Indian Woman Takes Suicidal Leap from Apartment Building

Indian Woman Takes Suicidal Leap from Apartment Building

Indian Woman Takes Suicidal Leap from Apartment Building

In India, a woman standing on the ledge of a balcony in the middle of the apartment building took a suicidal leap. In the video, she looks like a fairly young woman. I do not however have any backinfo on what may have pushed her to the point of jumping to her death.

According to Best Gore member @edward63, the language spoken in the video is Marathi, suggesting that the incident may have taken place in Maharashtra of Mumbai, where the language is natively spoken.

The cameraman did a decent job following the fall, although the impact is obstructed by vegetation.

Thanks a lot for the video, @edward63:

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    1. I wonder just how many people shit themselves when they die, have you seen it happen? If i was to commit suicide by jumping i would push the turd into my tight skinny pants before jumping, i would just shit myself before the jump because it will probably happen anyway and i want to freak out whomever has to dispose of my corpse. Her pants looked tight so shitting herself might be quite a struggle, trust me I’ve done it in skinny jeans once during a bad wipe out.

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  1. I am curry-ous as to why she jumped. Now she’ll never get to eat at that New Deli they built down the street. Sometimes a sad story really squats down and takes Apu on your good mood. Holy cow. I bet she even leaves behind a high-paying Punjab at the finest 7-Eleven in the village.

  2. I can’t even imagine how nervous must have been the cameraman.
    Usually we would shame on him for filming vertically since humans have horizontally orientated eyes but in the case of up down falls it is the best option.

  3. This was ridiculous now the window she thought was a diving board wasn’t well observed moreover there was no pool below . When people wanna take a swim in a pool they better be there in their swim suits ……… and who the fuck tells ’em about tall apartment buildings as being real good to rehearse elevated dives

  4. Is it just me, or does it sound like the crowd gets LOUDER right before she jumps? Like they’re egging her on to do it!?
    Just my thoughts. If it’s true, those people are horrible. It’s one thing if the gore is already there. It can’t be undone. But to encourage it… That’s just gross.

  5. Woman my arse !!! It was a 14 yr old girl who jumped… the OP is a f***tard

    Mumbai: The Samata Nagar police have recovered a one-page suicide note written by the 14-year-old girl, who had jumped from the eighth floor of Orchid housing society at Thakur village at Kandivali (east) on Thursday evening and died.

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