Man Comes with Friends to Shooting Center and Commits Suicide

Man Comes Up with Friends to Shooting Center and Commits Suicide

Man Comes with Friends to Shooting Center and Commits Suicide

According to the info I got, the incident in the video happened in the city of Amman, Jordan.

The guy comes with his friends to this shooting range only to commit suicide. He acts perfectly normal, puts hearing guards on, gets in the line, but instead of shooting at the target, he puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger.

Props for the video to Best Gore member @dustygore, who says he was there the same day at the same line, but at different time:

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114 thoughts on “Man Comes with Friends to Shooting Center and Commits Suicide”

    1. He’s actually a smart nigger, but also a dumb Mole !

      Let me explain:

      He’s smart because, If you don’t wanna live no more, the easiest is a bullet in the brain, and he prob. doesn’t own a gun, so he needed to ‘hire’ one.
      It’s a nice, neat way to ‘cross over’ without using a train, or a rope to strangle you, or jumping off bridge, building et cetera.

      But he’s dumb because, you need to shoot in the mouth, up to the soft brain, so the bullet doesn’t lose speed going thu hard skull bone, ’cause if you live you will prob. be a vegetable cunt for life, and why the FUCK would you wanna do this in front of your mates who love you? Now they are haunted for life. Prob. can’t even get hard for a ‘month’ now ..
      See the damage ya cause ? ..

  1. I shoot at an indoor range where someone did this in 2017.

    I had just finished firing, and had left the booths to pay for the ammunition used, when a guy decided to shoot himself in the head.

    The range is very well run, and there are always at least two armed range supervisors in the booth area, but it’s virtually impossible to prevent someone attempting to kill themselves on a gun range.

    The range went into lock-down and a multitude of police and paramedics were there within minutes.

    An hour, or so, later with statement taken I was on my way and, being an honest person, I went back to the till to pay my dues.

    Interestingly, the guy survived but I’ll suggest that he ended up with a very substantial medical bill and impaired brain function.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera with me as, otherwise, I may have posted some epic material after a suitable time interval to reduce the likelihood of the range being identified.

    1. There is more stupid shit that goes on at local ranges than I can keep track of. Some of the worst is when I’ve been standing at targets at an outdoor range after all clear and heard bullets whizzing by my head at the target in the next lane. Or when I was checking targets at a pistol range and some college kids piled out of a car and started firing a hand cannon at a target a few lanes down. The one time I and others were nearly killed by a rifle that exploded a few lanes down was pretty epic. I try to stay away from other shooters as much as possible these days.

    1. That is a very good point. my guess is he wanted to look innocent unless his friends stepped in. I think he had attempted suicide before because his friend was very quick to react and might have been worried he would do it.

          1. Or perhaps he put the mufflers on because he had sensitive ears, and didn’t want the bang to burst an eardrum. It’s one thing to blow your brains out, but you wouldn’t want a burst eardrum as well, would you?

          2. It’s pretty cool man. If you’re lucky it shoots out a couple sparks, melts the paperclip a little, burns your hand, and gets you out of school for the day, If 110v. 220v will make you forget your name and where you’re at for a few minutes and makes big sparks.

          1. I am also in favor of students over 15 being allowed to buy firearms and take them to school, if anyone comes to shoot, let’s look at Columbine’s case as an example: if any of the students had a gun, many lives would be spared.

            In the case of children’ elementary schools, the teacher should follow the same example above and believe in him

  2. When was the moment we lost ourselves, was it before the wash overwhelms, lifted veils, left out hearts, no questions, judgment, qualms that doubt.
    Festered to pestilence same times different realms, is secrets to keep or presented on sheleves, by will or compel, to lead ,follow , rebel . Nothing matters i hope that helps.

  3. Relax, he does this all the time we bring him along. I Think there is some people that come to terms with suicide, even long before, and do it the second they get the chance the desired method presents itself.

  4. Those partitions aren’t bulletproof so this guy is a dick because…

    He could have shot his buddies.


    The idiot missed them. (That would have been killer!

    And that literally is the reason I don’t do indoor ranges. Some dongwitness here shot a guy in the stomach through the partition. Idiots!

    1. Installer didn’t see the ‘This Side Up, Stupid!’ sticker on the cam.

      But, I just kept flipping my monitor… this way my neck hurt evenly on both sides.

  5. As for the nearby shooters, I’d be pissed if getting charged by the hour.

    ‘Everyone place your weapons down and stand behind warning line…


  6. Well. He didn’t miss. So that’s good. I love the guy who rushes over and picks him up. Probably just in time to see the guys brains squirt out a little hole. Film shut off but I’ll bet he drops him like dead meat after he sees that hole.

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