Man Appears to Commit Suicide by Jumping Off Overpass

Man Appears to Commit Suicide by Jumping Off Overpass

A video filmed by an onlooker, who turned around just as the man fell, appears to show the man committing suicide by jumping from an overpass in Guaianases, a slum at the eastern end of São Paulo, Brazil.

From the video it appears that someone grabbed the suicidal man through the railing and tried to save his life by not letting him go, but the weight of the man was too much. Another person then climbed over the railing to try to pull the man back up, but then the person holding him lost grip so the suicidal man got his wish and fell.

The cameraman’s reaction to the fall, unfortunately, provides no hint as to whether the suicide attempt was successful. The man fell backwards and probably landed with his shoulders and neck area on the road first. That could have easily been fatal, despite the drop not being too long.

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  1. Here is a shocker for ya… You are much more likely to whack yourself (suicide) then be murdered…. Suicide rate for men, 45-65 is fucking growing by leaps and bounds to the highest rate of any population.

    I was out of a job for two fucking years after reaching a nice 6 figure salary. and then BAM… McDonald’s would not hire me – and I applied there twice. Although I never actively considered suicide, I did think
    not waking up one morning would have been just fucking fine.

    These stats are for the US and reflects what I see as the demise of the American middle class. What the hell do we make any more? Go to Walmart and my bet is you will be damn hard pressed to find anything that costs over $100 that is made in the USA… Fuck… What do people do?? 25 years ago, 20% of the middle class were government workers. Now it is about 55%.

    Granted the Vid is from Brazil… the sense of desperation, however, is not exclusive to that shit-stained wasteland.

    I am now teaching chemistry in one of our territories in the Central Pacific (See my Screen Name). I love it but I am earning a third of what I used to. I will not go into other losses but they were – and remain – significant.

    For me, poverty is the new opulence… I at least like what I do.

    1. wow @rota that totally sucks although I can totally relate…I thought I was settled for life with my good paying job with benefits…the years I invested in that place only to be let go suddenly with a flurry of others…still cant find work and poverty and I are very close bedfellows. I ended up going back to school…I hope I can get a job afterwards. Its good you found a job and something you enjoy…im glad you stuck with it…you know, no freeway dives for you …that’s a good thing 🙂

      1. It’s no fucking picnic. I only hope you have picked a major that can provide a job. Things are pretty bad out there – Granted, I am north of 50 and prospects for me were grim where I was from. I had to come out here for a job – and one that paid a fraction of what I used to earn. The alternative very well may have been getting in line behind the schmuck shown in the vid. I choose waking up in the morning, thanks… even if it is in a cold water flat in a tropical country.

        Hope you have more choices than I did. And if you don’t, well, come out here, pass your PRAXIS exams to teach and you, too, can live in a cold water flat….

        Best to you, Bro…

    2. I don’t get many people want to live….
      Probably depression. ….
      I didn’t have the luxury to be depressed in foster homes……and later on …I had no time
      For that either……I needed a revenge on life itself… can be shit. …you got to fight your way up…you gotta bite..punch …..Kick.wathever it takes……crying babies just are to weak…..and most of the time had lovely families. ….maybe they miss that.’s hard for me to judge……but some of my American
      Friends do that for me……being different is no threat…’s a blessing……accept others….and accept yourself…..honor yourself by honoring
      Your thoughts. ….

      1. ….. …… ….. who cares really, wanna fight it go ahead. Don’t want to? Kill yourself. Not like it really matters. Doesn’t matter if you’re weak or strong, weak people have it good and strong can have it bad. Spending the past three or so years on BG, I’ve seen plenty of physically and mentally strong people held down and beheaded with dull blades. No honor or nothing, in fact honor is just an inclusion of society determining how others view each other and themselves.

        Fight or blow your brains out, nobody cares and it doesn’t matter.

        1. It does matter. It matters to you and I bet you have family somewhere who would morn your loss. As I said in an earlier post, this is not the country I grew up in… There is no middle class – no upward mobility. Such things weigh heavily on a man. The darwinian nature of this economy remains… If you are not moving up, you are out… I was lucky enough to find a move backward. I hope you find similar comfort… You just have to do what our parents and grandparents would never have thought of doing…. And that is step down in income to achieve some kind of job security. It sucks.

          I also left my daughter back in the states. I had sole custody of her and I voluntarily entered into a joint custody arrangement with my former wife to protect my daughter from the shit storm I was living. I do not have her here. My ex is not her natural mother but loves her and is one hell of a good mother (if not a wife). So.. I acted ‘in the best interests of the child… and left her where she was thriving. 6 months on the road without a job left me no other choice. My gut churns just writing about it. I guess it is what parents do… what is best for the kid….

          There is no justifying it or rationalizing it. I was not best for my kid… Fucking horrendous.

    3. @Rota – chemistry huh? Had to take way too many classes in that subject for my taste, lol. But glad you found work doing something you like. You can always make METH! For me it wasn’t the job that let me go, it was me letting the job go (congenital long lasting health issues). I am not a mentally weak person, and I was lucky I purchased private long-term disability insurance, but the sense of loss after working and clawing my way out of poverty was depressing. I guess in the end we all have to accept our circumstances and like you, move on and keep trying – or like the bridge jumper, give up.
      @alicatt – best wishes for getting a job you love!

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