Malaysian Indian Commits Suicide by Ingesting Poison

Malaysian Indian Commits Suicide by Ingesting Poison

Malaysia has a sizable population of Indians.

Pictures in the gallery below are from the city of Johor Bahru, in the south end of peninsular Malaysia. A young Malaysian Indian girl committed suicide in her home by ingesting poison. Her lifeless body was found by family members. The reason for suicide has not been disclosed.

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    1. @empty-soul: We get the same kinds of poison in the US as you well know. I know the list of similarities for whites goes on and on. Be thankful you don’t get the added bonus of poisonous foods like GMOs and hundreds of unpronounceable substitutions and preservatives in your daily meals. I’ve heard Europe has banned many of the things in US edibles.

      Living in a town of approximately 70,000 people in the middle of nowhere leaves you broke just going to the health food store for food without at least 3-10 additional unnecessary ingredients, pesticides and herbicides.

      Tell me, are your physicians pill pushers like they are here? From what I’ve heard they aren’t but it’s been awhile since I’ve asked anyone currently living in the UK.

      1. Our physicians are pill pushers as well, they get paid by drug companies to promote and give out certain drugs over others.

        As far as GMOs go, they have been banned from direct sales and consumption but they have still been introduced to the food chain via farming practices because animal feed circumvents such matters.

        The main difference between the US and Europe then is that the US acts without care whilst Europe acts the same whilst pretending to care.

        They are both heartless, profit driven bastards though.

      2. They’re not as bad here because our doctors rarely accept “sponsorship” / bribes from big pharma but our NHS is so strained that giving out tablets is the only thing they have time for unless your heads hanging off or you’ve literally stopped breathing. Referrals to specialists like ENT take a year. Corrupt politicians (Jeremy Hunt mainly) have made it so poor that it’s going to buckle under the strain, and we’ll have the same system as you guys.

        1. @Disenchanted – you are right about that pal, i remember 20 years ago when a GP had time for you, and you felt like he was listening to what you said.
          Now, visit a GP and you will feel rushed – and the feeling i get (personally) is that the doctors mind is only half there with you

          1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way. I’ve been having difficulty breathing and my tongue has been slowly swelling for a year now, but they conveniently used my mental health as a scapegoat. I’d literally rather die than be under their care for anything serious. Don’t get old or sick!

          2. @Disenchanted
            I know it sounds drastic, and can be time consuming, but if you arent happy with your GP,s treatment of your problem – the get yourself to A&E, it will mean sitting and waiting for maybe a few hours, but you will get another opinion and referals for further investigation of your problem.
            3 years ago i had a lump in my groin area(behind my balls) and after 3 or 4 visits to my GP and her telling me “dont worry”,it was a simple serbacoius cyst and nothing could be done at that stage – i took the action i wrote above,A&E.
            2 weeks later i was in surgery to remove a fibrous (non malignant) growth which was seriously endangering the nerves around, and function of my prostate.
            a year before that, the area between my thumb and first finger on right had ballooned into a semi-soft ball, the size of apple/orange. 4 weeks later, after my GP prescribing 4 different courses on antibiotic(all of which did nothing) and her making no other referal, i went to A&E – THAT DAY i was admited into hospital and operated on, the growth drained. the surgeon was “astounded”(the exact word he used) that i had not been refered for specialist treatment weeks earlier.
            Look @Disenchanted, we are reminded daily about how much pressure the NHS and the nurses and DRs working in our hospitals are under-and i dont doubt that for one minute.But if GPs are just not doing their jobs correctly, for whatever reason -be it lack of time,lack of resource or both- then what other option do we have?
            From the age of 16 we have been paying our stamp after all?

          3. @disenchanted1 – your symptoms sound quite alarming. I would follow @karmen40 ‘s advice and see to it right away. I have a more chronic problem and have decided not to take most of the pills they’ve prescribed (but still pick them up at pharmacy because otherwise the doctor thinks you’re not following his advice and things really go to shit).

            Obamacare is a healthcare scam against the working middle class. The cost for a single person can be up to $800 a month, while people who aren’t working or work part-time get it free. Government employees get a discount figured in.

            Luckily for now we’re paying a premium of $500 a month for family under private insurance. Strangely, no matter how large your family is, you pay the same $500. When you do see the doctor or have tests, you then pay out of pocket (on top of the $500 for us) until you hit your deductible (ours is $2500 for 1 year). Then they pay a percentage (say 60-75%) of the cost for the rest of the year. There are a lot of different plans but the middle class is hit the hardest.

            A basic visit to the emergency room (say for a dislocated shoulder) is about $2000 and payment expected within 90 days or they send it to collection & ruin your credit. You can set up a payment plan but they charge 15% interest here.

            I know I should be “thankful” for medical care at all but it’s a double edged sword in that we all play Russian roulette when it comes to getting proper health care and run a decent chance of fuck-ups sometime during our treatment. Ok, Rant over, lol.

          4. @karmen40 Shit buddy I’m sorry I’m only seeing your comment now and feel bad as you took the time to write back to me and try to help. I’m so glad you got treated in time before complications arose and hopefully you’re back in good health. It’s hard to believe you can go to a doctor today and tell them your symptoms and they’ll come up with some bullshit explanation instead of trying to get to the heart of what’s happening to you.

            I’ve actually been to A&E on numerous occasions (5-10 times) trying to get them to take it seriously but they keep me waiting for 6+ hours at a time only for them to downplay my symptoms, tell me its a GP issue, and send me home after a 2 minute consultation. I’ve shouted at them in A&E in frustration and told them I’d given up on trying to get them to listen, only for them to call me stupid behind my back and let me walk out, sending a letter to my psychiatrist a WEEK later… Then they started calling me a hypochondriac so instead of committing multiple homicides I play way too much rocket league and just scrape on by.

            I do think I’m going to die soon but its been happening very slowly and I just aim to be away from anybody when it happens. The most frightening thing is dying slowly under their care, I think there is so much suffering because we refuse to face death head-on and prolong a patient’s agony out of guilt and not wanting their families to feel bad. We have more compassion towards animals than we do towards ourselves, and yet give it a couple of years and that person’s world of suffering (and essentially their entire being) is the last thing on anybody’s mind.

        2. @ilovemygramps I’m sorry to hear about your illness, chronic problems seem to be the worst πŸ™ When the doctor can’t work out what’s wrong with you they’ll often write scripts for off-label uses and sometimes what you’ve chosen to do is best, instead of pumping crap into your body that’s not going to help. Really hope you get better soon!

          I can’t believe Obama actually got away with “affordable healthcare”! It was such an obvious farce to fleece the american people and he lied through his teeth to enact it. All the shit about making healthcare cheaper for everyone, when in reality it was just a way to get the middle class to pay for the lower class instead of the government. Remember them spending $2,000 million and then couldn’t even get their stupid website to work :’D

          That’s insane that you pay so much for a basic visit to A&E… the greatest nation on earth and they refuse to help you when you’re dying unless they take all your money from you πŸ™ I’d love to live there but would run away screaming if I ever saw a police officer lol.

      3. @ilovemygramps – go to a GP in the UK, and look at the logo on the mug the Doctor is drinking from, or on the newest looking pen that is lying by his keyboard, and you can hazard a pretty good guess on which medication the doctor is going to prescribe you for the illness he “decides” you have been suffering from.
        Empty is right. Drug dealing is big business – no matter which side of the pond….or which side of the tracks it is done from

      4. it’s Big Pharm’s job to make people sick and keep them sick. that’s why they turned HIV into a chronic illness as opposed to death sentence. that’s why breast cancer isn’t the death sentence it was years ago. treatment and keeping people alive makes them tons more money. everybody on this planet knows at least one person with breast cancer. or at least knows about someone with breast cancer. think about that shit.

        Best Gore member, @thedre, linked me to a story in New York State, USA, where there was a power plant which leaked radiation into the ground water. The faggot politicians of the area told the people that there is nothing to worry about. no risk of poisoning or anything else. they straight up lied to thousands of people. i can’t help but think these “accidents” are done on purpose to increase cancer rates.

      5. Every physician in the world are pill pushers lol. I shoot up and pop up on a regular basis. Not only are the meds slowly killing me but the costs do too hahaha. I probably only have 10, 15 years tops, at best. It’s a bitch to get sick that’s not even your fault but it’s even bitchier to know that huge companies make a living out of your misery.

          1. Oh, no. Don’t feel bad. Hey, shit happens lol. Although I couldn’t help but feel extremely envious to people my age in the prime of their youth and health. Must’ve feel like they’re limitless. Anyway, big pharms will continue to thrive in greed and corporate thinking and make billions upon billions of dollars over diseases and illnesses. Sad but true. Especially with cancer patients.

        1. “Natural cures” are the Big Pharm’s worst nightmare because “Its all about the money” -Kevin Trudeau. “The money is in the treament not the cure” Btw, they shut Kevin’s whole whistle blowing operation down and has seemingly disappeared. Ya, that sounds about right!

          1. I honestly hope ‘natural cures’ exist although I find most herbal medicine or alternative medicine supplementary and only aids in treatment but rarely administered as treatment itself. And that’s curious about Kevin Trudeau. Is he any way related to Canada’s new PM?

          2. We’re not supposed to know about them natural cures Stacie. They’re doing a damn good job of it too. I haven’t gotten sick in any way since early 2013, that’s when ginger root and beets were introduced into my juiced vegetable drinks. There might be something there. He’s not closely related to that PM, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have the same great, great, great, well you know.

  2. Feel sorry for this lady / girl they get rough time in Muslim/ hindu cultures girls this prob some thing over a guy she can’t date because he diff religion or maybe forced marriage been pushed on her . Something made her want our at she only looked young . sad story R.I.P

  3. I would not ingest poison to kill myself, imagine dragging your sick ass around the floor, retching and vomiting, your stomach constricting in pain. Hang on that used to happen to me after a big night on the piss…yep alcohol poisoning. πŸ˜†

  4. Nooks and crannies were the places she thought she belonged to and She always felt like a rat its no wonder then her mind made up she took the right decision by de-rating herself……Wonder if each of the rats in our houses were not that of a problem givers and ingested poisons from the kitchen shelves for themselves .. declaring themselves as little Self Martyred Kitchen Warriors.
    Struck with the suicidal feelings she could have always told her parents to buy her a rattrap but she was bent on de-rating herself .
    RIP …………….you little rat ! tell the Gods of the earthly poisons you ate.

  5. What a thoughtless, inconsiderate girl! If you make up your mind to off yourself, the least she could have done was leave a suicide note especially for the mum. Not knowing why is the hardest part and imagine this going through your mind every day until you die … Sometimes I wonder how my family would have coped if I had committed suicide, or had a fatal accident, or died from cancer or been murdered (kidnapped, raped, tortured besides the point). Just different scenarios I think the grieving would be different.

    1. @BeMine*ImYours
      Initially I thought I’d argue as to what you went commenting up there but later on as I reread it again I think you’ve got a point there and that conveys a direct message to the ones who may harbor those suicidal thoughts which for a start they all must just ” Let go” But if the thoughts are too overwhelming at least they must do a favor before saying “Devil I’m coming home” is to leave a last note so that the others get to know as to what was there that kept nagging him/her in to taking their own life .

  6. I couldn’t imagine how bad life must be to take your own life. To think there is absolutely no way out of a situation you are experiencing. Thankfully I hope I will never know. I wonder if it was peaceful for her or if her body struggled and put up some sort of a fight? Such a shame either way.

  7. indians are about 7% of Malaysia population, but accounted for 90% serious crimes with fatality committed by indian adult males. More of them, more troubles and more bad lucks to those countries hosting them, avoid them at all cost. india is where they should reside.

    1. yes i understand of course , but i prefer bullying because it is way more true , also bullies really love and demand to be adored , is not like they are pretending , and if it is possible it is delightful to give to them the ego victory that they want

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