Indian RPF Official Attempts Suicide by Train, Survives with Amputated Legs

Indian RPF Official Attempts Suicide by Train, Survives with Amputated Legs

In Kurla, Mumbai, India, a 51 year old RPF (Railway Protection Force) official attempted to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train. He failed to place the right body part on the rail and ended up surviving the suicide attempt with both legs amputated close to the hip.

The incident occurred on January 15, 2018. The Indian press identified the official as Ramesh Meshram. The motives of his suicide attempt are a subject to investigation, but the preliminary enquiry suggests that he was harassed at work.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video. It contains both the CCTV footage of the suicide attempt as well as the aftermath:

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      1. I think there should be a commit suicide day each month in that country !!!

        Just do a radio call and have everyone who wants to die line up on the tracks and just have a train kill hundreds in one fell swoop!!! It would save hundreds of thousands of money with ambulances and hospital visits, gas, time in wages, delays, news coverage etc.

        It would create jobs too!!!!

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  2. A failed suicide attempt; shit, I wonder what was going on through this guy’s mind damn when he wanted to die wonder what was the cause guess it doesn’t matter I understand everyone/ every other person can suffer from suicidal thoughts but damn. This site awkwardly and oddly enough has “cured” or has treated my mental problems by forcing myself to see other terrible uncensored reality via internet.

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  5. A suspended Railway Protection Force officer is in a critical condition after attempting suicide by jumping before a running train at Kurla station on Monday. While one of his legs was severed, the other was crushed. He was to be questioned later that day in connection with a theft reported at the Matunga railway workshop.

    Ramesh Meshram, 51, was attached to the Matunga RPF outpost as a sub-inspector and lived in Kalyan. Around 12.43pm, he walked onto Kurla’s platform 1 and jumped before a down Titwala local. The motorman braked as soon as he saw Meshram but the train had already knocked him down by then. A profusely bleeding Meshram was rushed to Sion Hospital. He had lost consciousness.

    On December 29, 2017, a theft was reported at the Matunga railway workshop. CCTV grabs showed a truck entering the workshop and exiting later. An investigation by the RPF found a constable had connived with the thieves. The constable was placed under arrest on Sunday. During interrogation, he spilled out names of a few people involved in the crime, including that of Meshram.

    On January 4, Meshram was suspended. Meshram had been summoned for interrogation on Monday. However, before he could be quizzed, he attempted to end his life. “As soon as he regains consciousness, we will ask him what prompted him to attempt the drastic step,” said DCP (GRP) Samadhan Pawar. “We have asked the RPF for CCTV footage of Kurla’s platform 1 where the incident was reported.”

    When contacted, senior RPF officials said Meshram was undergoing surgery at Sion Hospital. RPF suspects railway parts were stolen from the Matunga workshop, but the quantity and worth of the loot is yet to be ascertained. “We are trying to verify with our stores department. It is possible Meshram took the step out of anxiety,” a senior official said.

    1. hahaha is true, imagine you want to end your miserable life and this happens to you! your life becomes more miserable and you are the joke of the city haha
      I would take a gun and shoot myself in the head

      1. you say that, but most likely your gun jams, you keep pulling the trigger and when the gun fires, the bullet hits your head at an angle and doesn’t end you, it just brain-damages you.

        So now you have TWO failed suicide attempts. Imagine how you’d feel then, haha.

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