Indian Man Live Streams Suicide by Hanging

Indian Man Live Streams Suicide by Hanging

Indian Man Live Streams Suicide by Hanging

This video was originally 9 minutes. The last 6 minutes of repetitive swaying was trimmed. Annoying music warning.

Bidding farewell to friends and the power of life, man from India smiles and waves goodbye on his live streaming webcast. Rising atop pedestal, he fastens garment noose supported by ceiling fan around his neck.

Hoisted up by his neck, his body sways like poetry in motion. In the background, very authentic Indian music can be heard and should be noted to mute video if easily annoyed.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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185 thoughts on “Indian Man Live Streams Suicide by Hanging”

          1. How sweet he looked. Peaceful. Poor man. Living in a world where people judge you for your sexuality is criminal. It’s none of their fucking business. Bless him. I pray he’s fucking and loving whatever he wants to in the heaven he believed in.

    1. He tucked it inside his shirt before Pig- Slurpin Mama’s butter chicken. But after realizing that he ate some mystery meat roadkill instead, he ran to his room, and said goodbye to Barney, & friends before offing himself. Fat Pig!

    2. To add to the poetic value of the video, note how he struggled to squeeze the head into the noose at the beginning, like a newborn child struggles to squeeze his head out of his mother’s vagina. Only this man goes back to nothingness instead of entering new life.

      Oh well, by the end of this video he already got reincarnated as some random living organism somewhere in the universe, so not a big deal.

  1. God DAMN! Another excellent example of the craftsmanship and durability of Indian ceiling fans! Fuck I gotta get me some of those for my place. Clearly if they can try to clear the constant smell of patchouli-soaked asshole and weird curry-shits, and hold up to the weight of a full grown goatfucker kissing goodbye to oxygen, they’re the fans for MY house!

    1. Lmao I bet it belonged to the chick that refused him marriage. She probably was in school and wanted to become something in life. I knew this Indian doctor with her own office etc. She fled India after her parents arranged to marry her off to some no life slum rat. The dude actually committed suicide after he found out through Facebook of all places when she married a rich Indian in the U.K. 10 years later(last year)

  2. Wave goodbye to all of the fans who clap and cheer don’t understand, lost your footing to the marching band leap for joy just to never reach land, back and forth the pendulum ran like clockwork all will hang out with the damned.

    1. .. However… The sari he’s wearing is conceiling the raging hard-on he’s hangin there with.. Speaking of erotic asphyxiation, how’s the hubby?.. Haven’t seen him in a bit, hope everything’s well.. I’d probably hang myself too, if I couldn’t comment on BG…

      1. Bahahaha! You are e.v.i.l….. last year was a banner troll year for me, my best one yet! I always wonder what I did that got under their skin, you know, so I can do it again. 😀 This place is bizarre…when I’m getting trolled I just figure someone else is catching a break.

    1. Well Skipper, even with a partner present and a safeword worked out… It’d be quite the accomplishment to be able to utter that lifesaving word, whilst the whole of your body weight is focused upon your trachea… That’s why in the case of AA, it’s best to work out a Morse code of sorts..

  3. I do not have any jokes to make as find it truly sad that anyone has to take their own life. Although I have thought about it countless times, I could never conjure up the guts to do it. My younger sister took her own life and she was the most beautiful and outgoing one of us all. Strange what goes through one’s mind. However, I am a single mother of an almost 19-year-old son and need to be around for him. He has no one but me and vice versa. Sorry for the novel guys/gals.

  4. If I was the universe’s cinematographer, I would edit this to sync with and juxtapose the footage of this guy’s birth, i.e., a split-screen: him as a newborn trying to shove his face out of his mom’s vagina on the left half of the screen, and on the opposite side, him trying to shove his head through a noose. Keep the music. Cut, print, and check the gate!

  5. My luck….I’m hanging enough that the hypoxia destroys my brain and the fan breaks. I fall to the floor with a broken neck into a quadriplegic heap that has to be nursed until I die 50 years later with bedsores to the bone and reeking of piss and shit.

    Guess I’m not a fan of fans.

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