Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Building in Antofagasta, Chile

Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Building in Antofagasta, Chile

Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Building in Antofagasta, Chile

In the city of Antofagasta in northern Chile, a man was filmed apparently committing suicide by jumping from the window of an apartment building.

The cameraman did a decent job capturing the fall, but could have walked up to the splattered corpse after the landing to film some closeups, instead of a whole lot of uneventful sidewalk.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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100 thoughts on “Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Building in Antofagasta, Chile”

      1. I’m desensitized to this shit like the rest of y’all but the way the ppl reacted to him taking the jump made it very very real. Turning around making a last second choice not to watch the man die, all while just feeling so hopeless. My privileged American ass can only imagine the wide array of complex feelings I’d be feeling in a scenario like that. I can make that comparison cause these ppl seemed to react in a human way. Not like the fucking animals we see in so many other vids. However, it is what it is. And the fleshy virus that is the vast majority of South America will continue to prey upon each other.

        1. This is BestGore. We don’t approve of emotional cameramen.

          One needs to have a healthy dose of gruesomeness to film a gruesome act. So I would say to him as we say in our little gore games: “Get all in, or get all out”

      1. I was thinking that too. and due to the lack of oxygen, the engine could cut out at random. damn. Perhaps that’s why a shot to the temple or a shotgun at hand is usually always the easiest option. Less dramatic or nerving than jumping off a rooftop, huh

          1. there is a book on how to commit suicide peacefully actually, its like 80 bucks though lol I’ve read it and most of the the stuff you have to use barely anyone has access to

          2. @sloth12 how did he do it? I’ve been really getting into suspension hanging recently, its where you basically do it with the rope over the door and you kind of lower yourself down. Havent had a chance to try it out yet though.

          3. @dankton many people have done it like this in the past and recently. Some find a wardrobe, it is simply hanging but with the instep of the feet touching the floor, it works better as they pass out and avoid the slow strangulation. Mick Jagger’s gf recently done it that way. But, i’ve had a few operations from various injuries and if they can put you out painlessly in 3 seconds then i’m sure something could be done with anaesthesia

        1. I’m telling you all…a nice big overdose of heroin with fetanyl. Anyone can access heroin unlike a gun plus it is painless.

          Every time I’ve seen some junkie come out of an overdose from narcan they come to and have no idea why we’re there and what’s going on. The way opiates kill you is you just simply nod off, pretty much fall asleep and a little at a time you just stop breathing. Heroin and other opiates simply make you stop breathing. When you stop breathing, then your heart stops.

          Nothing to feel, no way to miss and blow half your face off, no shitting your pants on the side of a 12 story building getting up the nerve. Fall asleep and bye bye world. That’s my plan! No nursing home for me!!

    1. Chile is the only 1st world country in Latin America along with Uruguay. Small populations where the land can sustain them and a strong government that keeps people in line.

  1. Chile like Japan has a large depressed Otaku population. My theory is the Soviet style block architecture and subpar weather where it tends to gloomy and hazy added with a rather bland landscape contributes to this? While countries like Sweden and Switzerland where the landscape and architecture is rich in color like bright blue skies and saturated green hills, flowers etc are the happiest countries on Earth. A rather interesting analysis I may add.

    1. I like that observation. I’ve thought about the same thing. It’s been commonly said that the weather contributes to the high suicide attempt rates in places like Seattle where the weather is very overcast most the time. I haven’t looked into this myself but I would think that places where, even if quality of living is decent, the weather is shit and the place is boring, featureless, maybe shit architecture, that people could become more easily depressed. Seems like a given to me, where I even find my mood drop during one rainy day

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  3. We should create a suicide jumping olympics complete with jujge commitees, so they would give their rating to each jump and determine the winner. If you’re going to end your life anyway, you can at least gather some attention for our amusement and become famous.

    Imagine a bunch of “sportsmen” jumping into a pool, each trying to perform the most twisted salto. Only the pool is empty…

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