ISIS Suicide Bomber Survives to Talk About It

ISIS Suicide Bomber Survives to Talk About It

Video from Yemen shows an alleged ISIS or ISIS sympathetic suicide bomber who only managed to rip himself in half. The intended targets were the Houthi (another variant of Muslim) crowd that has gathered around him and casually interrogate him.

Mad props to Best Gore member, Amer the adventurerz, for the vid.

241 thoughts on “ISIS Suicide Bomber Survives to Talk About It”

    1. Judy Even I would have liked to see him find them………..Somewhere up that stretch of the road you could see some splatter and a little of meaty chunks scattered around .
      I am sure the lower half seemed to have been blown away to smithereens as the suicide bombers mostly have it tied around their waist .
      funny though but he was talking to the ones whom he wanted to blow ………

  1. This reminded me of the suicide bomber in Iraq where the people came out and talked, interrogated and laughed at his 1/2 ass as well.
    Good to see these pricks not only fail but get to live…for a while at least…with their failure.

  2. Haha with his intestine hanging out like a rope I kept looking for a dog to come running up, grab ahold of it and start casually walking away. I wonder how for the dog could have got depending on how much remained? 😉

      1. Haha thanks but I honestly had to see to push the damn button otherwise I would have let it all fall across my face and put a pair of round sunglasses on, makes a great Cousin IT impersonation 😉 I just cant see like that -_-

        1. I swear Amour we must be channeling each other. A friend asked me to put a new picture up about a week ago. She naggedme constantly about it then everyone else had to chime in. So, I put all my hair over my face the put my glasses on over it. Giving the peace sign I looked like cousin it and introduced him to my Facebook. They laughed but were mad at me a little bit

          1. Lol I did have a pic of me doing that but I have no clue what happens to it. Was taken when I graduated high school and my hair was still down to my knees then, ahhh high school how I miss those days..

    1. I don’t think he will be getting any LOL! The rules are as follows

      1. You blow yourself up
      2. You die from it

      No exceptions, no virgins for him 😀

        1. @LF, a Muslim commented on here once, that it is all made up about the 72 virgins, that Westerners made it up, and that it’s not true? I would rather believe they think they are getting the virgins, 🙂

          1. the 72 virgins is derived from the myth of the Houri. pure (virgin), giant, pale women with perfect “tear drop-shaped breasts”. of course Westerners misinterpretted it and ran with it, haha.

          2. @Tas

            It is indeed a myth, although I think they misinterpreted it when it came about. I think it was actually supposed to be a 72 year old virgin LOL!

  3. Hahahaha he did a real half-assed job with that bombing XD

    I have no sympathy for these sand niggers, but the fact that someone can be ripped in half and still conscious is kinda disturbing, but also really interesting…

      1. I’ve heard of so many stories of people who were alive for a long time after being cut in half. I don’t think I really believed it at the time, but then I get on BG and find out that it’s possible. Strange how the human body is both so tough and so fragile.

          1. Hahaha thank you my dear sweet Der Kopf. That got me giggling for some reason. I guess it’s better than the way I was feeling earlier and yesterday… Fuck

          2. @trainwreck, I noticed you were quiet there. I hope everything is ok? Chin up mate, your BG family has your back, for what it’s worth 😉 You left for a week or so a while back, so I wasn’t too worried just yet!

          3. Come on @Ellen
            Lift your spirits and toast a cheers
            To all the good times throughout the years
            And just remember it ain’t where you’re from
            It’s where you’re at
            It ain’t who you know
            It’s who’s got your back
            and that’s us for ya

          4. Oh yeah Tas I’m OK. I got a prescription for a drug called Ativan for my anxiety. I swear they will prescribe a narcotic for anything and everything. Well its a Benzodiazepine. I took half a pill per every 6 hours instead of one vfull one. I can’t remember much of anything. I fell asleep randomly and one time I head planted onto my pancakes syrup and all. I told him no more of that I’m good

    1. @Future Days, who is in your user pic? Also what sort of bird is he holding? For some reason I always thought it was a pic of Hunter S. Thompson? and after searching online I couldn’t pinpoint what bird I thought it was. Maybe an oriole?

          1. Speak of the Angel! Still working on finding a smuggler for you, bro. My plan of finding a man willing to remove his nuts so I can sew some myna eggs into his empty sack isn’t going so well. 🙁

          2. Lol he would half to be careful how her walks otherwise he will have a different kind of gooey mess to clean out of his pants!!!

          3. @boozer, you want a myna bird? They are a feral pest in parts of Australia (introduced species) it’s not this beautiful sub-species though, we have a brown-grey type here. It hasn’t made it to my side though, (W.A.).

          4. @boozer, I’m booking a flight to Sydney NOW! I’ll catch one of those little buggers and I’ll smuggle it into Germany somehow (I’ll just wear a hijab and hide it in there, at least I’ll get into Germany) or else I’ll just have to hide it up me bum or something, as long as it doesn’t peck. I’ll just leave his head out so it can breath, 🙂

          5. Thats good, 😉 I saw a pure white German Sheppard the other day, it was super friendly, this guy was walking it, along with 2 standard poodles (the giant ones!) and a little fluffy mutt. I told him “I know someone with a pure black one” He was impressed. So he should be! lol.

        1. So handsome, in his day. I read his Hells Angels book, he took a serious beating from those guys, he probably partied harder than them though. I liked that guy. You have used various pics of him thoughout the years on BG?

          1. Bald is beautiful. He got beaten for interfering with an Angel while said Angel was beating his ol’ lady if I remember correctly. Yeah, I’ve used various HST pics. 🙂

    1. Hehehe I noticed how the group of them were exceptionally passive aggressive. They were yelling out their interrogations all the while backing up making large circles around him like he was a wild animal or was interesting

  4. Wow. Seriously where are that poor fuckers legs!?
    Seems like the guys all done,specially with no one giving a shit and only video taping so they can post this on BG. perhaps if they had 911 service and emergency hospital ,they could sew him up might even survive…but who would want to? …after having legs dick n balls disintegrated,and having to live in that country as a half man.

  5. Someone should have said to him “you can’t fuck all the virgins with no dick!”…I really don’t understand these fools…they’re promised virgins for blowing themselves up! That has to be the biggest pile of bullshit ever! If you’re not getting any virgins on earth, why do you think you will elsewhere? Keep this one in mind: ghosts can’t fuck!

    I have kids and I wouldn’t want them to waste their lives for NO reason at all! No reason would ever be good enough!

    Sorry for ranting…I’m a bit green lol

    I love this website. Obli, your name reminds me of that beatles classic “obla di obla da (life goes on)”.

    Anyway, g’day from me in brisbane, Australia!

        1. I’m going to take my kid to the movies, he has been ill and house-bound for over a week. I think it might hit 25*c here today, it’s a bit over-cast at the moment, but we might go put our feet in the ocean for a bit, later on. I have ABC radio on, the cricket is on in the background, but I’m not really listening to it, lol, I’m trying to type here! Have a good day @Mr Jinx.

          1. Hi Tas. Save the movies for him for when the new star wars movie comes out.

            I myself am hanging out for x-men apocalypse.

            Have a good splish splash at the beach and slip slop slap lol

  6. I hate “selfie” photos, but if i was to ever take one, it would be with with this dickhead. They should have tortured the cunt even more, taunt him with what’s left of his lower half, smear bacon on him ect.
    It’s fucking poetic he lived to see his failure. He’ll have a hard time fucking all his virgins with no lower half.

      1. Can somebody gimme a hand please ,
        I’m sorry for being such a half arsed shit head ………….a total failure .

        I’d say its a wonder seeing this half bodied individual still be able to talk without his lower half .
        He seems to be telling to the onlookers that he came fucking but found no virgins out on the street and now he wants some hounds brought on the scene to devour the fuck out of his left over self.

        If ya eat me up …………………
        If you start me up
        If you start me up I’ll never stop
        If you start me up
        If you start me up I’ll never stop
        I’ve been running hot
        You got me ticking gonna blow my top
        If you start me up
        If you start me up I’ll never stop
        You make a grown man cry
        Spread out the oil, the gasoline
        I walk smooth, ride in a mean, mean machine
        Start it up
        If you start it up

          1. Yes sir @ Mr Jinx
            for his own goofed up goop
            I am gone rock on more with my air guitar

            all that goop is gonna be shoveled up and thrown to the Dogs .Ain’t nobody is gonna touch him who knows that self butchered droid still may have a bomb or two on him …………sick lives

          2. Lol he was like a firework, unfortunately it didn’t work, now he’s in pieces the moozie jerk, no longer will his dicky work.

            Maybe he’ll get a replacement one when he goes to hell lol

            I don’t care if there really is a heaven, but I really really hope there is a hell for all the gutless wonders that hide behind masks and dictate directions to directionless minds.


          3. Lol @ Mr Jinx
            he sure was some firework,
            I wish if we could buy that sorta living bomb for all our festivities hey but watch it blow from a distance
            all moozie jerks no longer can have their dicksies work for ’em or their virgins either CAUSE theirs is a failed and miserable existence .

            that sicko is gonna burn in fires of hell and no doubt about that .

            Lemme tell the very heaven and hell is right here before our very own eyes to see and if ya go by the saying what ya sow so shall you reap then every puzzle falls in place
            they did their dirty deeds this life or in their past lives and this sorta gory end proves it all the more when we know
            “what goes around comes around”
            They have no place here on our Mother Earth nor even anywhere else
            they rightly belong to the ashes and the HELL
            DIE YA ALL BASTARDS SONS OF ALL ANCESTRAL Wankers!!! fuck all your Mothers


          4. I’m blu da-ba-dee, da-ba-die. Sorry blu, I just had to do that one.

            blu, how do you put a pic on your profile?

            If you could answer that, my world would rock even more!

            Xoxo jinxy

        1. Thanks blu! 🙂 I’m watching return of the jedi on TV. Still my all-time favourite star wars movie. I prefer the unaltered version. The prequels were too over-saturated with special effects, shoddy script, shit acting – amidala and jar f’n jar especially.

          1. @Mr Jinx ….create an account if ya haven’t got one already thereafter
            Step 1. You gotta first log in to

            step 2.You?ll come across
            Pick new image in how to Manage Gravatars section
            Step 3. You?d be asked to Add a new image click on to go a step further to find option to upload image with 4 of the choices thrown as under :
            1. upload new
            2. from URL
            3. Past uploads(Not applicable since you?re without any therefore ignore it)
            4.from webcam
            click any of the radio buttons ignoring third one herein ibid to find ya gone a step beyond
            for option 1. upload new
            Upload new image

            You can upload any size image file. they will automatically resize large images so you may upload the best quality version you have.

            You will have a chance to crop this image in the next step.

            For option 2. as above
            Enter the URL of the image on the internet

            A URL is simply a web address. To find the URL of an image on the internet, try right clicking it and selecting ?properties?. The URL should look something like this:

            You will have a chance to crop this image in the next step.

            For option 3. (have it ignored )

            For option 4:
            Take a photo with your webcam
            you?ll find the caption that reads
            ?Please grant me access to device?s webcam.?

            I hope these simple steps will have ya world rocked on even more!

            Bye Bye

          2. @Mr Jinx, I’m the last one to ask for computer advice – I’m a true ‘tech-tard’, but that’s where you have to go to change your avi. 🙂
            Also I enjoy the original Star Wars films the best too.

          1. Judy some of the Bands I wanna die for …….
            1.The scorpions
            2.The Europe
            3.The Eagles
            4.The Beatles
            5. The Rolling Stones
            6. The Def Leppard
            7. The Alabama
            8. The A/C D/C

            there are a few more but for now take it as my hot list

        1. Blucon & Tas: thanks for pointing me in the right direction for Gravatar.

          Blu, it’d hard for me to do a top 10 bands, I pretty much love everything. I’d have to throw in the smiths, Elvis, the beatles, ac/dc, Linda Rhonstadt, ramones, sex pistols, the cars, slipknot, van halen, Dragon, Australian Crawl, mental as anything, cold chisel, heart, kiss, nirvana/foo fighters, joy division, a big chunk of my heart will always love 80’s music.

          I’ve heard in tea-towel land they can’t even listen to other music, except the appalling squealing they class as music.

          I couldn’t imagine not rocking to some rocking tunes, having a few drinks and smokes and enjoying life.

          1. @Mr Jinx

            wow for a change that’s a pretty eye catching avatar of yours and I ‘m happy for ya to have finally gotten the hang of it .
            Some of the Bands you mentioned caught my eye and often give a listen to beside 80?s music was all fab and still is . And what about 60’s which was all gold
            Now you can really rock on and party hard .
            Turn on the chart busters ….. watch a great movie having a glass of finest whisky
            Have super duper of a day for ya
            A bear Hug from me (>??)?

          2. I’d have a whisky with you anytime, blu.

            We could talk about the craziness of the world and admire losers who, sometimes, lose lol

            blu, do you get the annoying intel ad which has that mutherfucker from big joke theory? I love shows that have real laughs, I hate manufactured shit.

            New star wars will hit the aussie screens on friday, december 17! Yay! What a great Xmas!

          3. Mr. Jinx
            I wish what we talk here could also do the same some time and what I wouldn’t give for a glass of whisky sitting with you side by side or at a beach pub anytime Mr. Jinx
            Its heartening to know you’ve some extravagant tastes like me

            Yes of course we can go at lengths for endless hours talking about the crazy people who make this world but admire not the losers who are mostly braggarts
            but those who lose but come out a winner with a roar and aplomb.

            Mr. Jinx I am all for funny soaps and shows that are riveting but without annoying ads now and then every 15 minutes or so in our face
            .I for one loathe people who come about pretending to be real nice which they actually are not . Pure and simple is all fun we can get alongwith not the ones who are highly pretentious and odd gamers at play.

            Watch out for the biggest sequel to open up on your giant Aussie screens on Friday, December 17 as ya say and then gimme a feed whether the movie ‘s worth its salt and should I or not go watching it.

            Much before the great Xmas! which is to around the bend I’m wishing great times ahead of this year and years beyond for ya and your family
            Take care.

          4. Hi Taz. My user pic is Mr Jinx, the Hanna-Barbera kitty that can never quite catch pixie and dixie, 2 clever and crafty mice!

            Top Cat is also a Hanna-Barbera cartoon character, as is huckleberry hound!

            I love anything cartoony or animated. My favourite studio gibli movie would be howl’s moving castle.

  7. This would make an amazing halloween costume. “Half a suicide.” “Auto-Bomber”. LOL! What a fuckhead….oops nothing to Fuck with on him. Going to paradise without his peepee so no Virgins for him. (Who wants to fuck a virgin anyway?) They don’t know what they are doing. They just lay there. I’ve had 2 virgins. Same experience both times. Slow, slower, not so hard, ouch……no fun.

          1. @Tas, on a different note. I googled the tas tiger last night. What a shame they were hunted in part because people felt they were killing their sheep. when in fact their jaws were very weak and can only hunt small animals. I will also add, it was a shame what happened to the last surviving one!

          2. @evilirish1, it’s a sad story alright, they were such an interesting animal, so beautiful as well. They hunted their prey by wearing them down, they would just follow a wallaby etc. until it was exhausted, them go in for the kill. Farm dogs were responsible for most sheep deaths. Same as today, they catch up with dogs from neighbouring farms, form a pack and they lose their heads, and slaughter stuff. They all go to their respective homes at dawn, then they’re well behaved farm dogs, ready for work, again. I’m glad you researched the thylacine, mate, one of the worlds craziest, strangest animals, gone forever. 🙁

      1. Now that’s a very candid confession to make here @Judy…………

        BTW …on another note just wanted to know if your son has recovered from his illness and how about you ? You’d also said that you too were taken ill ? or weren’t keeping well. How is everything now ?.
        Is your glitchy computer gotten fixed up or you are still with the palmtop .

  8. Talk about half assed hahahaha !
    I don’t understand why the hate if they still believe in the same god.
    Are they just that desperate to blow themselves up?
    They can mutilate themselves in the name of allah and make a ton of money with me. I’d gladly pay for that type of action
    I’d call it Extreme Islam : tearing that ass apart

  9. The Near and Middle East have an enormous cohort of unmarried, unemployed young men who have no hope of any real productive life because of the hidebound, backward tribal society that they live in. They’re easy prey for bullshit and they really don’t have much to live for anyway. Most of them are not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed to begin with.

    The “leading” country of the region, Saudi Arabia, is NAMED after the tribe that rules it. Once the oil runs out or a new energy source is developed this area will fall into the shithole it so clearly belongs in.

  10. This would have made the perfect video if one of those random ragheads teabagged that fucker until the lights went out. The ultimate insult before getting his 72 virgins would have to be a big hairy Arabian nutsack and shitty b-hole just blocking out the sun. Sure it would be disgusting….but I can’t say that I wouldn’t laugh my ass off.

  11. This video rocked my socks! How undeniably shocking is the human body’s ability to continue functioning, even after said body has been blown to smitherines! I’m not a religious person, but if I were, I’d likely surmise those last several moments of horrified shock, with sound mind, must surely be God’s way of punishing such Grade-A fuckery. Alas, my parallel hypothesis instead concludes that karma is clearly evidencing its certain characteristics. This might be my favorite BG video, and I’ve been a fiend of this macabe debachery for many years. Nice shot, bruva!

  12. Hello, My name is Gerhard A.k.A Schism,
    and I?m kind of new here, but I?ve been a BG follower for quite some time ( 3 years)
    So I?m not surprised by the tone and colorful comments around here, I like to read them rather than writing,
    of course I have no problem with free expression..
    anyway I just wanted to say something about this video:
    …I wish that coward ISIS S.O.B really had suffered .
    pretty impressive footage though

  13. BTW, is this not so epic that you nearly blurt out the fuckery you’ve witnessed to a roomful of “normal” people, but catch yourself before inadvertently allowing your psychopathic characteristics to reveal themselves to said judgmental sheeple?! Ahh, at least we have our BG community to interact with!

    1. Lol @ Harumph ……….android Bishop in Aliens played by Lance Henriksen
      The only actor from the Alien films to appear in one of the prequels was him , who had played the role and a man claiming to be the android’s creator in Alien 3. Henriksen returned for Alien vs. Predator, in which he played Charles Bishop Weyland.

      All of the Alien movies have been my all time favorites and I’m waiting for another sequel

  14. Someone should have fed him some beans and given him water just to see him struggle to get the fart, the shit and the pee out of his system. He thinks he has problems now, just wait till his tummy wants to fart and crap. Now that, is going to be very painful!

    I’ve heard that he’s become very popular now and people from all over the world are flocking to see him and ask questions. His body getting ripped in half has open his mind to the celestial wisdom given only to a few: jesus, Muhammad, the pope, Obama, Peter pan, Nostradamus, mickey mouse, the pink panther…

    The pope, it’s been said, will be arriving later this afternoon to have a chat with halfy (my nickname for half man on floor). The pope believes halfy to be the second coming of the Messiah.

    1. Yesterday by jinxy!

      Yesterday, I had my legs and cock
      But not today,
      Think all those virgins will go away
      Cause I had a cock yesterday

      Why did I
      Try to blow my mind
      I was brainwashed by a towel-head But now I’m only half a man
      And wish I was deaaaa-d

      Allah smiled so proud of me
      Now he laughs like those surrounding me
      For all around are bits of me


      Now I guess
      Soon I’ll be gasping in my last breaths
      But that’s ok cause I fucked up
      Splattered, nutless, useless fuck,
      Splattered, nutless, useless fuck!

      1. Suddenly, I?m not half the man I used to be
        There are shadows of people hanging over me
        Oh, yesterday came suddenly

        Why I had to go and blow my self up
        I don?t know, they wouldn?t say
        I said allah is great and I set off the bomb
        Now I long for my legs, ass, dick and balls from yesterday

        Yesterday, setting off bombs was such an easy game to play
        Now I need to have my balls, dick and ass replaced
        Oh, I believe in yesterday!
        Oh, I believe in

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