Man Commits Suicide by Nosediving from Transmission Tower with Rescuers Present

Man Commits Suicide by Nosediving from Transmission Tower with Rescuers Present

I was hinted that this video is from Porto Velho in Rondônia, Brazil. I have no idea if that’s true.

The video shows a man committing suicide by nosediving off a transmission tower. When he takes the dive, rescuers as well as a bunch of rubberneckers are already on the scene, the firefighters even already have ladder rack extended, but the man decides to put the end to drama and takes the leap.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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91 thoughts on “Man Commits Suicide by Nosediving from Transmission Tower with Rescuers Present”

  1. Hey Mark, i don’t think thath happened in Brazil.
    Just before he falls he says in Spanish “chinguen a su madre, ahí nos vemos en el infierno” what literally means “Fuck you all, i see you in hell”
    I bet that happened in Mexico, or in a spanish speaker latin american country but not in Brazil.

  2. MARK!!!!!!!! the videos wont load for me? Is there anything i can do they worked fine untill the beating of the man that the women beat while standing naked in the middle of the city!!! Do i need to update a player or something? HELP ANYONE!!!!!!!!

  3. Meh he’ll be fine, get Hollywoods best plastic surgeon and he’ll be good as new. By the way I heard “no mames” which is Spanish slang meaning fuck. Could be Mexico or Central Uhmericuh. Stuffs to clean to be Brasil. But I could be wrong.

  4. That’s definitely Spanish. I can hear the guy recording say “no mames” multiple times which translates to “no fucking way” right as the guy jumped to his death. Might be Mexico because I heard our slang in there but I could be wrong.

  5. Wow,you really have made a dessision when you rent a firetruck or laddertruck (as we call those in Norway)
    It really looked like the croud of people just waited for him to jump and when he does they scream…stupid people
    How cold hearted people have become when they stand there waiting for things like this and not even flinched,and lot of people come running after he jumps. thats just sad.
    Did they want to get a good look at his brain gored out??
    This world is f…… crazy… –
    I’m going to wonderland

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