no not yet but if we hadn’t had this little pow wow today then it would definitely have become a big problem later, alot of this has to do with that raging fag hag queen by the name of PUKA FAGALOTTA, yes that cat killing bitch has tainted BG…ever since BG received a lot of attention and got more people intrested in the site thanks to his queerness, the site is being visted more by people who aren’t really aware of whats going on and just jump in which is cool because new people who are genuinely intrested in gore is awesome but then they get bored and bounce like Halie Horror for instance, cool chick but started getting hated on by other girls who thought she was fake instead of sticking it out she left…now do you think that if she was genuinely here for the gore and the site she would give two fucks about what jealous bitches thought, some people are making it more about drawing attention than actually contributing, which we’re all guilty for also in some ways some more than others, but I can see why this issue was brought up about staying on topic but that what happens when a lot of people are commenting on the site which is a good thing I think because god knows this site would suck if it weren’t for the conversations that go on here, yes we’re here for the gore but we’re also here to hear what we gotta say about the gore the conversation here are fucking epic and awesome and they aren’t always on topic, but we leave you to decide what’s worthy of being on your site Mark..it seems the problem is the quantity over quality of comments, but I’m glad this was brought up before it got worse or even more out of hand, what ever you decide will be what is and I know it’ll be good for the site, I’ve said my peace “take heed and counsel” as the mouse says

    1. @Pale Rider- Term of endearment, haha!

      I completely understand with all that you have said. With me, I am thinking of this site 24/7 and I don’t know who will understand on how this site is helping with my issues like my nightmares, for instance. I actually slept for 5 hours straight today with not one nightmare!

      Anyway, in no way am I trying to be an attention whore. The only thing I have done that would cause attention would be my avatars. Mark has stated that it is OK to use whatever as long as it is not illegal.

      I have no idea what Halie Horror has done but that is not of my concern.

      I comment a ton, I go out of my way to search for worthy videos to send to Mark, although my conversations will drift into another conversation completely unrelated to the topic, I don’t feel I have caused any harm. If I have a apologize.

      I like everyone here, if we have fallout’s with each other that doesn’t mean we can’t start back off fresh the next day, like adults.

      I don’t care if everyone here started dogging me, that won’t keep me away from something that intrigues me.

      I love this site!

      1. That’s cool I’m sure this whole staying on topic thing came out of some sort of weird feeling that BG is “changing” but change can be good and bad do I feel its bad right now? No but I can see why some are worried and nicole as long you really are here for the gore then you shouldn’t give a fuck about what anyone says or think and because your new you shouldn’t feel you have to defend your place here because like someone said further up even the senior members were new at one time, and like mark said loyalty isn’t judged by who comments the most or whos been here the longest, what really matters (to me anyways) is that people are here cause they genuinely enjoy the gore and the site it self, what they choose to have an avatar is their choice and what they want to say about the GORE is their choice and I’m sure mark feels the same, no one has to prove anything here…you like gore then welcome to BG best fucking gore site in el mundo

        1. @Pale Rider- I don’t feel the need to prove anything here. I defend the right I have as to what pic I choose as an avatar, but other than that, people are going to think what they want regardless.

          Like I said before, I like everyone here, its chill. I am here for the gore all in and all out. What I have my pic set to shouldn’t be taken as I am here for attention rather than the gore.

          I think nudity is something artistic and beautiful.

          1. @Nicole, I don’t mind if you’ve got a nude avatar either, I say “if you got it, flaunt it!” Mate, you’re only young once, boobs/bums are awesome! and really its only ya shell, (and who doesn’t like to look at a good rig? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t check out every single nude body I see!)

  29. If you are going to have a special post for people to casually converse through, I think you should stick to fake or “movie” gore. Leave the real stuff for the subject chat…and the fake stuff for the casual, anything goes chat.

    Encouraging people to not stray off-topic so often would certainly help, too. Hell, anytime a female shows up here to say hello with a pic, the goretalk magically fades away!

  30. I always have something stupid to type. I try hard. But I’m here everyday looking for something new.

    Mindless babble got bad the last couple weeks. I think it’s boring as shit to read, but people will be people I guess.

    Loyalty is in the eye of the beholder. Thanks Mark. I hate bullshit, and you give me less of it. The world still pisses me off though.

  31. We can talk about anything on HTP’s? Ok, a little about me. Im a very shy person, and when I first discovered this site, 30 years ago…(@Future Days- haha, loved your comment) actually, about 2 years ago- I was new to computers, new to the web. I was fascinated! I didnt watch many of the video’s (still dont) I just really liked reading Marks intelligent, informative descriptions and the comments! So witty, funny, thought- provoking and sometimes shocking from people from all walks of life, all around the world. I’d look at the site a couple of times a month. Gradually, I began to come more often, until finally, I got up the courage to join. It took me a minute to press the final key and… nothing happened. It took me 2 days to get on. That was when the Luka case blew up, and Best Gore was being over run with sheep, trolls, etc.! Anyway, Im thankfull to BG, because this IS the site that makes you realize what could happen if you don’t wear a seat belt, or a helmet.( or if you wear flip flops) It shows you how fragile we humans are, and sometimes how resilent. So thank you Mark, and fellow S.O.B.’s for helping to educate me and entertain me at the same time! I love you people, long live Best Gore!

    1. I too am thankful to BG for opening my eyes @It Was Me…

      I thought it might be a neat idea to have a place on BG where we tell stories of how BG has changed our lives… (still being a newbie here forgive me if I am being redundant).

      Personally bBG (before Best Gore) I would go out have a couple of drinks and then get behind the wheel of my car… not feeling impaired what was the big deal right?! – Wrong!
      I now do not drink if I am going to drive… my friends are thrilled they have a new designated driver.
      I also recently got my will updated and don’t go anywhere without my camera (just in case I come upon a BG moment).

      I feel indebted to Mark and all you SOB’s for the wonderful learning experience.
      Thanks All !!!

  32. Since it doesn’t look like there would be a easily universal way to identify which discussions to move onto HTP pages and which to keep, I think maybe we should just keep the things the way they were and leave the decision to move discussion on here up to everyone’s individual discretion.

    Perhaps things like Nude Picture of the Day could be discussed here, cause they really don’t have anything to do with individual posts, but sometimes the pic is so eye catching, it warrants being brought up, so it could be brought up here, instead of on a gore post. What think you?

    Any other ideas of what could be discussed here instead of on gore posts?

    1. I do think the HTP idea is a great one. The people who don’t agree with it do not have to comment within the thread and can remain on gore posts.

      The people who do agree with it can comment on gore posts and chat about whatever within the HTP thread.

      It sounds like everyone wins to me.

      I suppose if someone wants to compliment the nude pic of the day or someones avatar they can leave a comment here.

      If a conversation is obviously going off topic then that conversation should move to the GTP thread if they wish to continue it.

      If the topic is about beheadings and you are talking about the mysteries of sex between extra terrestrials then that should be moved to the HTP.

      If its not a remark or a witty remark related to the post, it should be moved here. I sound like a broken record…

      It isn’t hard to distinguish what is related to the topic and what is not.

    2. Right on Mark…the truth is that if you had two separate places for comments that have to do with one post that would be retarted and a hell of a lot more work for you and also it wouldn’t male a diffrence people would still get off topic no matter what…it seems to me these “senior members” are complaining about changes yet they fail to realize they’re asking for even more drastic changes themselves…people are gunna say what they want topic or not changing things won’t change that

    3. Mark, would it be a problem if you installed a private chat feature next to each members name?

      Maybe you can go as far as having members earn it? Just a thought.

      “You have to be a member for 3 months, more or less, to get the feature”

      If that is too much don’t worry about it. Just throwing out some ideas. πŸ˜€

    4. Mark.

      I think it is for the best that the status quo is maintained.

      The HTP system is a good idea. But may result in confusion as to what comment belongs where… And members may start warring with each other…

      E.G. “That is a silly comment… You should have posted it on HTP. Blah. Blah. Blah.”

      Soon we may find comment threads consumed with members battling with each other as to what constitutes an HTP comment.

      A great fixture of the site is it’s simplicity and ease of use.

  33. Well I know others have posted this but mark i think what you are doing is a great idea and will work out great among everyone. thanks for all the work you put into this site!!! if no one else does i do appreciate it.


  34. I think Mark is doing a great Job, but he did ask for our opinions and as there are so many people here, it’s impossible to please everyone.

    We just need to respect each other and the views that are expressed here.

    I’m happy go with whatever is decided as long as this site is kept running; but to do that we need to help Mark and come togetheer as a community. It may be that sevaral ideas would need to be tested before we hit on something that works for the majority, so hang in there, and go with the flow

      1. @GunkGirl- Your thoughts are valued as everyone elses are. I agree with you, but the off-topic discussions are of a nuisance to some. Mark wants it to be comfortable for everyone and I respect that.

        I can’t give enough props to Mark for talking this out with everyone. You won’t find another site with a boss man like Mark!

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