Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Front of Children

Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Front of Children

Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Front of Children

In a video strikingly similar to the recent one from the Philippines, an Indian woman filmed herself committing suicide in front of her two children.

It looks as though she ordered the kids to film her, because the camera moved as she was putting the noose around her neck. The children were likely lead to believe they were filming something harmless, perhaps an innocent play she was gonna perform for them?

When reality of what really is happening set in, the children desperately tried to get their mother off the noose, but were not strong enough to lift her up. After a period of trying, they gave up and wept on the side of the bed, as mother’s dying body cramped up and twisty spasms gave her hands creepy shape.

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198 thoughts on “Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Front of Children”

      1. Amongst the worse crimes against children.

        Those poor kids will carry the trauma to their graves. Too young, and unable to understand the world or what their Mother has just done. Later on they will see it as a gross and vicious act of violence against them, regardless of the mental state of their Mother. Time heals to some extent, and it is natures way of allowing us some peace as we live on, but the damage has to be deep, very deep.

        It has to be said that we cannot know the depths of anguish that drove her to commit this on her kids, one would hope she was “out of her mind” at the time, but its usually takes a hell of a lot to go against the nurtureing laws of motherhood. Somebody said to me recently that Evil is very real and independent of human thought. That its rife in todays world at levels never before seen by mankind. I don’t believe in the classic religious notion of good and evil and a devil on one side and god on the other. Always seemed like a fable to underline religious dogma. But in recent years I have seen a few things that circumvent the old ideas and lead one to ponder the possibility that Evil is real and some kind of battle goes on for our spiritual selves while we are here.

        Dont know, just wondering!

        1. you wrote beautifully.
          Evil exist so good exist too , who define what is evil and what is good ? why everyone will condemn a child molester ? This prove that God exist , He put what is good and what is evil in our conscience. Morality is a choice, when we make a bad choice, evil befall !!!

        2. Ephesians 6:12
          12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

        3. She even made the kid set up the phone or Camera for her as well, I KNOW this will torture his mind and soul for the rest of that kids life!!! Holy shit this piece of shit human made her kids watch and die without thinking how it was going to effect them!

        1. Sorry for a late reply but i have the same story.
          My dad was working as a lifeguard at some rich family,some thieves tried to rob that family and he got shot and kidnapped,he got brutally murdered and the video they captured killing him,is still on my moms phone,some nights i can hear her crying.
          That shit hurts brother.

          1. Unrelated to anything, but I am confused regarding the situation of @robc. I read his goodbye post four or five times until it dawned on me that he believes I’m some other user? I don’t know how he came to that conclusion, but this account I have now is the only one I’ve ever had on this site.

  1. Another one of these? Sometimes I find it hard to believe that a parent could want to so deeply traumatise their children. I’m glad that bitch is dead, she’s a piece of shit, but her children will utterly destroyed.

  2. What is with these people hanging themselves in front of their kids?! If you are going to kill yourself do it but don’t fuck up a kid’s head by doing it right in front of them. Not to mention who is going to provide for those kids now that the selfish fucker took the easy way out.

    1. You are right

      But the act, the video, the kids there, its a clear trait of a certain personality disorder the perpetrator didnt actually choose, but chose to end

      The kids will have to deal with their own disorders as well now unfortunately

      1. That’s no kind of justification or even a good explanation for her selfish action. Fuck this Evil bitch for hurting her kids….

        There’s nothing in this world more dispicable than causing pain in innocent children. No matter how jaded I might feel about gore or the fucked up things that exist in our world, this will always be something that makes my blood boil and fills me with hatred for people.

        I can’t see someone who hurts children as human. They don’t get to have explanations or anything said to humanize their worthless existence. They are absolutely nothing…. cockroaches have more value.

        1. I can absolutely agree with this, i have experienced something similar to this When I was About 8. It surely did mess mess up mentally. There is not symapthy from here either. Truly disgusting act to perform infront of her poor kids.

        2. Its a reasonable explanation

          I don’t condone the action, only mention that the disorder is a common one (3-10% minimum), which is pitifully underdiagnosed even in the US, let alone where people earn less than $5USD a week

          A lot of people see their children as “theirs”, or a personal liability. While legally it is somewhat true, that is one of the stems of this situation

    1. And now, I myself can’t get over that feeling of pensive sadness after listening to the mournful tune.
      At one point I thought the kids would plead her not to let the chair go by sitting and holding firmly on to her legs and asking her to undo the noose and step down ;but I think she ‘d put it all to deaf ears by giving a listen to that creepy song making her end her life the way she did .

        1. Yeah I can recall the Ruskie too noosing himself to the same tune ; but I wonder ! what’s it with the over dubbing and who is behind all this ?.
          And now seeing uncanny resemblances in both the videos has left me scratching my head in to drawing up a conclusion that both were faked out and devoid of any realism.

    1. She was more pissed up about the plastic bed pan she owned which was kept well hid under the bed before committing suicide while every other friend of hers ,she knew in the colony owned ceramic and that one bloody thought was way too frustrating for her to deal with .

  3. Here we fuckin’ GO again. Was it by chance the other way around this time? The husband cheated on the wife? Well. That’s not explained here. So WHY fuckin’ care? YET AGAIN! Another selfish human! These asian/dune coon cultures really have a fuckin’ ROBOTIC way of offing themselves in front of their own children. Where as in most parts of (I’m a spoiled faggot) North America. There WOULD be a 10 hour stand off with the cops pleading with the SELFISH as fuck-American to NOT do it. Mostly because Americans are just fuckin’ over-dramatic cry babies who WANT nothing more then ALL attention in the world because you PRAISE the fuckin’ people in Hollwood. (maybe…) You get to bitch about Trump and fuckin’ scarf down ALL the fuckin’ Starbucks you want. Yet. You fuckin’ kill yourself BECAUSE Chad wanted a 1 week relationship. MOST of us couldn’t take care of ourselves if we tried. Overseas however. These people live up to the responsibility of killing themselves. And just…fuckin’…DO IT. …incredible in a BAD WAY….

  4. We have an exact same run of two of the recent videos where
    similarities don’t seem to end . First up its the same music one gets to hear playing in the background for that ruskie taking up his life and then there is this set up where the drama enacted upon appears to be fake again although the interiors of the room seem to have been tempered around with to make scene look real.. Who knows it all could be faked up to make it look real .
    From my standpoint I see it some piece of dramatics as there is no need for someone to especially play some loud music and have the children in attendance to witness the bizarre act of madness

  5. That music is horrendous, it’s there to distract the children from what she was doing.
    What a selfish person. If you’re a parent you LIVE for your kids, you even sacrifice your own life to save them.

  6. You know, I thought I was gonna say something funny .. but .. this is just plain sad ..
    I mean, to see the little kids jumping on the chair, then try to get the chair back under their mom
    This is one of the saddest things I have ever seen
    Those poor little curries gonna be fuck’d up for life because of this


  7. No…. those children definitely needed to see what a piece of SHIT their mother was…. I’m sure there’s another family member who will assume the role that satanic animal played before she did the world (and her children) a favor….
    Die you dirty cunting whore…

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