Madness in the Fast Lane – Full BBC Documentary

Madness in the Fast Lane - Full BBC Documentary

This post expands on previously posted article and video about Swedish Twin Sisters Sabina and Ursula Eriksson Causing Mayhem on UK Motorway. Appropriately titled “Madness in the Fast Lane“, this video is a full documentary an excerpt from which was previously featured in the Mayhem on the Motorway post.

Aside from previously covered folie à deux insanity the twins Sabina and Ursula Eriksson exhibited on the M6 motorway in the UK, Madness in the Fast Lane also covers events which lead up to it and most importantly – what happened after. And truth be told, as whacky as unexplainable behavior on the motorway was, it was just a meek prequel to murder of Glenn Hollinshead which took place a day after Sabina Eriksson’s release from prison.

Everything is in the documentary and BBC did a really good job piecing it all together and re-enacting the murder. Check it out, it’s a mind boggling documentary on a mind boggling event:

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57 thoughts on “Madness in the Fast Lane – Full BBC Documentary”

  1. What are you really supposed to do with these people? Sticking them in a cage and studying them doesn’t sound all that bad. I wonder if this has anything to do with people with other spontaneous disorders like twitching.

    1. The best way , ( i think ) is to gang rabbit fuck them into total blissful submission. Obviously that retard who brought her home could not deliver. She should have went home with our U.K. friend @TROOPER72 . He would have fed them accordingly , and probably saved their lives. ha, ha, ha…

      1. True Dre…

        They would have joined my sizeable collection of misunderstood individuals.

        Along with Anders Breivik and a whole host of whacky eccentrics we try find ways to make it big in the entertainment biz.

        Often getting into hilarious hi jinks and crafty capers along the way!

        Join me and the gang for a whole shed of fun times starting next week on all major news channels.

        *Legal Disclaimer… This is FICTION*

  2. Wow, 5 years only for killing someone? And then she is going to get out on parole? So she can kill someone else again? Really? The only solution for these crazy animals, is a round through their dome. Then I would have some fun with the corpse.

    1. So she got hit by a car, run over by a lorry (truck lol) ran onto another motorway (freeway) jumped off a 40ft bridge, killed a guy and she is still alive! And she only got 5 years she’ll be out in 3, wtf is the British judicial system doing? I guarantee we haven’t heard the last of that Swedish psycho , great docu though 🙂

  3. when i first seen this on b.g a few days ago, i couldn’t belive my eyes, as this is my home town, stoke-on-trent. so i do remember when this happend and the street where that dude got iced is only 5 min walk from my house. crazy

      1. Nick names of us stokes? Umm, well where do i start? the potters, stokies, oat cake munchers….. What you got trooper? And it really not such a bad place to live, not much goes down hear. Hense…. my suprise to be featured on b.g

  4. You know when two females spend to much time together they both get on their rag at same time, this is the only logical explanation I can come up and that is that they were both suffering from the “woman’s curse” add the severe mental instability and chaotic episodes that all women are already prone to and this is what you get..two crazed twins running in front of high speed on coming “lorrys”

  5. Hey, I’m 11min into the video but I have to say that in the opposite direction traffic is movin’ pretty nice, where I’m from it would be clogged with rubberneckers tryin’ to look at the action or dead bodies.

    1. Ok, and at 27min, the dead dudes friend tries to sugarcoat his actions, “he was just bein’ a good samaritan” bullshit, he was tryin’ to get some ass! She said no, but he slipped it into her asshole, she got pissed off and in her insane state of mind, offed him.

  6. It’s too bad that the cars and trucks didn’t run these 2 freaks over. Then, you got a dumb judge that gives the lady a day in jail for assault on an officer, walking on the freeway and sends her on her way to kill someone. Lovely. Send these 2 bitches to the Zetas Cartel in Mexico and justice will be served!

  7. Very odd story. Seems a lot of the facts are left out. What was really happening in Ireland when the sisters met up, what the sister ursalla had to say about the events when hospitalized, and after, she could have been summons to testify, what do the family members say now? What was the root of there paranoid behavior? .. More questions than answers. These two would have been considered possessed or witches a couple hundred years ago.

  8. Such guts and determination, and refreshing to see intent materialize despite the police pulling them back from the road.
    What must these girls have done to be so hell bent on getting spalttered?

  9. Finished watching the doc.
    Wow. its like they have super rage. props to the pmt comment from pale ridet, which i find highly likely.
    how on earth did they not die?
    methinks maybe they were trained russian fighting girls, with testosterone? other than that this is a fascinating, yet ongoing story!

  10. I am norwegian, I promise you it is nothing like licking the real blond pus.
    I licked a mexican in the states and it smelled like dead fish and it made me leave her.
    that being said these two are ugly as hell compere to most scandinavians.
    they look like some fucking LAPS

  11. Does… Not…..Compute.
    I’m flabbergasted at their behaviour. Do we all have a ticking time bomb inside our heads? A switch triggered by just the right mix of temperature and sunlight perhaps, that throws us into madness? I’m beside myself and my other self doesn’t understand either! How do I NOT catch that craziness disease? These chicks make chicks who cut themselves look like fucking pussies by the way.

  12. ursula was released on parole in 2011. third world countries get a lot of flack for their inability to drive, insensitivity towards accident victims and high murder rates etc but to be fair the UK’s justice system is fucking terrible. murderers get a slap on the wrist whilst you do hard time for non-payment of a parking ticket. the whole world is fucking bonkers.

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