Man Commits Suicide from Friendship Bridge Between Brazil and Paraguay

Man Commits Suicide from Friendship Bridge Between Brazil and Paraguay

Video from the Friendship Bridge (Ponte da Amizade), which connects Brazil and Paraguay, shows an apparently suicidal man causing a bit of a scene. He hangs on the outside of the railing, teasing the spectators, but then climbs back over onto the bridge, only to run and jump over the railing, and into the river 300 yards below.

Cameraman did great job following the fall, but once he lost the bird behind a supporting beam, he never really found him again.

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    1. Reeeeeealy. Nice architecture, the heavy truck, motorcycle and boy oh boy, the best were those cracks in the road, it just blew me away. Must have been a female Chinese tourist from Toronto who filmed it.

  1. The dude looked undecided at one point and chose to shift himself to a different vantage point. Once he’d his mind made up he wasted no precious seconds and felt he must keep the onlookers enthralled .

    That’s what you call ,Some breathtaking show of daredevilry …..but I’m betting the guy isn’t dead as yet cause he jumped right in to the waters ; as once after his deep plunge you can see round bubbly swirls widening & diminishing . Mystery why he didn’t surface out but I am guessing he was a man of suspense and it could be that he chose to swim underwater and came out the other side .
    He deserved a thousand dime infact though but all he got for himself were jeers and nothing more .
    By the Bridges and places sometimes its fun seeing people Monkeying around .

  2. If the Bridge Between Brazil and Paraguay is all about Friendship, then why do people feel suicidal crossing over that bridge . This is just the beginning of an end between Brazil and Paraguay’s friendship.

    His attempt at weakening friendship gesture between the two countries! was clapped and lauded for by the spectators .

    1. Disclaimer :In no event will the, “Friendship bridge” or any stone ,pebble or part of it or as a whole be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of lives or accidents arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this as a means to connect two borders.

  3. Life is so full of coincidences, surprises, ironies, tragedies and unexpected twists and turns and when I see suicidal people finally psych themselves into the required mind set and do the deed, I always think to myself, “Tomorrow is a new day and any number of improvements could have improved their situation. That lottery ticket, that long lost brother, that hot chick that works in the coffee cart, their daughter’s lottery ticket even may have changed the whole family’s fate. So many times I’ve heard of successful people, who almost gave up. Elvis Presley being one such example. He was so close to giving up on his music and his dreams, and then suddenly after so many rejections ~his life changed. You never know what is around the corner, and if you are about to kill yourself things can’t get much worse, meaning things can only get better. My suggestion is to hang on for one more day…….”

  4. Now that’s a great, foolproof location for a suicide! Probably a 99.9 repeating % chance of death here. Good job. Too bad lost him out of view on the way down-big splash.

    1. Hey did you notice the 2 girls slowly walking off? Where they just wanting to see it I wonder? What about you? Would you want to watch if you were there? Very curios. I know it’s bad but it’s hot when girls just watch that stuff and don’t stop it.

  5. @Judy …I googled up a bit further to ascertain whether schools of the The red-bellied sharp-toothed ones aka piranhas venture waters of Parana River and guess what they really do ! .
    And there are so many foraging stories of their feeding frenzy where the witnesses have reported that the water appears to boil and churn red with blood. They attack with such ferocity that they strip the living being to bones.
    You think the guy who took the plunge was foraged on by the ones who never had the most darling of reputations amongst sea/river farers from times immemorial ??

  6. I don’t get why he took his shirt off.. I don’t think this was a suicide video. It just didn’t look like other videos I’ve seen where people attempt or actually commit suicide. I think it was just a guy jumping into the water. Maybe he did die or was seriously hurt but I don’t think he intended to kill himself.

        1. I mean maybe. But if you’re jumping from almost 260′ you’re talking about hitting the water at about 75-80 MPH. With about a 95% chance of it being fatal. It would be a hell of a thrill don’t get me wrong. But jumping from 260′ is almost 100% chance of death. But who knows maybe he got lucky. @blucon

          1. @Bluntman89
            Wait and give me a listen when I tell ya that some of these guys who go jumping heights especially at a place where we’ve seen it happen are the ones where the story seems misconstrued to be of someone having gone suicidal whereas fact of the matter is theirs is a different fisherman breed who go on a trail of coins, booty and a little of treasure and mind ya they aren’t afraid of the heights .
            It just so happened that one of the guy happened to capture the footage and went captioning as if it was a case of someone committing suicide .
            Basically jumping heights and going to the bottom of a canal or river stream is what fetches them their livelihood
            Stay amazed cause there are such people in this world who have the oddest odd ways of earning their daily bread.

          2. I believe you trust me I’ve seen people do worse for bread. All I’m saying is that’s a looooooooong way down. Hitting the water at 80 mph is no joke. But hey, whatever floats his boat, or makes him want to do the dead mans float.

          3. @bluntman89, I have to agree with you, I don’t think this guy was doing this for a thrill, it’s too far down. @blucon, the drop here is just too far. That is why the post is called ‘Man Commits Suicide Jumping off …’ He would have hit the water like it was concrete. Then the piranha’s would have got him, lol 😆

          4. @Bluntman89
            I trust ya but that’s what I said that these guys are not paranoid or suffer from vertigo all they want for them and their dear ones are three square meals a day …that’s all !!! and they aren’t afraid of giving their lives to earn that sorta living .

  7. if they want to die why not start a government programme were we can put people in suits and send them off into outer space as far as the suit enables them to go? they can see a spectacular view, gather crucial information, and get their wish to perish too. year after year the technology behind the suits will improve and suicidal people can go deeper and deeper into outer space. everyone’s a winner and humanity gains some self improvement in the process. instead of just splat we can have go pro camera’s on these space ‘guinea pigs’.

  8. Theirs a bridge not to far from me (not as high as this one.only 130 feet).
    But under its runs a very busy motorway. Clowns go up there all the time to commit suicide (and/or in most cases don’t). But the knock on affect is that thousands of motorist are disrupted while these cry babies are talked down.
    Plus if they did jump there’s a good Chance they’ll land on a car killing the occupants. what im trying to get at is that there’s to many selfish (Look at me!Look at me!) Slobs in this world.
    Don’t be a burden in death to your fellow man if you don’t have to.

  9. Atleast he had the balls to go through with it. A lot of people don’t, it took great huge balls to take that leap of death. Kudos to him for doing so.

    I would also like to add that the camera man sucks donkey dicks at video taping this whole incident.


    1. if he dived off with a proper hands out in front and hit the water like a bullet cutting the water,would he have any chance of serviving?is there a limit to the high jump on what you can servive?like if he hit the water with the intention of serviving is it possible?..

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