Lithuanian Man Livestreams on Facebook Suicide by Hanging Himself from Door

Lithuanian Man Livestreams on Facebook Suicide by Hanging Himself from Door

Lithuanian Man Livestreams on Facebook Suicide by Hanging Himself from Door

On the evening of Saturday March 16, 2019, a man living in Kaunas, Lithuania broadcast his own suicide on Facebook Live. The man tied the noose attached to the door around his neck and let himself hang off it until dead.

The guy reportedly had a lot of followers on social networks, and livestreamed his suicide to a Facebook group named “Savas kampas LT” he and a lot of people who personally knew him were members of.

Members of the group said the guy killed himself over a breakup with his girlfriend. Seriously? Over a cock carousel rider? Just take the red pill and set yourself free from the plantation for good. AWALT!

Props to Best Gore member @konsulas for the video:

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179 thoughts on “Lithuanian Man Livestreams on Facebook Suicide by Hanging Himself from Door”

    1. Now, we just need all the shit mumble rappers to do this, 21 savage, 69, lil peep- oops already dead, and some politicians-fuckers always giving themselves a pay raise with tax money, i’m happy there is a such thing as miserable rich people. But not going off topic, its always fucking stupid to kill yourself over a bitch. He should of started masturbating to people dying like the rest of you sick fucks

    2. What an annoying idiot, still twitching away after 3 minutes with that diabolical eastern euro shite playing in the background thrusting his crotch in the air. Eastern Europe is so weird, they still dress like the 80s.

  1. The Talmud is a disgusting piece of literature and Zionist Israel is the product of the Talmud. One world government under the jewish antichrist. In other words.. I wish we could livestream Benjamin Netanyahu being lynched. Wouldn’t that be nice. Spread the word.. After 20 years of Illuminati research – it’s the jews.

        1. Haha Yesss..I had to google…but recognised it as soon as I saw him…hanging in there lol
          I’m old but I couldn’t pull that one outta my noggin SS. .. It’s good to be back…he sites painfully slow for me..not sure if it’s my connection or the result of those DDOS attacks.

          1. I saw it in a Simpson episode..

            Glad you are back. You are one of the users I remember when I started coming here.. you are the local Doc at Best Gore

            The lag is from the attack

  2. If he knew how many penises his exes vaginas had been exposed to he probably wouldn’t have killed himself; whata dumb ass. Women go relationship to relationship; always fucking and sucking with no breaks

  3. If I lived in Lithuania and had that song stuck in my head I’d hang myself too.
    But over some bitch? She must have legs that can wrap around you twice, the face of a goddess, a clam shell like a steel trap, and sucks like a Hoover! (Anyone have her address?)

    1. No address for Dooris @fred1212 but I got her number!!! (867-5309) I got it off the door in the stall. There was some other name underneath it scratched off
      …for a doorlightful time… don’t get hung up on her hidden knob that will undietedly turn any hetdoorosexual man into a crooked one…

      1. Your a real pal, what’d she say when you called her?
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        I wonder if that’s my cupcake?

  4. Jesus 2 minutes of that music and I was looking around for a way out, I’m pretty sure that synced up light pulsing was some sort of subliminal message. Either that or I’m epileptic and never knew it. And who the fuck puts a clock over a door?

  5. He adoored his woman’s secret doorsal fin that poked him deep inside his sphinctdoor, and reached up into his dieaphragm.

    He’s a reversed matadoor (adoormat as anagram) … for letting her have control over his door-knob; he loves what he has become – a freaking Doork

    1. cant say.. never a grey, green, blue or purple human have spoken or acted yet, they always stay dead for whatever reason, soo we cant ask them and determine their inteligence level.. no way to determine where the “low” level start… and so base the others colors humans over it.

  6. ¿How many reason wanna be the reason of a suicide? In living , there is no reasons ….and no help, seems i born to die that way but first i drink some tequila and make an acount in best gore , then i will make some songs

  7. What he actually needed was a few shots of Jack Daniels straight up. Nothing more needs to be said. I myself didn’t use Jack but had Barcardi Gold straight up – three straight shots with no backs put me straight out on an empty stomach. They rolled me under the piano until the next morning.

  8. that suicide was such a fail that even the webcam died bored at the end …

    what a fucking fail… hanging is supposed to break your neck instantly, not strangle you to death. that’s why you dont hang yourself at 20cm of the ground but need to “jump” for breaking the neck.


    I am also from Lithuania. The guy was actually from a small town (the same that I am from), he graduated from a small school years ago. After that, he didn’t learn anywhere. So he didn’t have much of education. The past few years he’s been living in Germany. And his said girlfriend was of the same kind of level – no education, drinking, streaming live videos, bitching about life while streaming and no true values. The guy was 38 years old. What’s more, while streaming this video he was being encouraged to hang himself by almost all the viewers. Not because of being hated, but because people wanted to check his courage, to see something interesting. And that’s what they’ve got. And this large Facebook Group “Savas kampas LT” mostly consists of lowlives and those who want entertainment, nothing else. As far as I know, there is also ongoing investigation of who on Facebook gave some negative shit and encouragement for this guy to end him like this.

  10. On the end, phone was like “Ah, fck this sh..”

    Guy decided to go but his body simple refuse! It fights 2 minutes!

    It’s sad that he killed himself over 100gr of pussy. How pathetic!
    Now he’s in way bigger Hell.

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