Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from High Tension Tower in Mazatlan, Mexico

Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from High Tension Tower in Mazatlan, Mexico

On September 22, 2016, a man committed suicide by jumping to his death from a Comisión Federal de Electricidad (Federal Electricity Commission) high tension tower in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico. The video shows firefighters on scene, suggesting that the man made a bit of a scene before finally taking the leap.


The man’s name was Óscar Javier and he was 39 year old. He spent 3 hours on the tower before jumping to take his like. His last words were “Nos vemos en el infierno“, meaning “See you in hell“.

Different angle video of the same suicide:

One more angle, but the cameraman messed up during the fall:

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77 thoughts on “Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from High Tension Tower in Mazatlan, Mexico”

    1. Yes, I was watching the LiveStream and I saw everybody typing (and screaming) “Jump, jump”, and “Jump already”, “Kill yourself”, “Are you going to jump or not?”, like if this man was, somehow, compelled to entertain the people watching in the area as well as on Facebook.
      No wonder he sentenced “That’s it motherfuckers, see you in hell!!”
      Not many times have I felt so ashamed of people, or human race in general.

    1. I KNOW , RIGHT … i dont think he tried very hard to hit the truck…ive got to say …i’m a bit disapointed …but …it did take talent to tuck himself neatly behind the trucks tire like that …. and in a perpendicular line too … so i agree … big style points but no points for the obvious truck as bounce -off target….back to you wally

  1. Short and sweet but he should have preferred to get electrocuted
    rather make us hear that loud thump .
    The earth beneath is sad and sorry but
    the blonde haired babe in her screen shot nearly went giving me a hardon
    and I am feeling so very sex-static

    1. Gotta give him credit,he had a goal,was very determined,and accomplished his mission with flying colors…
      And was NOT deterred by having the ladder staring him right in the face. He could of gave life another chance,and easily stepped down but said fawk yoo mayn! …well not exactly his words,his were even better/some good final words.

        1. shitty!! i never saw that but i can only guese that some of the family said he knew what he was doing and the other half said it was a stupid stunt that got him killed …others might say they should have tripple reenforced his harness cable but i digress …most wrestlers from back then are dead today from not stupid highrise stunts but from steroid use which never washes out of your system …EVER

  2. That thud was crazy loud over the screams. Kinda think they thought he was going to leap out more then he did. It seemed they closed all the close school’s with all the kid’s around. Anyone know what time of day this happened? Overall I’ll give him a 7/10 he kept that drop elbow most of the way down and point’s for climbing and staying up there for as long as he did.

  3. What’s ironically sad is usually jumpers have no real safety net,or 2nd chance. Just some asshole trying to condescendingly talk you down. the fire truck was able to have ladder stretch way up right to his feet… Ya can’t ask for any better rescue try…very impressive….Specially for a shit country like Mexico.

  4. Love these Third World shit holes! Yeah, that’s it, let your little kids run over to the smashed corpse like a pinata fulla candy was just busted open.

    And that ladder truck seems a little to technical for those dumb Spics down there!

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