Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Front of Children

Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Front of Children

Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Front of Children

In a video strikingly similar to the recent one from the Philippines, an Indian woman filmed herself committing suicide in front of her two children.

It looks as though she ordered the kids to film her, because the camera moved as she was putting the noose around her neck. The children were likely lead to believe they were filming something harmless, perhaps an innocent play she was gonna perform for them?

When reality of what really is happening set in, the children desperately tried to get their mother off the noose, but were not strong enough to lift her up. After a period of trying, they gave up and wept on the side of the bed, as mother’s dying body cramped up and twisty spasms gave her hands creepy shape.

Props to Best Gore member @sachamp for the video:

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206 thoughts on “Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Hanging in Front of Children”

  1. While she’s a cunt for doing this to her children, that’s not something a suicidal person is thinking about. If they want to die, nothing else in life matters at that moment. I know for what I speak.

    The problem is she gets away with destroying any chance those kids had at being mentally healthy. No punishment for her, only the ultimate freedom and bliss.

  2. with this good example of perfect parenthood, there is quite a good chance that those kids had already a screw loose before that happened, but now I guess transformation into a new generation of sociopaths grandly suceeded.

    Life is full of joy awww<3

  3. @Mrx1992

    tried 2 reply but lel that didn’t worked out, soo

    maan you’re right 100%
    but how should they know?

    I think it’s hard for them after that mindfuck 2 understand WTF ever happened there?

    lol they even assisted, that is just plain evil and nasty

    1. Children do not deserve this kind of experience. You can watch an adult get burned and skinned alive with no care…(horrible), yet knowing children have the ability to be the change in the world or someone with an actual heart…yet to be shattered and destroyed is heartbreaking

      Kids dont deserve that. They didn’t ask to be born.

  4. Why do black women insist of going next level with shit ? But a bitch will commit to the narrative though as seen here. I could never top this so she’s clearly better at crazy than I. Kidding aside this is such a cruel thing to do. Why so cruel this is some really fucked up shit to do to your own babies….

  5. Ok, this shit really riles me up. I’m glad this whore is dead because she obviously didn’t fucking care about her children WHATSOEVER anyway! Poor kids are now traumatised for life because of her!

    1. Well maybe learn how to fucking parent better and discipline them. This is the most idiotic way to end their own life, and their problems. Guess what? Even with their death they caused more problems.

      Great job.

  6. I am from India and my mother has been horrible to me too.
    People in India produce like rabbits, and then they call themselves conservative.
    Most people in India have no responsibility towards the children they bring into this world and teach their children subordination in order to gain forever respect from children even while doing nothing for them (stockholm syndrome affects almost all Indian children where they almost worship their parents for nothing).
    Most Indians should not be allowed to reproduce.

  7. That is so fucked up to HELL!

    How could a mother do that to her children, innocent, and pure??? Now they will suffer the trauma for the rest of their lives. Evil….this is true evil.
    A mother stays strong for the children because she wants them to be strong as well. Sad….and so sorry for the kids as they stood helpless.

    1. I will judge what she did was so wrong on so many levels. As of hanging herself whine having 2 children wasn’t selfish enough she went and did it right in front of them which more than likely had traumatized these kids beyond words and is probably going to ruin any semblance of a normal life they could’ve possibly lived.

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