Impatient Old Man Leaps Out Apartment Window Waiting on Fire Rescue

Impatient Old Man Leaps Out Apartment Window Waiting on Rescue

Impatient Old Man Leaps Out Apartment Window Waiting on Rescue

If memory serves me right, this outcome is very reminiscent of this post.

In an all out act of desperation or depravity, a senior citizen leaped out his 8th floor, St. Petersburg, RU apartment window, seconds prior to being rescued. In the early morning hours on the 33/1 block of Danube Avenue, emergency rescue efforts were made by first responders; one went to front entrance as the other climbed the stairs. Fire had quickly spread all throughout the 2 bedroom apartment; the geezer’s only safe retreat was a corner on the outside balcony. Albeit, lucky for the man to have not installed security bars and had competent ladder professionals. Immensely impatient, man jumps full steam ahead out of Death’s shadow and into a chalk-line shadow; reports claim he died on impact.


Apparently, the old man is Russian from Russia and was rushing to escape the fire.
Props to Best Gore member @ankun256 on pointing out flaw with location!

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      1. Judging from the language spoken and the ugly ass architecture, this definitely happened in Russia. I think there’s a mistake in the description and I’m quick to point that out because it gives me a false sense of self-importance.

        Or maybe USA has occupied Russia today and Florida now is the biggest mother fucking state.

          1. @ankun256 @seraphim-serenata

            Online Translator (with bonus comments by me in parentheses… parenthesis… these bracket thingies)

            10:18, 05/09/2018 (That’s 9/5/18 to us weirdly reversed Americans.)

            A man jumped out the window during a fire in Kupchino. Two people were evacuated. (A story earlier this week about Mocha and now we’ve got Cappuccino? Someone better warn @Kahlua about this.)

            On the morning of Wednesday, September 5, a fire broke out on the Danube Avenue in the Frunze district of St. Petersburg. This “Karpovka” was told in the Main Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. (It’s not an old-school Thai translation, but that last part gets points for TRYING to be incomprehensible.)

            The fire report in the house No. 33, building 1, was received by the attendant’s desk at 07:36. (The attendant was in the ladies room, luckily her desk covered for her. Well done desk, here’s a yummy lead paint chip for you.) The fire happened in a two-room apartment on the eighth floor of a nine-story apartment building. The fire spread over an area of ​​30 square meters. (Three people living in a 30 square meter one-bedroom (I’m assuming the other ‘room’ is a kitchen/common area.) apartment? No wonder he jumped, imagine shoving your entire life into a roughly 9′ by 9′ space, part of which is kitchen, for an extended period of time.)

            Eyewitnesses said that rescuers climbed the balcony on the retractable ladder. (The balcony was ON the ladder? Sounds like a redneck cherry picker!) But at that moment an elderly man jumped out of the burning apartment. (Wheeeeee-splat)

            Rescuers evacuated two people. (Hence the two roommates in my earlier comment.) With fire managed to cope at 08:18. (I’m assuming that means they had the fire extinguished by 8:18 am.)

            At the end of May, during a fire in a five-story building on People’s Street in St. Petersburg’s Nevsky district , a man died . Local residents say that he jumped out of the window, fleeing from the fire. (Wow, Russian fads are weird. “If all your comrades jumped out of burning building, would you?)

            Ta-da! *curtseys and tap-dances amateur-ishly off stage*

  1. What a complete fucking moron! Unless he just got to the window and it was too hot and he didn’t know the ladder or firefighters were there what the fuck was this moron thinking. even if nobody was there the ladder was you fucking idiot. Whatta fucking idiot.

    1. @pickmynose123 (pigsonthewing)

      When I was a little girl, I honestly though it WAS Ladder Day Saints! It was right up there with “soup case” (suitcase) and “mobster” (lobster). Oh, and a friend that was from Vietnam was “Vietmanese”, it took me ages to say “Vietnamese”.

      Once knew a girl who couldn’t say “fifty cent machine” (for those not in the USA it’s a machine that dispenses random cheap toys) and it always came out “fifty macentchine”. She’d picked up the habit as a kid and was already in her twenties when I met her.

  2. I wonder if he decided to jump to his death before rescue cause he knew he was badly burnt already and didn’t want to suffer in a burn unit and possibly die slowly or face a long, hard and painful recovery as an already old man. He may not have made a bad decision.

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