Japanese Girl Leaves Phone Streaming While She Commits Suicide by Train

Japanese Girl Leaves Phone Streaming While She Commits Suicide by Train

Japanese Girl Leaves Phone Streaming While She Commits Suicide by Train

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Japan and it was streamed live on Twitter.

It appears to have been filmed by a girl, who is wearing what looks like a school uniform. She left the phone streaming presumably on a bench as she waited by it for a train. When it approached the station, she jumped on the tracks in front of it. The phone did not capture the impact, but she most likely got fatally hit or run over.

Props to Best Gore member @nomar for the video:

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263 thoughts on “Japanese Girl Leaves Phone Streaming While She Commits Suicide by Train”

  1. so selfish. if this suicidal tranny was serious, we would hear the grinding and crunching of bones under the wheels and the carriages would be bumping along. great entertainment potential wasted. so selfish.

          1. Well, that’s a bummer…
            My mother went through the same thing, she ended up dying from overdose from pain medication… was ruled a accident.

        1. It’s About a stupid Selfish blond cock carousel skank who wanted to impressive her bald headed dick head bosses so she foreclosed the house of an old hag only to be cursed by her as she turns out to be a witch and so now she must figure way to break the curse before duel date of being dragged to hell which she eventually fails to do as she’s dragged to hell at end of the movie so Movie turns out to be a huge waste of time.

    1. The reason is because it’s 2020 and nobody under the age of 22 remembers life without social media. These almost grown children have lived their whole lives broadcasting everything they do on Facebook and Twitter. So why wouldn’t they share the last moments of their existence? Why not have that last 15 mins of fame? In their young, social media soaked minds, it makes total sense.

      1. A lot of them end up committing suicide, as a result of social media. Back when I was their age, we use to actually talk to one another, and say stupid shit that made us human. As a result, kids become depressed, as a result of being separated from human exposure. Those are rough times for kids, as they are seeking their own presence in life.

        Everything is so sanitized on social media nowadays, simply because people take everything at face value. Again, kids become depressed, because they are separated from the Human Connectivity that…

        Makes us human!

        It’ll only get worse, because it’s an ADDICTION!

        1. It is by definition, not an addiction. But I pretty much agree with everything else you said.

          It truly is the lack of physically interacting with others. They aren’t connecting any of the emotions they are feeling to a real situation. It’s not connected to anything tangible. Therefore, it’s more confusing and overwhelming for some. They also project their own fantasies and agendas onto others online, without realizing it. This ends up causing problems when those people are nothing like the version of them they built in their heads.
          This is just one example. But when these kids are developing their emotions through the lens of the internet/social media, they are setting themselves up for an emotional trainwreck later on in life.

          And I haven’t even mentioned cognitive offloading…holy fuck. That’s a whole other monster.

          1. Couldn’t agree with you more. However, smartphone overuse is an addiction. Most social media interaction, is by way of the smartphone. Psychologists and addiction experts can support this.

            I too, am an ex-addict! (drugs)

            Most of what you have already stated, falls under the broad category of denial.

          2. I am also a recovering addict, and this is why I strongly feel opposed to people just calling it an addiction. I have no doubt there are people who are addicted to using their devices. But most people who are being labeled addicts aren’t.
            It’s just like in the 80’s, when the A.D.(H.)D. diagnosis blew up. Every doctor who knew about it started “diagnosing” millions of children as having it, when most of them didn’t have anything wrong with them to begin with.
            It’s also like food addiction in the sense that it’s a neccessary thing, unlike heroin or speed. So there really are a lot of things to be considered.

            When it comes down to it, I base my opinion on whether or not any situation is addiction on one fairly simple question.

            Is your abuse of “(insert substance/activity here)” causing problems with your finances, job, health, or personal life?
            If so, it’s addiction.

          3. I agree with your ADHD accessment. Totally overdiagnosed. And the drugs they put the kids on, created a problem of their own.

            However, I take issue on your food addiction comment. Food addiction is a disease in itself. Most addictions are centered around the abuse of a product, yielding unfavorable results. Most people who abuse food overindulge, and are overweight. Being overweight, leads to high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.


            And I haven’t even mentioned cognitive offloading…holy fuck. That’s a whole other monster.


            …totally agree!


            Is your abuse of “(insert substance/activity here)” causing problems with your finances, job, health, or personal life?
            If so, it’s addiction.


            Again, I agree.

            Smartphone addicts tend to spend too much money on their phone and internet connection, buy stuff they don’t really need, end up sitting around and not exercising or eating right, (obesity) constantly late for work or other appointments, tend to end up with high blood pressure etc.

          1. Sounds like my comment struck a nerve with you Guro Girl. Do you have any proof of what I said is false?

            Please remember, attacking me personally, does not support your position.

            …but it supports mine, and the experts

          2. Der Kleine Horrorladen…

            Surely, not everyone who owns a smartphone is an addict. However addiction, whether it be drugs or a smartphone, is a personal disease. It involves a deep self analysis, to determine if one needs help or not. You should know that too, if you’re an ex-addict. For example, it doesn’t matter what I say to an addict, only an addict can help themselves.

            Labeling belongs on CD’s and shipping addresses…

    2. Because it’s become a trend. the needs to share such things in social media to grab everyone attention so all eyes can be focused on you unlike before when you realize your not any special and never have been so what better way than to go out by killing yourself in front of the internet for everyone to witness your poor last pathetic moments in life. I like to believe this should be considered evil as social media has corrupted minds of millions of youth to invoke in such wickedness and shows no sign of stopping it’s like Mark brought up before social media promotes violence & death but the ZOG’s in charge don’t care they want it to keep spreading and influencing the youth.

      1. Social media is fucked at least two people I know from highschool died from that shit, everyone wants to get their laughs in, no one thinks for a second waking up might not be worth it to some people and social media gives them an outlet to spread that tragedy a little more.

        1. It’s only going to get worse as technology progress’s as will social media soon or later perhaps before the end of this decade almost everyone will be having VR headsets and invokes in more stupid reckless stunts in a new Social media App.

      2. Agree…

        Social media is a terrible replacement for human connectivity. It’s important in the development of who you are.

        Unfortunately, with the advent of the smartphone, people can carry an internet connection everywhere they go. It’s distracting, and prevents the user from communicating with others. It also prevents the user from concentrating on daily activities, such as managing their time more wisely or brainstorming, which is crucial for the development of one’s imagination.

        Smartphones in itself aren’t bad. Unfortunately, they were made for mobility. Laptops were mobile but cumbersome.

        Einstein and others knew, that technical advancements were a given. They also knew that we would be consumed with it.

        …and they were right

    3. If i ever had the guts to kill myself i would make sure there is plenty cameras around.
      I’ll record it from first person view as well, maybe have a friend record another angle to.
      Purely for BESTGORE viewing pleasure. then I’ll finally be famous on here lol.

      I’d never kill myself though, fuck that shit, I still got plenty beer to drink and weed to smoke
      in my lifetime

    4. This is a very good point!

      I know that if I ever have to take my life (impending terminal cancer or
      rotten disease) I would want it to be a private affair with just me there.
      I certainly wouldn’t want evidence of it so some fuck could view it.

      I mean, it is helpful to police, so they don’t think it’s:

      But I think they are leaving this World, and want to leave their last
      moment behind, so at least something of them stays.
      I’m not sure of this, and no-one can be, because we’re all different
      and various people may ‘do videos’ for various reasons

      It’s like some folk leave a suicide note, but most don’t
      We don’t really know why some choose to make a final
      statement, and others want to keep their reasons private ..

      It’s the mystery of mankind, I guess

      1. In the event I’m terminal, it’s death with dignity for me…

        Death with dignity is a position of strength. It gives me time to say goodbye to my loved ones, while facing death based on my contributions to life on this planet.

        I consider this kind of exit, and honor to humankind!

        1. Yes, those religious fucks are just a ‘pest’ to the thinking man
          The thinking man is always an atheist
          We have no choice
          As if we’re gonna believe in some fairys floatin’ above playing
          fucking harps, waiting for our white nigger ass to die …. As if ….

    5. It’s the same reason people leave suicide notes. They want the living to feel as sad and depressed as they were. They think people or the world will change but it never does.

        1. She could have made a cute geisha girl and made some money instead of taking the easy way out from this life.She also caused lots of workers to be late to the office with a huge train delay to clean up the mess.

        1. Seems like an odd way to sit in a lazy boy if your guests can see your taint.
          I like to lean forward a bit so that my balls are up even with my dick. Looks like a tiny Space Shuttle on the launch pad.

          1. If you sit at just the right angle (not a ‘right angle’ lol) you can get the balls to straddle the penis from underneath. It then appears that the penis is relaxing in it’s own bean bag.

  2. Since the aftermath is gone ” Unseen”; lets just assume she is back in the school with her soiled uniform and must have made it back “HOME” in one piece .
    That camera is gonna be handed over by her BF who,too had sat there fapping .

          1. Fappy’s gave it 3 fart stars, 2 more would have launched them into 1 anal blast. Which isn’t relevant to content(Not to throw you off but you this also isn’t relevant to the subject matter…);


            *yells at self

  3. Another hikikomori checks out. Despite popular culture, fake culture that is, mostly centered around that ridiculous Japanese cartoon industry and fantasies about the magical japanese, although Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood was a winner, I do admit, the Japanese are collectively the most pathetic people I have ever seen. They have such terrible bodies and they are by far, the biggest cowards on Earth. Probably around 98% of Japanese are skinny fat. Small and thin looking but 30+% body fat. They have TERRIBLE bodies. And on another topic, they are some of the worst bullies, although just to each other, because nobody would tolerate Japanese twerps doing this to them in another environment. They are sick, very sick. People who are enamored with the Japanese are naive idiots. Japan is nothing like you think. Anime is not Japanese education, you morons.

          1. Don’t bad mouth Svarg. It’s not his fault that his priest fucked him in the confession booth and he enjoyed it.

    1. Philoctetes, with respect, I personally don’t agree.

      I have never found the Japanese to be cowards, sometimes indirect, yes, but we see that in every culture. They are of course very repressed in many ways. I have often found Japanese woman to have beautiful bodies and generally my observation has been that across Japanese society, the average Japanese is in better shape than the average North American for example.

      There are many good things about Japanese society, global (social) respect for others being one of them. It is fascinating how human culture and its expression has manifested itself in Japan. When you look at how different the Japanese are to virtually all other cultures on this planet, it tells you something about how diverse culture and logic in conscious thinking beings might be on other planets.

      As for the girl, it was sad to see a young life delebrately snuffed out. She looked like mid teens to me, and what a waste. She got up that morning and one strain of thought led to her taking away all she’s got and all she’s ever gonna have. You do not just alter the path of your own existence when you check out unexpectedly, you affect others lives, often very profoundly. I have noticed since the late 90’s onwards, there are far more young people deciding to end their lives, often over ridiculously simple and silly issues. Certainly far more so than in the past. I wonder if she hadn’t had the option to video her own death, would she still have gone ahead?

      They say people who kill themselves aren’t happy with life, but happiness is relative and transitory, regardless of how perfect or privileged you are. I think it is because people do not value life enough, nor the huge sacrifices made by our forebears that lead to your own existence. Society teaches kids so many things but we do not teach them that life is tricky and inherently full of disappointments and obstacles, however, there are very good reasons why you must learn to take a broad view and improvise, adapt and overcome.

      I’m not saying that everybody who wants to go doesn’t have a good (valid) reason. Mental trauma or an unfortunate chain of events can break anybody down, but how hard would it have been to make that kid see that life is worth living, even if you are in a shit storm for part of your existence anyways.


          1. Ha! I knew that would get a reaction. I listen to all types of music actually, but I have usually posted hip-hop, because it goes against the grain around here. Here’s another non-hop song that I’d like to dedicate to @hopingfornemesis because he likened me to Forest Gump. These folks are from my city, from what I’ve been told.

          2. Ha! I love this kind of music . My man @theluvmuscle would put it up all the time for me on the other site.
            4.30 mark is you @honkeykong, being adored by all your friends.
            4.40 mark is @organikhispanik ‘ s black man “special friend ” showing us his assets. I know you also said this but I didn’t know you did when I wrote this so just goes to show great minds think alike.

            Hairy feral guy in the bathtub at the start is me wallowing in my hedonism .

            The Black chick in the pink shorties …way to twerk girl. I should use her ass to cut and polish my car when I’m not using it to keep my bed warm.

          3. Sooo…ummm What? That was some strange rap hop. Am I the only one who noticed that the drummers sticks looked a lot like a bass guitar…and he had no drums?
            Don’t care for the country music. Simple music for simple minds.
            That bluegrassy selection was kinda fun though. You N Carolinians are an odd bunch. The video left me feeling like everyone in your state may be related.
            Thanks for the nod with the butt bouncing black feller. I’m 6 weeks in with my twerking lessons and hope to be that good one day. Were droppin’ it low next week.

  4. What she needed was an anime battle suit and let her kill everyone that ruined her life and a giant robot to battle monsters and sex crazed space aliens, Of course she would be an excellent breeder for the sex crazed space aliens.

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        1. Yes but there is space next to the train to survive. I’ve seen vids before where they live. Same with people who lay down on the tracks. Could be a stunt etc. I just can’t trust anyone like I said lol.

  6. Maybe Train will be history in a decade, looking forward to drone taxi suicide where rider will open door and jump in middle of city out of nowhere, and still those empty drones land somewhere to charge dead man’s credit card, or a plane suicide? What will be news? A suicider jumps from a international flight and investigation is still going for who is missing from flight, soon world will be wild if not wiped by corona

  7. 由于学校的同学霸凌与父亲的变态猥亵,导致这名女孩长期抑郁,女孩也服用过药物,长期压力下,这名17岁的日本高中女生自杀身亡,而且日本人对此事非常冷漠,可能很多快节奏的国家的人们都会丧失了人性 。

    1. @漠北刀郎


      I would post the English translation of your post but it includes a number of assertions; please qualify your sources.

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