Japanese Girl Leaves Phone Streaming While She Commits Suicide by Train

Japanese Girl Leaves Phone Streaming While She Commits Suicide by Train

Japanese Girl Leaves Phone Streaming While She Commits Suicide by Train

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Japan and it was streamed live on Twitter.

It appears to have been filmed by a girl, who is wearing what looks like a school uniform. She left the phone streaming presumably on a bench as she waited by it for a train. When it approached the station, she jumped on the tracks in front of it. The phone did not capture the impact, but she most likely got fatally hit or run over.

Props to Best Gore member @nomar for the video:

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  1. This is extremely sad. I do not understand why she could not take the time to talk about this with someone. You know open up about what she was feeling. I know this had to be a terrible sight to see. I wish I knew why she decided to do this. I wish people would stop using suicide as a way to fix their problems.

  2. For fuck sake, she was a Japanese School girl.
    She was a young woman, protected by juvenile services, on the most technologicaly advanced and safest country in the fucking world. Whatever could’ve happened to her, how in the fuck did she reach the conclusion getting run over by a train was the best answer ?

    I mean, shit, a japanese schoolgirl can make a living off simply taking a dump over some other people bathroom, or even puke on them noodles. There’s litteraly no better chance in life but to be born a Japanese girl on the 90s / 2000s, you can litteraly live the best life simply by breathing the same air as asexuals men in a room.

    Not even mentioning that, let’s imagine, she was bullied. Big deal. In Japan, girl bullying consists of a few scratches on your desk, and on the worst case a white flower left on it. Wow, how terrible.

    In conclusion, I’m not even feeling remotely bad for this idiot / coward. Now if the afterlife consists of being reborn like them buddhist believe, she’s totally gonna regret her choice, since there’s literally no chance for her to respawn as a modern japanese loli, ever.

    Too bad she badly positioned the camera though, I’d have loved to see if this young dumbass had removed her shoes, like they usualy do to comit suicide.

  3. I wish I could of been the one to just pass her by and compliment her eyes and her dress. Stop her dead in her tracks and marry her, we could share our story of how I saved her life I was her guardian angel. Man I swear I hate life sometime

  4. I think the person near the door of the train noticed because as soon as the girl jumps in, the figure can be seen looking out the window, perhaps covering their mouth in shock. I’d be surprised too if I saw a girl just jump onto the tracks of an oncoming train.

  5. Poor girl, such a waste of life. She looked nervous and frightened yet she went through with it which makes me wonder why she jumped and what made her feel like that was her only option. She looks and walks like she shit herself, perhaps she was scared of something or someone?

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