Indian Student Live Streams Suicide Tutorial Then Jumps to His Death

Indian Student Live Streams Suicide Tutorial Then Jumps to His Death

24 year old Indian man live streamed a suicide tutorial on Facebook, and then committed suicide by jumping from a room on the 19th floor of Hotel Taj Lands End in Bandra, a suburb of West Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra.

Identified as Arjun Bharadwaj of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka, the young man was a student in Narsee Monjee college. According to Mumbai Police, he left a suicide note in which he noted that he was suffering from drug addiction and it was causing him so much drama in life, he saw no other way out but to take his life.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the videos. Here is the tutorial he live streamed on Facebook – it shows him smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol while discussing the means to take one’s ife:

This video shows him smashing the hotel room window and taking the leap. It does not show the landing:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. I know this next sentence gets added for suicide posts here all the time, and that happens because people like it and because it sums suicide up very very effectively. “Suicide is a very permanent solution to a very temporary problem “. I think we should continue to post that sentence in related posts so all the suicidal types will again question their big plan and wonder if there are more effective ways of dealing with big problems. For example, we will never know if this dude even tried rehab, or detox, or methadone (for opioid dependence only) or spending six months on uncle’s (you know, the uncle no one ever talks about) isolated farm

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    1. How is it selfish to kill yourself? It’s selfish to kill someone else but not to kill yourself. He wasn’t happy and he has a lot of courage seeing how the average person would never jump to their death out of fear.

      1. It is not selfish to kill someone else, such a narrow point of view. Killing in defence or killing in war is not selfish, even killing for revenge is not always selfish. Killing period is not selfish, look into the reasoning of a death before jumping to a conclusion.

    1. may be you should do it before seeing the bill if you are in for a copycat.This man was staying in a expensive 5star hotel i doubt he had the money to pay..according to his suicide letter, death is a celebration .may be he wanted to taste the lavishness of such life before the end

  1. He took his sweet ass time during the tutorial and rushed the jump. If you’re going to jump at least take a moment to contemplate really take in how it feels to be standing on the ledge about to fall.

      1. Where are you guys finding all the stuff about this at? The internet, I know! But you got any links? I love to read more up on stuff like this and get down to the root of it all!… Thnx

  2. Only 24 years young
    Studying in a nice college
    Wearing a nice bathrobe
    Staying in a luxury hotel
    There was no need to kill yourself
    You could have fought on
    You could have conquered
    You could have got some nice girlfriends
    You could have beaten your addictions
    You could have won
    If you gave it some more time.

  3. Not too bright, he could have set it up so we could see his all points landing. Addiction sucks ass though, almost did I feel sorry for his better off dead ass, almost. Hahaha, who am I kidding , I could not possibly care less.

  4. He must have got a B on his final exam for his PHD on the cure for cancer, and could not bear it. So feel sorry about yourself and end it.

    At least the sun was shinning on him.

    I give a C- on his final exam the breaking of the window, and the stupid robe he wore. There is no way he is getting any extra credit for this final exam!!! Sorry Omar

    1. I wonder if he took a nice big lump of opium with him to that hotel room too? S’posed to be super cheap in India, isn’t it.
      He seemed to be a nice chap. I feel sad for him, especially as he’s so young.
      Did you see how he drunkenly wobbled and fell back into the room but then he quickly remedies that!

  5. It’s weird, when people jump to their deaths, they still do this little “jump in a way that I won’t land so hard” kind of way. I mean, it must just be a subconscious thing. You’re jumping to your fucking death. Jump high into the air like you’re trying to get height off the diving board to do a double flip. Instead they edge out to the ledge, get their body real low to the ground(or window sill), do a little mini-jump, and then drop their legs out from underneath themselves like they’re trying to lessen the drop on a 7ft fall. Even as gung-ho as this guy was, he still did this weird “hang on the edge of the window, jump off to the side” thing lol. I wanna see someone jump high into the air and do a fucking swan dive, or maybe a jack knife. I never could do a jack knife… :/ maybe I’ll have to learn, if it’s the LAST thing I do. Har har har….. πŸ˜€

    1. I think it’s a reflex action; rather like taking a big breath before you get submerged in the ISIL cage drowning video, or putting out a hand to stop a gunshot from hitting you.

      It’s not really going to achieve anything but the preservation instinct still kicks in.

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  7. You know what is fucked up? I was reading about this story online and apparently the people on his Facebook page where really mean to him while he was doing this :/ the comments on a gore site are nicer than the ones on fb page

  8. I wonder what he was addicted to…i wonder how it was affecting him (obviously not financially)…i hope he didnt kill himself for the camera or for a bang he wont be able to know…nonetheless hes just another person who made the only decision he knew how to make no matter how anyone feels about it…BUT! His troubles are over…no more planning, stressing, toiling, or navigating through psuedo-genuine relationships with friends or family (not all but most)…but then again no more planning, stressing, toiling, or creating genuine relationships yourself and enjoying the fruits of ur labor n learning perseverance…the problem is that the lesson of perseverance is often painfully learned after a situation that drives a person to suicide and it doesn’t come like an epiphany or at the hearing of good advice….its just time and theres no limit to how long it takes…its a battle or attrition and the only person u have to sacrifice is urself….CHEERS!

  9. According to the police, his body was retrieved after a one-hour struggle as he had fallen on an 11th floor terrace of the hotel, which has 25 floors. Workers had to crawl through a ventilator shaft to get to him.

  10. OMFG another boring Bollywood movie trailer … so tired of them …. I think more trailers are coming soon from India… IMDB rated this 2.3/10 so it is not recommended to watch twice! Give us more action movies LOL

  11. When demons take over your soul they convince you to do stupid things like kill yourself if only people turned to God they would be saved and get to enjoy life (food, love, going outside) I have no job no car and I get sad (today I am really sad) :/ but with God I know I will be ok in the end… The Lord NEVER turns down the ones who seek HIM knock and the door shall be opened have patience. Love you gore buddies ❀️

    1. Another believer in nothing. Books of fables, nothing more. No being out there carres about your life/our lives. If there were, something would’ve changed this shit-rock long ago
      But keep PAYING your offering. A religious book that tells you how much money you should be giving. Ha! And still they fall for it

  12. The dude didn’t even hesitant. He seemed like a funny dude who just couldn’t give a fuck about life anymore Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― I thought he was going to annoy me, but he actually made me chuckle a couple of times. Sad shit, but hey, at least he decided how to go out instead of getting murdered.

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