Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Cairo Tower in Egypt

Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Cairo Tower in Egypt

Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Cairo Tower in Egypt

An unnamed Egyptian university student committed suicide by climbing over the protective railing on top of the Cairo Tower, and plunging 187 meters down.

Several people witnessed the suicide from up close, having been on the tower at the time. One strong independent woman reacted like you would expect from someone strong and independent.

Props to Best Gore member @s7ayta for the CCTV video:

Gallery of a few pics:

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      1. After all the planning, why has no one jumped while live streaming? This one they might not have recovered the footage though, little over kill with the height.

          1. Wow! Thanks. I hadn’t seen that. He seemed calm on the way down, no screaming, no indication that he had changed his mind.

            Jumpers who survive often say they realized as soon as they jumped that they had made a mistake and wanted to live. However, the very fact that they survived possibly suggests that they went at it half-arsed. If you are serious you plan the jump, making sure that you are jumping from high enough to ensure death.

    1. @swordofthelord from whatever depths you hail from(work, childhood, military background) think of the times you felt tested and the mental acuity it took to fulfill whatever task was before you. When a human decides to fulfill a specific task, it will get done. It’s our gift and at times our curse. And any creature that dosnt wipe their ass with their hand and scream aloha snackbar knows gravity is chief bitch.

      1. Gun would be ideal, but I live in England and don’t have access to one. Nembutal apparently offers a very peaceful death, but I’d have to import it illegally and it’s very expensive. So I’ll do a Robin Williams: tie some cord around my neck, loop it over a door and wedge the door shut, then go into a sitting posture with backside off the ground, so the neck is taking the weight. It’s a form of hanging, and usually results in unconsciousness within a couple of minutes and death about 10 – 15 minutes later.

  1. In my neighborhood we had two suicide. One person jumped from the 10th floor to his death, and another from 23rd floor of another high rise building. Some people have lots of issues and mental illness.

    1. There are countless reasons for suicide. You can’t just lump them all together as cowardly. People don’t kill themselves at the drop of a hat.

      Some would say that clinging on to every last second of life is cowardly. Suicide can be a way of taking control: “I choose when to die.”

      For the ancient Romans, if a man faced disgrace or humiliation he was expected to kill himself: failure to do so was considered cowardly. This also applied to the Samurai. In such situations death should be chosen over life: an honourable death is better than a dishonourable life.

      Many, if not most, suicides have mental health problems such as clinical depression or schizophrenia. The novelist Virginia Woolf suffered from mental health problems for more or less all of her life. She eventually killed herself because she thought she was a burden to her husband. That’s not cowardly. In fact that is a common reason for suicide among the mentally ill: the feeling that their friends and family would be better off without them.

      I’d say that few suicides are cowardly. To overcome the extremely strong will-to-live something must be very wrong.

        1. Or perhaps he was high on LSD and thought he could fly. Or perhaps he was a retard and thought the tower was only 3ft high. Or perhaps he was playing hide-and-seek with a friend and forgot how high up he was. There are so many possibilities.

      1. “An honorable death is better than a dishonorable life” exactly!
        That’s why he shouldn’t jump.
        For example here in my country a murderer mullah dictator is the reason of 96% of the people are without jobs and the future, poor and hungry and humiliated in the ninth richest country in the world in terms of natural resources. so many young people commit suicide and I call them cowards but there are those who are martyred for revenge. imagine this is an unequal game 96%vs4% for the benefit of the people if they take revenge instead of suicide and they encourage others to join. so he could have risked his life for the legitimate defense against those who caused this misery, depression or anything to him.

      2. Suicide seems cowardly but the act itself is far from cowardly. You have to have quite some determination to jump off a high building or stand in front of a train. Feeling the train tracks move and shake and manage to keep posture and position before it hits you. Or what about setting yourself on fire, drowning yourself or ingesting household toxins. That shit is bad ass. You have to either be completely crazy or a total bad ass, or a combination of the two, to be able to do those things.

          1. I agree. It’s the unknown that scares them perhaps, so they are willing to stand a lot of shit just because they fear death. Not because they’re some kind of hero managing their pain and suffering, standing tall through it all.
            I don’t see how someone who commits suicide is a coward. They might be seen as egoistic at worst, but not as a coward.

        1. Human brain is complicated, its like when you see a wild animal in the woods brain release hormones that makes you think or run faster or when you brake your leg in mountains you don’t feel pain until you reach to a safe place, thus the one who jump from height or shot himself is so angry, emotional, depressed or whatever that makes him doesn’t think or feel properly. anyways some of them might use drugs before suicide. the one who think the life is unfair or he is useless is not a bad ass.

  2. Judging from the photo of him, I suspect he may have been homosexual, and it’s not good to be homosexual in an Islamic country. It’s not good to bear that affliction anywhere, but especially among Muslims. “The love that dare not speak its name” really, really dare not speak its name there, otherwise you’re for the chop. I’m very conservative on sexual matters, but even I don’t advocate the death penalty for homosexuals. Hideous torture, certainly, but not death.

      1. You don’t think so? I lived in London for 10 years and spent a lot of time in Soho (I even lived in Soho for a year). Half the men who hang around Soho are gay, and I was propositioned on many occasions. I’m really not handsome, so I never understood why they were attracted to me. After a while I built up a kind of sixth sense as to who was gay, and would usually avoid eye contact so as not to encourage them. It actually continues to this day: I only have 5 acquaintances, and 4 of them are gay. I seem to be some kind of gay-magnet which, given how conservative I am, is quite ironic.

        In this case I could of course be wrong, but my sixth sense tells me he was gay.

        1. Wow .. that’s heavy Sword …

          I am straight myself, but don’t mind watching movies about gays

          I don’t hate ’em .. I just wanna understand their life experience,

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  3. Dumb Egyptian Cunts, & Freaks!
    What????? No after shots, and some pictures on the ground??
    Were they all too damn fucking lazy that not even one person,,, (1),,, could not have taken the elevator down, and snaps some shots of what must’ve been one hell of a splatter, for fucks-sake.

    Cause as we all know, it always takes anywhere from a full 5 minute, to sometimes even 10 before anyone like 5/0 or The Fireman Arrive. So i truly believe that it would still leave one ample time to run down the stairs (fuck waiting for the elevator) and snap some epic shots. Lazy-Ass Motherfuckers. 🙁

    1. Yes, from 187 metres he would have been a sight to behold. Video of the landing would have been spectacular: an explosion of blood and guts. Anyone in the vicinity would have been drenched. It’s not every day you get to see someone hit the ground from that height. That was a real missed opportunity.

      1. @SwordOfTheLord
        So Darn True, and very well said my good B G Brother. And A Major Missed Opportunity Indeed!

        And B.T.W. Are you just about done with your Christmas Shopping Bro. I Ask this cause i just got back from 2 major Ottawa Canada Malls And Man It Was Busy. 🙁
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        1. I’m in the blissful position of having no Christmas shopping to do. I have no family and no close friends, which is just as well because I also have no money.
          I avoid shops as much as possible in December, especially on a Saturday afternoon when the town centre becomes a war zone. I’m a recluse, so I rarely go out anyway – just a couple of trips per week to the nearest superstore, which is only a short walk away.
          I hope you survive the madness and live to see in the New Year. 2020, what a thought! I remember as a kid wondering what the world would be like in 2000.

          1. @SwordOfTheWorld
            I Undertand you completely my good man, & B G Brother. But You Are Part Of
            Our Family Brother, and please do not ever forget that. We try to love and respect to each other whenever the opportunity presents itself. So Please comon here at Christmas so we can at least chat a bit, maybe via skype?? if you’d like, or just here on Best-Gore which never shuts down 24/7 and 365 somebody is always here if you are lonely, and need a good friend, and company.
            Cheers, and
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            My father died suddenly when I was 24, and I felt nothing: zero, zilch, zippo. I remember thinking I ought to be upset. I actually tried to cry, but couldn’t squeeze out a single tear. Have you ever tried to cry? It’s really difficult. I did cry eventually though, when I found out that the old bugger had left debts and that I had to pay them off: that really upset me.

            My advice to any adolescents reading this is as follows. Keep everyone at arm’s length: family, friends, strangers, all of them. Never trust anyone. You won’t regret it. Actually, if you are an adolescent you should have clicked on the puppy. What are you doing reading this? Get out now!

  4. Listen up people. Your allotted a second chance in life and you must be able to recognize that chance. This video shows a couple of chances he had to save his own life. First his hand slipped on the binocular and second he got caught on the spikes. I’m sure there are many other chances but you must become a master at identifying them. If you stay willing to learn something new everyday, and stop being ignorant, you can save your own life.

    1. People on this site can be very sickening, but you, sir, have reached the point where your retardation exceeds anything that I can tolerate on the comment section. Please, follow the example of the righteous man in the video and kill yourself.

  5. This is obviously a Parkour stunt gone wrong. Parkour is not officially illegal but you can get arrested for trespassing..I know this cause of a little stunt I pulled off down in Wyoming. Spent 4 days in the slammer.

  6. When there’s no more pyramids to build, the next generation gets SO bored that they can just test out how fast a free fall is from what could HAVE been the tallest pyramid in the world. But in this case, not even having a well-suited education will prevent you from doing THIS.

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