Kurt Cobain Death Photos

Kurt Cobain Suicide Photo

Even though officially declared a “suicide”, many dispute the fact that Kurt Cobain, legendary leader of grunge band Nirvana committed suicide and believe that he was murdered. There aren’t many death photos of Kurt Cobain around – some websites claim to have them, but don’t. Then there are also websites that offer photos of unknown victims with severe head trauma and bloody shotgun wound trying to pass it as Kurt Cobain’s death photos. These are not photos of Nirvana leader either. Images posted here are the only real photos of Kurt Cobain’s death that made it on the internet. Kurt Cobain autopsy photos have not been leaked.

Any suicide photo of Kurt Cobain with face blasted off is fake. He was killed by a single gunshot to the face but much of his face remained untouched leaving him easily recognizable and identifiable. Back of his head was distorted as the bullet collided with his skull. The shotgun that ended Kurt Cobain life was a present from his best friend and “Earth” singer/guitarist Dylan Carlson.

Kurt Cobain’s Death

The dead body of Kurt Cobain was discovered on April 8, 1994 in the Greenhouse – a room above the garage by Gary Smith, an electrician who came to install security lights at the house in Lake Washington. Gary Smith at first thought that Kurt was resting on the floor, but there was a little bit of blood oozing out of his ear, he was on his back with a shotgun resting on his chest and there was a suicide note hidden underneath the flower pot. The official report estimates that Kurt Cobain died on April 5, 1994, which would mean that he had been dead for 3 days before he was found. The “Automatic for the People” album by R.E.M. was found in the CD player indicating that this was the last music Kurt Cobain listened to before his passing.

Kurt Cobain Death Controversy

The death of Kurt Cobain has been officially ruled a suicide, however there are some who don’t believe Nirvana singer would take his own life and suspect Courtney Love, his wife as the killer. Did Courtney Love really kill Kurt Cobain? Let’s take a look at what some proponents of “Kurt Cobain Death Conspiracy” say:

The very first person disputing suicide was Seattle journalist Richard Lee who obtained a video tape filmed on April 8, 1994. The tape was recorded from a tree when the police was already at the crime scene. Kurt Cobain’s dead body is partially seen in one of the shots – his hair is on the ground, but there is no blood. You can see that image in the gallery below. It has a little hue to it because it’s a screenshot from a video camera.

The most prominent supporter of theory that Kurt Cobain’s death wasn’t a suicide, but a homicide is Tom Grant. Tom Grant is a private investigator who was originally hired by Courtney Love to investigate the disappearance of Kurt Cobain from rehab. Tom Grant first started to doubt official ruling of Kurt Cobain’s death after he saw the toxicology report. According to this report, Kurt Cobain had 1.52 milligrams or heroin per liter of blood in his body at time of death. Tom Grant warrants that such toxic level of heroin would render anyone incapable of pulling trigger. He believes that Kurt Cobain was purposefully intoxicated to render him helpless so that perpetrators could camouflage the killing, making it look like suicide.

Tom Grant also analyzed the suicide note that was found by Kurt Cobain’s dead body and thinks it’s not a suicide note, but rather a letter announcing his wish to leave his wife Courtney Love and music industry all together. Shotgun which rested on Kurt’s body was turned the opposite way from where the empty shotgun shell was discharged and had no fingerprint evidence.

Tom Grant has several discrepancies regarding Kurt Cobain’s death described on his website Cobain Case. There are several other websites calling for re-opening of investigation regarding Kurt Cobain’s death. The official dearth ruling remains in effect – Kurt Cobain died by a self-inflicting gun shot wound to the head.

Gallery of Kurt Cobain Death Photos is below. If you find any image missing, please let me know so i can add it to the gallery:

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  1. No way it was suicide. Enough heroin in his system to kill a horse. He couldn’t even see straight let alone have the coherence to pick up a shotgun and shoot himself. If that’s not damning enough, his arms weren’t long enough to reach the trigger and both his shoes were on. The note was supposed to be about him leaving Nirvana. Read it closely. Only the last couple lines (which, oddly, are in different hand writing) have anything to do with suicide.

    1. Hei!, Im a big fan of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. The real fans of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, like his friends and family know the truth, even if it hurts, we opted for alternatives that bothers us accept reality. Kurt Cobain was a great musician, with singer and guitarist, but he was a vulnerable person, like everyone. Was a drug addict, depressed, suffered from a chronic disease in the stomach, had scoliosis and was a person with a lot of pressure, and he didn’t like his band’s fame. It was too much for him. And you may think … and his daughter?, We are human, and we have, and not feelings and if a person does not think drugs and less when depressed …. for Novosellic Krist, Bruce Lee was in a island, when he was dead, like Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison. But remember that the actions and thoughts are more than feelings, the desire to achieve physical and emotional happiness is stronger than the desire to obtain or sadness. And answer your facts, the drug(s) that he consumed it was not of immediate effect, so he could consumed the drug and then shoot in the head and as the blood continues to flow for about 10 to 20 seconds, reach the brain, and that the aforementioned drug injected in the arm, and the arm as the blood goes to the heart and then to the brain. About the shoes, I think that when you will kill yourself, you don’t think about your shoes, and he named his band Nirvana only becouse he wanted a name that make the people think (he said that in a interview). He was ambidextrous, so he could writed almost all the lines with he’s left hand, and in the end with the right hand, becouse he writed with both, but his friends said that he writed not good with the right hand so all its correctly. Hey, I just tell the truth Cobain shot himself, as hundreds of people a day worldwide.

  2. The tile may be the same but obviously the pattern goes in different direction. In the window pic the black pattern runs parallel to his body. In the up close one it is going towards the body. Yup it’s a fake. Nice try!

  3. its not fake, the tile patern is the same. The patern is perfectly square, so when you look at it from to different angles, it appears to look like the individual tries to explain it it “it is a fake”. Thats obviously Kurt. Other proof that he at least diddnt pull the trigger, theres no blood. People who are already dead, dont bleed. If the shotgun had done the deed, there would be spray.

  4. man that photo is fake as all get out. there is no way his face would look like that when he put the mother ********** shotgun in his mouth and then pulled the trigger there is no way possible that photo is fake and thats all there is to it. he was a good musician and probably one of the world’s finest at it too.

  5. FAKE! Really examine and compare the tile patterns. See the diamond shapes? In the real photo, they’re horizontal with Kurt. In the fake photo, they’re vertical. Totally FAKE. And I don’t believe Coutney had anything to do with it. Suicide ran in Kurt’s family.

  6. There was actually a documentary on his death. He actually could have killed himself because despite how much heroin he had inside him, it took about 30-40 seconds to kick in. Giving him enough time to place the gun and pull the trigger.

  7. Cobain isn’t dead. He pulled a Tupac and now resides in a quiet rural state under an assumed name. Seriously, I almost ran him over with my first car and later partied with him. He was alive and well last I saw him. Also, he said Courtney is a bitch, but she knows where he is and what name he’s using.

    Also, the tile patterns: It’s a 4-way diamond pattern, dumbasses. It just looks slightly different from different angles because of the black and white shitty camera.

  8. I loved Nirvana. I also thought Kurt Cobain was also a very withdrawn person, naturally I’m not sure if the stories are true, but didn’t the other band members pick up Kurt after hearing him playing on the street curbs for money? It seemed to me that Kurt was a hardcore, life-long smack junkie, found as such and then stayed that way throughout his entire career as an entertainer. I also did smack for a while, and also wrote what I call lyrics and poetry while doing it. After coming down and subsequently going over what was coherent enough to be read, it was obvious what was written before and after I had injected heroin. My writing style would change, and sometimes the subject matter would either lose or narrow my focus. I think Kurt wrote the whole letter himself. I also believe that such a high paid entertainer with presumably a substantial heroin tolerance could absolutely do quite a bit more heroin and still be relatively functional. You can have moments of lucidity when really fucked up. I think I’d know. I did smack for nearly 10 years straight and got to a point where I had no fear of overdosing. Really I would have been lucky to have gotten high enough to end it all… no matter how much it was though, it was never fucking enough. Maybe he tried to kill himself with the dope, but when he woke up after nodding out he decided to finish up his letter with some real heart-felt shit. God I know I’d never want my daughter to grow up viewing me as a fucking handicapped junkie… with a crippling addiction and what’s left of my soul pinned underneath years of numbness and contempt. Everything about a true addict is utterly miserable, and all the love in the world wont change an addict. I think his letter is beautiful. I know that he is better off without the suffering. After a while of using, you no longer get the sensation that the world is all that great of a place when sober. At least I know life is beautiful, and I think of suicide as kind of a cop out. Ya gotta be a bitch to kill yourself instead of sticking it out and fighting – and I’ve lost ALL but 1 solitary friend to suicides or drugs or alcohol. Just forgive him and Enjoy what he gave us, and remember that Kurt was not really a happy guy….. RIP man.

    1. This is probably the most lucid, even sensible comment I’ve ever read on this site. I’ve browsed here for a while but was not yet a member, but after reading your comment , I got the push i needed to join. Simply to give you props.

    2. As a fellow Nirvana fan, I agree with you. I recall reading that Kurt also had a severe stomach condition as well, which lead to his heroin usage as a way of self meditating. Also, I’m sorry about your friends’ passing. I lost an uncle to suicide almost two years ago, and it still hurts as badly as it did the day I got the cal that he was gone.


    3. Best comment so far, only a true addict, one whose been down…deep deep down and chased that dragon truly knows how it changes you. Unfortunately I can say I been down that road, I made it out alive. There r a lot of strange facts surrounding his death but just like you said, enjoy what he gave us and let him rest in peace.

  9. I am only giving my opinion because I am a trauma nurse and I will use basic terms easy for you to understand what I am seeing. I have seen suicide attempts using various caliber of weapons. Kurt used a .20 gauge shotgun with bird shot. That weapon and ammo selection is not strong enough to cause the damage that most people are expecting to see. I am going to break down the photo for you again only as an experienced medical professional and not to start an arguement but infact just point things out to you that would be hard to fake. The picture of kurt laying on the floor clutching the shotgun to me is showing correct markers in relation to the shot he took in his mouth which if you look carefully you can see the darkened area on the mouth consistant with a powder burn. If you look to the left side of the forehead on the frontal skull (I am sorry but some might not see it due to the quality of the photo) but you will see his frontal skull is raised where the bird shot tried to exit cobains skull but infact fractured it and never exited at all. His head was slightly turned to the left allowing for the blood to escape and pool on his left side and under a portion of his head, this image was taken from the right side of cobains body. The swelling and blood pooling to the back of the neck are accurate which you can see as the darkened areas below the ear and into the hair line. The fingers holding the shot gun are showing signs of decomposition already due to dehydration which is normal for the length of time he has been deceased. Now someone said the tiles are laid wrong.. that is incorrect because the tiles are in a cross pattern so whatever way you look at it, it is the same pattern. It’s this bad picture taken by the kneeling medical examiner that contorts the image to make it look like its not the same tiles. If you look to the back behind the body you see the wood beams these are also correct as to the positioning of cobains body because he committed suicide infront of a wooden work area used in planting that had a stainless steel sink. Thats just my observations looking at a deceased body I can without a doubt say that this body is showing the signs of a traumatic wound to the head. Just knowing what I know and seeing this picture and following this case as long as I have I can say I do believe this to be a medical examiners photograph of the actual body.

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