Madeena Aoosheva – Female Chechen Rebel Commits Suicide by Grenade

Madeena Aoosheva - Female Chechen Rebel Commits Suicide by Grenade

When Russian special forces killed Ghenayev and Yevloyev – two active Chechen rebels suspected of organizing attacks on Russian targets, they found that they were accompanied by a woman. 38 year old Madeena Aoosheva was an ethnic Ingush (Ingushs are Muslims) from the capital of the Russian Republic of Northern Ossetia – Vladikavkaz.

One day, Madeena Aoosheva simply vanished without telling any of her relatives where she was going. She had not been heard from since, but as it turned out, she joined Chechen rebels and took upon an active role in the resistance by joining jihad and fighting the infidels.

After killing Ghenayev and Yevloyev, the Spetsnaz offered Madeena Aoosheva to surrender but she chose to commit suicide which she carried out by detonating a grenade she had in her hand. She was actually grasping two grenades but one failed to go off. The other did enough damage to make the suicide attempt successful, though.

The grenades she used were homemade shahidkas. They are just patched using whatever’s available so failure rate is pretty high though they do cause much damage when detonation is successful.

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  2. They assemble grenades the same way in Mexico and they a big failure rate as well, not to long ago an American from Arizona was assembling them in his own lil make shift grenade factory he was known as the grenade king or something or other, I belive the way they’re made is by buying bulk demilitarilized grenades and reactivating them with usually black powder or gun powder and adding some sort of timed fuse not very hard to remake from what I’ve heard I’ve been looking into it but shhh!…don’t tell the ATF

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  5. Hey Mark you got one thing wrong. “Shahidka” is a term used to describe Islamist female suicide bombers, who were also known as black widows because of the fact that their husbands were killed by the Russians.

  6. what is awesome about these Chechyan rebels is the movie theater they took years ago in Russia. And alot of chicks were involved. Wearing bomb vests and shit, decked out to the core. In comes Russia, fuck it, lets fill the theater with sleeping gas, and everyone died some survived. it was pretty cool.

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