Jabhat al-Nusra Claim Responsibility for Two Suicide Attacks in Tripoli, Lebanon

Jabhat al-Nusra Claim Responsibility for Two Suicide Attacks in Tripoli, Lebanon

Jabhat al-Nusra Front have claimed responsibility for a recent suicide bombing in the Lebanese city of Tripoli. The attack claimed the lives of at least seven people and injured another three dozen. The terrorist cell targeted a cafe in a predominantly Alawite area Jabal Mohsen and the attack was carried out through driving a car loaded with explosives into the cafe. This attack came in the middle of an area known for it’s Sunni and Alawite civil war.

There are conflicting statements in regard to who and how many terrorsits actually carried out the attack. The Lebanese Army states that the suicide bombing was carried out by one man from Yemen, while the National News Agency of Lebanon stated that is was two men, both from Tripoli.

The military cordoned off the area and a curfew was put in place until the next morning. This cafe was located on a street that served as a dividing line between the Alawite district of Jabal Mohsen and the Sunni district of Bab al-Tabbaneh. The Sunnis and Alawite have had numerous conflicts over the years.

Below is brief video about the incident.

At any rate, something tells me Hezbollah is not pleased and hopefully it will not be long before we see these cockroaches squashed.

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    1. If ir wasnt for hezbollah Lebanon would be occupied by zionists or ISIS now and that’s coming from a Lebanese person. It saddens me to see things going down like that over there. I have relatives living in Beirut.

    1. Religion is supposed to bring people together through common beliefs. Instead, over time it is doing the opposite. I think that is what religions ‘inventors’ intended but not all at once and by the time the wider world realises what is happening, too many people will be braineashed and it will be too late.

      1. @gunkgirl religion started out as a political scheme for power and money. It then transformed into a kill all the non believers type of thing. Religion in some places *caugh* *caugh* still hasn’t changed. House of Saudi still uses Mecca as a source of income and they still behead people for adultery and being gay. When the only book you read in school is the Koran your still gonna be a 3rd world islamofascist country. Its a vicious cycle that will never end. Islam is only getting bigger so i doubt it will change anytime soon.

        1. There is money made by the Saudis through Hajj and umrah (Muslim tourism), but their major income source is oil. Ot is very strange that America hasn’t”liberated” the Saudi people like they liberated the Iraqis.

      2. One word ” Money “. That’s what ALL religion boils down to. The Vatican for example. You would be hard pushed to find more ruthles businessmen than those guys. Nothing is off limits for those oh so pious ones. They are up there with Sinaloa.

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  2. Good job Obli. Lebanon has been through their share of civil unrest for decades now, but with this new rise in violence, Hezbollah will surely get involved. This is just the beginning, and The Yahoodi love it!

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