Indian Man Commits Suicide After Murdering Brother in Law

Indian Man Commits Suicide After Murdering Brother in Law

In India, a man’s body was found cut in half and otherwise mangled near railway tracks. Reportedly, the man committed suicide by train after murdering the wife’s brother.

I don’t have any additional info, but he looks pretty messed up.

Props to Best Gore member @benjaminluckytroublemaker for the video:

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    1. @brokeback…..Abdul is a Muslim name. Not an Indian name. Yes he could be a Muslim in India blah blah blah , zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

      So if your trying to be clever in the future…..trying doing a little research before you post.

  3. youd think there was a better way to end your life, think of those who are related that identify your body. it was his life i guess he can end it in the way he wished and he did.

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