Indian Student Commits Suicide by Walking in Front of Train

Indian Student Commits Suicide by Walking in Front of Train

In Nizamabad, India, a girl apparently committed suicide by disembarking the stationary train, and walking in front of a passing train. Indian Sakshi TV reported that Shushma, who was a student, failed a TET test (not sure what that is) and couldn’t bear the thought of not passing. Her death was caught on a cell phone camera which the operator held the right way.

To me it almost looks like she ran toward the person who was approaching the tracks, and in all the excitement, got hit by the train. Difficult to say. Killing oneself because one fails in school seems so senseless.

Props to Best Gore member @ruzzky for the video:

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      1. The TET test is an exam to become a teacher. From the way she dealt with it she must have really wanted this line of work. Some people can’t see themselves having to work a shitty job and live in poverty but rather die.

        1. I’m new to reading disrespectful comments about a person who tragically lost their life. I won’t cry about it, but chances are this person has family and friends who are. My compassion must seem awkward to someone who has never actually witnessed tragedy, except on the internet of course.

          1. Say what you inconsiderate bastards will I speak in defense of a life lost. You speak only to show your ignorance and disrespect, the shit that comes from your mouths is absolutely disgraceful to humankind. @steaksidney You know you’re a piece of shit bro. Probably just like your parents. No respect.

          2. Why do tomorrow what should’ve been done centuries ago. Use your fucking brain asshole. This world is fucked and all you inconsiderate imbeciles can do is poke fun at it.

          3. It’s not about laughing or crying topher. It’s about Respect for humanity. I don’t cry for these people but Why in world would we laugh at such a thing?

          4. I agree.., if you take a step back.., loook at the bigger picture., dont take shit so seriously.., be optimistic., laugh alot, take it easy.., people will want to hang with you., rather being a sour puss and a loner.

          5. Lol a life “tragically” lost??
            HELL NAH.
            This idiot RAN IN FRONT OF a train intentionally. That’s not tragic, it was her choice.
            I agree with Salty, a nice satisfying thud.

          6. You talk shit about my family then send me a friend request??? @uncle-ak47 my names AK47 guys! now its showsomrespect guys! now its back to Ak47 guys! go and fuck your cell! and the horse you rode in on bent bastard!

          7. I just would like to tell you AK47… I was like you when I arrived on this site 2 years ago. Oh boy I have changed… Can’t describe it in words.

            Is called sarcasm. the use of irony to mock. It is disrespectful and people use it as a defense mechanism.

            Have a good day and please be safe. What else can I think about a complete stranger…

          8. “….wakan be your heero beeeeb-ay,.. wakan can take away your pain (oh,yeah…), wakan stand by you foreva,…can..take……my breath away………our hero..”

            So sorry im late to the party,
            PLEASE be our hero @Uncle.enrique47 ?
            could you dance…if i asked dance? the world is so desperately needs guys like you….

          9. It is rude, but they’re dead so it makes no difference to them. And mate, I know it’s hard to lose someone, but personally a few of the main reasons I’m completely fine making crude humor about other peoples’ deaths and misfortune is that humanity needs no extra respect or help. Our population is right around 7.8 billion and we’re reaching our carrying capacity so it’s not like we need to be conserving human life in any way, we’re doing just fine in numbers. Not to mention humans are responsible for some pretty awful things. I get that it’s painful to think about what they and their family might go through, but this stuff HAS to happen to someone. If you grieve every time someone dies, you’ll always be grieving over something that can’t be changed. Most people here have figured this out and decided they’d rather be in a good mood. Everyone dies. If you’re ever bothered by comments or opinionated people who think they’re all high and mighty, just remember they’re not special and they’re going to die. Lol. Good night.

        2. Lol must be new to the Internet more like new to the world around him. I don’t understand people this is the 2nd person I seen get mad over comments take your whining ass to a web site that’s clean and pure and full of hope,love fairness this is best gore not a children’s website. Sesame Street is that way..

        3. Not that I’m offended by your comment but let’s just go through life for a minute. You’re born, you stay awake and then you sleep forever eventually. Take it from a manic, laugh. And if you don’t wanna laugh, stay humble. Would you have felt better if he didn’t comment but still laughed? Then you wouldn’t have known his enjoyment to this video and the smack, what would you have done then? NOTHING. Don’t be a fucking hero, it’s only one of you. And trust me when I say you’re gonna need a whole lot more.
          There’s people who would rather read newspaper headlines and the emotional story, and then there’s people who would rather be taking the crime scene pictures and pick up the body and live this shit.
          Don’t get mad and offended when you can’t hang on this side.
          People are fucking weird, welcome to earth.❤️

      1. Death smiles at us all. All we can do is smile back – the late Maximus “Spaniard” Decimus Meridius

        PS, please, click Home to re-read Bestgore’s mission statement before I have to click on another article and re-read another one of your holier-than-thou comments. Your compassion is admirable, but it is also misplaced, constricted, and a bit egotistical to boot. Think about it <3

  1. What’s with the punjabi big ass smile? Did he know he was going to be eating some good o’l little girl Nizamabad curry Murgh (hari) Kari?

    Murgh Kari is a traditional Indian dish with chicken but, she was no chicken. I thought that the hari was ironic and fitted nicely.


  2. Don’t you just hate that!
    Your minding your own business, thinking about how much dick you’re going to get tonight and then,

    In all that sexual excitement, she had forgotten that she was walking on the train tracks.

    She won’t forget next time.

  3. Teacher Eligibility Test known as TET is an Indian entrance examination for teachers. The test is mandatory for getting teaching jobs in government schools from Class 1 to Class 8

  4. Doesn’t look like a suicide to me. It looks like some dipshits trying to see who can jump over the tracks right before the train gets there. Just my opinion, but given the history of the lady that was killed I’m likely wrong. Just looks too staged to be suicide :/

  5. @uncle-ak47..hmm you must be new to best gore? We all understand that you maybe get sentimental and all..but I’m tell you” that’s what we do here on best gore we laugh make jokes insult each other from time to time..we ain’t hurting anyone or desecrating any one on videos..this site let’s you learn from others misfortune “knowledge “ I’m tell you in the nicest way possible this not the site for don’t belong here..go find a tree hugging site” please “

  6. Some people take school and education way too seriously well you should lol but not to the point where you have to kill yourself. I failed 11th grade once and it made me really depressed and stressed the fuck out of me I even know people who killed themselves over it. So yes failing her test could be the reason

  7. Speaking as a person who’s been on the planet for a little while and comes here once or twice a month, I’ve seen stuff here that has made me laugh out loud (mostly in the comments) and I’ve seen stuff that has made me cry like a little girl. I’ve seen comments that I’ve thought were just horrible and depressing with their lack of empathy, specifically regarding attractive, teenage girls who killed themselves because of bullying. Then I’ve seen people getting pissed off about comments like that. Personally, I’ve been that mean commenter, that callous asshole, and the guy with a sick sense of humor, and I’ve also been like that guy who got all worked up at the beginning of these comments. Not here… but I’ve been that guy at other internet forums. If the average person is anything like me, then I’d bet that they have a sense of empathy along with the asshole steak, and a habit of making asshole comments online doesn’t define their entire being. Also. Why do people come here, anyway? I guess for some, it’s a sense of community, but you can find that everywhere. Why did ‘pissed off at the mean comments’ guy come here?

    Death is a helluva thing. Just a helluva thing… and there’s a morbid attraction to it that everybody shares, I think. Personally, I come here in part to empathize, and to feel for the people of these tragedies. It’s like watering a plant, kinda. I gotta water my awareness of the horrible, awful things that happen in this world, so that I don’t become too distant from the reality of other people’s suffering. Otherwise I might lose the wanna to even give a shit about any of it.

  8. Alright.
    1- I kind of don’t think she was trying to kill herself, maybe a little stupid?
    2- what the fuck is up with the audience??? You see another person enter left stage and stood there watching. Then these two fucking dweebs.
    Also, you think just one smacked blow by a train could kill you? Would have hated to felt that shit. Smacked the shit out of her!

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