Indian Girl Unhooked After Committing Suicide by Hanging from Ceiling Fan

Indian Girl Unhooked After Committing Suicide by Hanging from Ceiling Fan

A young Indian woman was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her home after apparently committing suicide. She was able to reach the bed with her feet, but chose to leave them loose so she can die.

We have recently seen several cases of Indian people, both men and women, committing suicide by hanging from ceiling fans. See HERE, HERE or HERE for examples.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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62 thoughts on “Indian Girl Unhooked After Committing Suicide by Hanging from Ceiling Fan”

    1. Let me explain something about hanging yourself. What I’m about to say comes from a personal experience; it’s not something I’m proud of, but it happened.

      In 1998 I sort of lost the plot and ended up under a 28-day section in hospital. I was a real mess and, to cut a long story short, I grabbed a long flex from a radio and disappeared into the toilet. At the top of the door was one of those bars that closes the door automatically so I threw the flex over it and tied it round my neck. I was in a standing position so I bent my knees to make my neck take the strain. Within just THREE SECONDS I was unconscious. The flex tightened around my neck stopping the blood-flow to the brain and I was out like a light. The only reason I’m here is because the flex stripped at the point where it was in contact with the bar above the door and the inner wires weren’t strong enough to take my weight and so they snapped.

      This girl probably wasn’t serious in her attempt but unconsciousness comes very quickly in this kind of situation and if no one is there to do something about it then you’re a goner! Your dead-weight just tightens the noose even more. Most people who hang themselves don’t mean to do it but they don’t realise just how fast the situation can escalate. It’s not like taking a bunch of pills where you get the chance to change your mind; hanging is fast and deadly if no one else is around.

      I eventually recovered from my “bad time” and it was the catalyst that made me go MGTOW all those years ago. I swore I’d never allow myself to be put in that situation ever again and I’ve stuck to it for the last 18 years. Best decision I ever made. Unfortunately for this girl the fan was stronger than the flex I used and it held her weight and because of that she won’t get the chance to recover from her bad times. Don’t fuck around with hanging yourself unless you really mean it! Even then give it a second thought.

      1. Thanks for sharing your experience, hanging’s not a bad way to go, some people even do it for a sex thing, anyway glad you pulled out of it and are okay now. I also used to be a blue pill. It took me years to get out of that shit. Thinking you have to keep giving to hang on to a bitch then your cock stops working because you’re all panicky and to willing to please. Now i’m MGTOW and i fuck and enjoy then move on before they start all that asking for kids. If i ever top myself which i plan to do when i become gaga and start wetting myself then hanging will be the option.

  1. I think their obsession with suicide by fan is an artifact of just how god-awful lots of India smells. Like ‘fuck, I don’t wanna go out with the stench of grandma’s fats, uncle’s odorous ballsack, or the creepy neighbor’s dick-cheese swirling around in my nostrils…’

    Hey, it’s a solid theory haha.

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