Indian Woman Locks Herself Up Behind Gate to Commit Suicide by Hanging

Indian Woman Locks Herself Up Behind Gate to Commit Suicide by Hanging

Indian Woman Locks Herself Up Behind Gate to Commit Suicide by Hanging

In Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India, a woman locked herself up behind a gate and committed suicide by hanging while her husband filmed.

The family tried to argue her out of taking her life, but could not get to her due to the locked up gate so the woman was free to kill herself.

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151 thoughts on “Indian Woman Locks Herself Up Behind Gate to Commit Suicide by Hanging”

  1. First maybe if uncle Jihad wasnt banging her she might not have … but at the same note why bother trying to stop anyone who wants to off them self’s? Just sit back, watch the show and know that another one is helping decrease the surplus population.

  2. why just stand there and cry! do something! throw curry powder! or cloves! or brown mustard seed! or black minty pepper! or dried chili! or star anise! or cinnamon woody! or chili powder! or coriander! or basil! or tamarind! or fennel flower! or tumeric! or fenugreek! or peppercorn! or indian gooseberry! or long pepper! or chili pepper! or saffron! or curry leaves! or mustard seed! or ginger! or cardamom! or holy basil! or mace! or capers! or panch phoron! or something!

  3. Very strange scene. How relatives might let her hang herself, especially taking a video? I don’t understand Hindy, but as I suppose, some woman tried to persuade this girl not to hang herself. May be I’m wrong

  4. Legend has it that they STILL can’t figure out how to get into that room.
    Family support: F
    “…this time I mean it”: A+
    Mental health services: D-
    Knot tying: C+
    Bedroom anti-rape gates: A-
    Table sturdiness: B+
    Ceiling fan installation: A+

  5. FOA the man behind the camera is the brother of her husband, and far most important thing is that the man recording is instigating the women as if he’s challenging her to do “IT”, while the girl crying in background is telling the family to call her husband and the old lady crying wants to call the neighbors so taht others can see how the poor women hung herself and is not being murdered by the atrocious family but in the hindsight most of the middle class Indian women are contempted to kill themselves by their in-law’s asking a lot of dowry from them and in return maritally rape them without the will. poor society, i’m sick of this.

  6. Thank you very much, having the family react to the death of something they care about dearly is always beautiful in its way, but children reacting to the reality of death is also very beautiful to watch, something so innocent witnessing such a thing considered so dreadful by many is a very wondrous occurrence.

  7. I feel like this video was purposely shot to upload it online. I heard the guy whispering to some girl ” don’t turn off the camera, let it capture everything” . Earlier in the video, 2 women are trying to convince the woman not to hang up and open the door, meanwhile the same man asks those 2 women to ignore her saying that the woman who is committing suicide is just being dramatic and won’t hang.

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