Husband Kills His Wife Then Hangs Himself Out of Guilt

Husband Kills His Wife Then Hangs Himself Out of Guilt

This happened in Thailand. A man killed his wife with scissors but guilt got the best of him and made him to commit suicide. So he hanged himself by the neck above her dead body. Bloating turned the woman’s nipples into innies. Yuck!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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84 thoughts on “Husband Kills His Wife Then Hangs Himself Out of Guilt”

        1. One tit looks bigger than the other… I could be wrong but I have been born with this natural talent just by looking at women tits I can say she wears a 32c bra but this photo I have enlarged pondered and examined but my conclusion is one tit is 32c and one tit is 30a is there any chance we could get the body exhumed as I do strongly believe we have a one off freaks of nature and should be on display in a gallery…..

      1. The same sort of thing happened with Lacy Peterson. Its how they found her remains, her baby was expelled from her and floated to the surface of the San Francisco bay. Her husband murdered her then tried to go to Mexico to hide. He was caught because the police impounded his car and put a GPS in it when the case was cracked. Lacy’s baby was at 8 1/2 developed, so he really killed 2 people, not just his wife but his own baby, too.

  1. Hey this looks like a setup to me, fuckin tourists must have snuck in and snuffed those monkey’s out. Otherwise she would have fallen off a balcony and he would have jumped off in a massive show of love to break her fall.

  2. Hello fellow s.o.b i’ve been a lurker on bg daily for nearly two and a half years its by far the best site on the net, i’ve finally got a new phone which allows me to post which is a bonus because now I can thank mark (thanks mark) for all his hard work and also thanks to all members who also submit like dr.cocco and such.

        1. @MsNeats / JuicyJ, welcome! Anyone who sayes “I’m new to the site” or “This is my first comment” I always try to respond to with a “welcome”. I don’t recall you doing that. If you did, I’m sorry, I must have missed it.

  3. Well she looks like she is pregnant but i think it’s just bloating after death. Sometimes you wonder why a corpse will have a skull with no skin while the rest of the body still has flesh and is intact. I’m suspecting that for some reason unknown to me the head is the first part of the corpse to rot away hence you find it days after death in this condition. You ask what the fuck is he rambling about, and i think I’m finding an answer to a question I’ve had; why doe’s a corpse’s skull loose the flesh before the rest of the body? In these photo’s the woman’s head is rotting much faster than all else and that has me thinking it must just be the order in which the human body deteriorates and breaks down. I’m a fine example of a mind consumed with questions that arise when exposed to volumes of material as found at my favorite site Best Gore. I love life and i love death as well..

    1. Not necessarily killthefifth, but, when a body succumbs to tissue gasses, as hers has, obviously, (those are all those bubbles that look like water blisters), the brain is often affected quite quickly. This will cause the eyes to protrude, as you can see hers are. If a body is outside, insects and animals are attracted to both the smell and the SOUND of the brain deteriorating. (Believe it or not, sounds like rice krispies in there!) Insects enter as many natural orifices as they can, the mouth, ears, nose and eyes and begin to lay eggs which become pupae, who eat what surrounds them and that’s why you’ll often see a corpse with what appears to be a ‘stripped skull’. Nature works!

  4. Betcha he used her a ‘step stool’ when he was tying himself off up there…

    Wonder if he sat there for a day or so staring at her body before doing it…:S

    She could have been killed at roughly the same time he was though, she’s overweight, and, if she’s also diabetic, she’ll putrefy a lot quicker than someone else would.

      1. @ drccoco, hahaha,(thanks for the laugh!) Thats the first thing I thought of when I saw the pic, not how I’d feel about ending a relationship! I wonder if thats a “suicide note” written on the wall next to the wifes body?

  5. This has to be my most favorite BG post ever. Everytime I feel shitty(which is everyday) I look at the picture where I can see her poop coming out her bum and I instantly feel great again – I don’t know why but the whole situation of this tragedy just makes me feel better and worthy to live again, I think because my life for once actually is better than this scenario. Unless my dead body bloats too :/ that’d be crappy.

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