Man Attempts Suicide by Jumping from Overpass in Cali, Colombia

Man Attempts Suicide by Jumping from Overpass in Cali, Colombia

On January 7, 2018, a 32 year old man attempted to commit suicide by jumping from an overpass at the intersection of Transversal 25 with Road 23 near Comfandi del Prado, in Santiago de Cali, Colombia.

His suicide attempt was recorded on camera and as the video shows, instead of killing himself, he entered the world of hurt. FAIL!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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70 thoughts on “Man Attempts Suicide by Jumping from Overpass in Cali, Colombia”

    1. Do they not have apartment buildings in Colombia?
      I actually love Colombia – this beautiful country saved my life by diverting a plane i was on heading for Venezuala and they relieved the bleeding in my brain. Thanks Colombia !!

  1. Hope it was worth it!!! Now you will never walk talk eat by yourself piss and shit your pants no pussy ever but to drool over… Man and i thought i was a Clown!!! Srsly the joke is on you fella disabled!!!
    ” ONE “

  2. Imagine your life sucks really badly and you want to end it.
    But then you’re too incompetent even at killing yourself.

    So what’s worse than having a shit life?
    Having a shit life but now also with broken bones, whilst you’re also being put on suicide watch.

  3. There’s always a second chance at such attempts he must not be discouraged. Becuase yes this just proves that suicide bombers are smarter than him. So it will help him alot to convert to muslim like isis. Or. He can just visit the Ghetto area and sleep with Africans, that’s also a nice suicide option. Or…all he had to do to get a decent suicide is call the cops hay.

  4. hi guys
    im sorry if im posting this on this forum and its wrong but im only a new member as of a few days ago and I cant post anything on an FORUM so I will ask this here.
    Before I ask this, I know all you guys/gals are really cool and im sure no one will be calling the FBI for me asking this, and if you do, I will say im asking this only as a JOKE I will never try and actually do it.
    Here is my question..

    I like watching all these drug gangs in mexico and brazil torture rival members, would it be possible to ASK one of these gangs, somehow, to us here on BG to pay some cartel to torture someone on camera, and torture them in a way WE want and for them to post It on BG, would this be possible.
    I would really like to see a vid of the following happening to someone.
    Getting burnt with a blow torch, having their teeth smashed in with a hammer, having their knee caps hit with a hammer (seeing it up close) than having their eyes gouged out, and their nose cut off and ears cut off and their tongue cut out, and NOT having a blind fold on or anything wrapping their mouth closed so we can hear their pain, and maybe English subtitles for when they are screaming in Spanish so I can understand what they are screaming about, would this be possible? cheers

      1. so would it be possible to ORDER a kidnapping of some loser in mexico or brazil and have some gang torture them on camera and have them post it on BG if I wire them some money?
        would that be possible?
        Even the vids that people say are so horrific like the guy flayed alive with his dad and the face peeling guy, that’s not enough for me, I want the above to be shown on here, and I think even the Mexican and Brazilian gangs don’t have the courage to do WHAT I WANT SEEN IN A TORTURE EVENT.

  5. something is wrong with me I think, I can´t laugh sadistically anymore like I have lost my spirit or become a sympathic freak.

    Seriously, fuck life because all of it here on earth needs to die at once.

  6. How much of a failure do you have to be even fuck up your own suicide, just take some poison, hang yourself, shoot yourself, get creative remember the kid who murdered his teacher and killed himself with a circular saw? Clerarly this guy wasn’t 100% on dying otherwise you’d pick a better way to do it not a fucking 30/40 foot overpass.

  7. What a moron! He deserves all the pain he gets for being so dumb. These overpasses are not high enough. You just end up in a body cast eating through a straw wanting to die even more and unable to actually kill yourself

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