Indian Woman Locks Herself Up Behind Gate to Commit Suicide by Hanging

Indian Woman Locks Herself Up Behind Gate to Commit Suicide by Hanging

Indian Woman Locks Herself Up Behind Gate to Commit Suicide by Hanging

In Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India, a woman locked herself up behind a gate and committed suicide by hanging while her husband filmed.

The family tried to argue her out of taking her life, but could not get to her due to the locked up gate so the woman was free to kill herself.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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151 thoughts on “Indian Woman Locks Herself Up Behind Gate to Commit Suicide by Hanging”

      1. Exactly… There was clearly something disturbed about this woman. You can judge that by her method of suicide. Why couldn’t she just use a Train like any normal Indian? It would also be fun knowing that you upset the travel plans of 500,000,000 people during your exit.

  1. Can someone kindly explain this ‘gate’. Was it not possible to break it down? Call the police? In any event, it is going to have to come down in order to have access to room and body. Therefore, why did no one do anything related to disabling it? Thanks Best Gore members.

    1. @brendalee I was wondering the same, even though it’s hard to break the wall but doors are usually wooden they could have done something to break the door, they dint seem to even try to do anything but just watch and scream while husband filming and talking shit about her that what a wh… I got married to, it’s sad to see how stupid and cruel these people are! Fucking retards.

    1. It is not possible to get “deader”, there is not even such a word. It’s not just the people who end up on BestGore videos who are completely idiotic. When commenting, ensure you make sense, it is so much more effective.

    2. @capt-killingfield right, husband and a women taking to him telling him not to say bad words about her right now cuz he’s gonna get in trouble with all his family, I guess it’s his sister..coversations clearly shows how bad they had been treating her whole time..fucking assholes! but she shouldn’t have taken her own life, there’s always a way and solution to get outta any kinda problem, ending life never solves nothing but gives pain to loved ones.

  2. It is ironic how the security bars were protecting her not from evil but from the people who wanted to save her. The evil was already inside & had penetrated her mind.

    Alas, we have one less Indian on the planet which will only take about 9 seconds to replace her unfortunately.

      1. Shit. Just think if these fuckers weren’t chronically suicidal, the entire world be one big shithole, neck deep in dindu shit, dindus crawling over each other, trying to find something that hadn’t been shit on yet. That’s some scary shit.

  3. God damn…that is some fan mount! I mean, seriously, ceiling fans in the States are for shit. You put some dinky brass finish job in your new living room, turn it on high and the fucking thing practically shakes itself right out of the ceiling! But this thing took the whole jerk-and-snap weight like a champ!

    Somebody find out the brand of that fan, or at least get me the name of the installer. God DAMN that is some craftsmanship!

    1. I believe this is a Briz Air 900 by Crompton Greaves, since Crompton is basically natural selection in most mediocre Indian households when it comes to electrical things. May or may not be true though.

  4. If they knew she was gonna off herself, that’s when you remove the doors or in this case gate in the domicile if possible make an spare key to the domicile, and even if you still get obstructed cause the dirty clit got a brain cell firing and break the key off in the lock. You get a car jack at the ready to get a gate that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Don’t kill yourselves, baby dolls. Someone out there will love on you. -951-

    1. I seriously doubt they have a car jack laying around (unless the own a taxi) most people use taxis or rickshaws(not sure that’s spelled right). I get your point though…they should have & could have gotten in that damn gate!!

  5. They should’ve called St Paul’s cops (MN).
    After 3 or 2 dozens of shots, we would’ve heared somthing like :
    “now cut that damn scarf or we’ll open fire….again !!!”
    Poor Hindu dindu; hope she was of the “enlightened chosen community”, btw.
    Thus, Soros & Netanyahu will have more reasons to whine eternally…

  6. I’m thinking the husband, along with the rest of the spectators did not give 2 fucks if she killed herself. The locked gate looks like some cheap trelis, if they really wanted to stop her they would get threw that gate!

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