Man Commits Suicide by Jumping Off Viaduct in Pereira, Colombia

Man Commits Suicide by Jumping Off Viaduct in Pereira, Colombia

Man committed suicide by jumping to his death from a Viaduct in Pereira, Colombia but the cameraman got distracted and missed the leap. He makes up for it by including the splatter in the video afterward. I don’t know anything about the reason why the man jumped or who he was.

El Viaducto César Gaviria Trujillo connects the city of Pereira with the Dosquebradas municipality across the River Otún. I believe it is about 300 meters from the bridge to the ground where the suicidal man landed.

Props to Best Gore member Edward7912 for the video:

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47 thoughts on “Man Commits Suicide by Jumping Off Viaduct in Pereira, Colombia”

    1. exactly, what a freaking fuck tard. first the dumbass misses the jump and the descent but to make matters worse he has not a fucking clue on how to keep his finger out of the way. damn what a fuck tard.

    1. Yea, he,s like LOTSA bones,lotsa bones, lotsa bones, As he pisses himself in complete awwww ! He,s probably thinking, now if all these assholes would just fuck-off i might get a quick snack 🙂 or for fido 🙁

    1. I would better opt for cardiac arrest with Nivaquine, or exit bag, or even by hydrogen sulfid in a car ( with warning signs for rescuers), why not all that in the same time

  1. That one dude keeps saying “Nadie lo toque” (nobody touch him) over and over. What the hell? No one was trying to! Well, except the dog.
    Poor guy. Thankfully it looked like it was pretty instant.

  2. If I were there and had seen this jumper hanging from the lite pole, I would have gottin myself over to where he’s going to land so the I get the best gore shot possible. But not this iphone retard, him big dummie with shit stink fingers…

  3. If you want to see the man fall down, pause the video at the minute 0.41 to 0.44 … you can see the guy falling through the trees. But maybe you need eagle eyes to see it.

    Excuse my English.

  4. This city is actually negro-free so violence is not so common here. So this video might be the most graphic one to come oh of that city. However, the guy filming keeps questioning why the jumper did it. Btw, this country has the hottest woman on the planet, so why he jumped is beyond me. Just for reference however, the guy filming keeps calling him “gonareah”, translated to English is “the clap” or gononrea (don’t quote me on the spelling). Loosely it’s the Colombian way of calling someone a POS or SOB . Btw someone mentioned the way he dropped, it’s very similar to Peter Griffen from the family guy .

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