Man Commits Suicide by Shooting Himself in Head on Ancient Bridge in Zakho City, Iraq

Man Commits Suicide by Shooting Himself in Head on Ancient Bridge in Zakho City, Iraq

In Zakho city in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, a young man walked on top of an ancient bridge, and as unsuspecting people passed by, pulled out a handgun, put it to his temple and pulled the trigger to commit suicide.

I don’t have any further info clarifying what his motives may have been for taking his own life, but Best Gore member @baxo says the content is exclusive. Thanks a lot for the video, @baxo:

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          1. Sure they can there are plenty of videos on this site to support the fact that the sand people have skills with a green screen, not that this is one of those retard/slick productions.

    1. I would probably be depressed, and shoot myself too, if i had a shitty job as a Canerman, and working in a fish, (sardines Factory,) especially if i was canning all day, as you would surely have many deep, and infected cuts from all the tin, getting constantly infected with fish,besides smelling like one! 🙁

        1. I know my man,,,lol. I was just Playing/Fuckin with ya bud, 😉 But yea,, i hear ya, as it would have been nice, cause was quite far for sure, and at least with a zoom, we would have at the very least, have seen a spray man,,, Something. 🙁

      1. Or maybe if you were not from the UAE where the minimum people make monthly is 2700, and you live in the USA where the newest car a man can afford in a normal job is a Toyota sedan, the most not even for a pickup, or Qatar another Arab country like Iraq, but it happens to be the richest country in the world.

        1. Think you’ll find my country, Australia is the richest. Sorry dude but a fact is a fact……
          They have oil, we have oil, plus we have gold and lots of it, diamonds, iron ore, bauxite, coal, natural gas, sapphires, worlds biggest wool producer, marine and fishery stocks, steel producer, forestry industry, emeralds, we are also the most visited country with billions in tourism, the country with the most international students paying to attend universities and we only have to share that among 20 million people. And you keep mentioning this 2700$/month being average salary in UAE. Buddy I was earning 2300$/ WEEK 10 years ago. Plus needless to say we have the most unique fauna and flora, rainforest and the highest biodiversity score of any country which is what real wealth is about…….
          Sorry but sand dunes, oil, angry Muslims who only dream of bloodshed and a rich sheik or two doesn’t even run in the same race when we compare your claim to the truth, that Australia is the wealthiest in the entire world…..

  1. After squinting as if I were a Gook, I noticed that the self-suicider was looking at the people coming towards him to notice him. They did not give a fuck at all, as the hand motions of one pointing as if to say, “look at this marvelous view. You can see the others in group don’t even look at suicide guy… So, then the Iraqi self-suicider thought, “fuck it” (pop)

    Which goes to show you, no one gives a fuck if you kill yourself. Next time jump into a giant tub of lava and then some will care for a moments entertainment.

  2. If you are thinking of killing yourself, then why not try making some big changes. Try something new. Move to a different country. Change cities. Start going on internet dates. Get a different job. Go talk it out with a psychologist. The bad times don’t last forever. And you never know what the future holds. Your life could turn around. Just hang in there and take the pain. Keep putting one foot in front of the other until you walk yourself out of the storm.

    1. You eventually end up offing yourself when you’ve been longing for something or dwelling on missed opportunities long enough to lose faith. That is convincing yourself over and over that things’ll get better in your head until you reach a no return point when nothing matters anymore, be it a significant other’s affection, recognition, etc.

      My 2 iraqi cents.

    1. If I lived in Rio Gallegos, along the ocean view, listening to your nonstop raspy voice over the public address, looking eastward into the Pacific and realizing I was merely 450 km from civilization, I’d blow my brains out, too.

  3. What a waste of a human torch…I mean bomb.
    For that reason, if I want to commit suicide I will consider contacting Isis (first). They guarantee a very unique way of giving your life a new meaning and a new ending.

  4. By the way Iraq definitely makes it to the podium among shitholes, on par with Afghanistan and Somalia. The likeliness of getting blown up once you step a foot out in the streets, the lack of any basic public service, sky-high levels of corruption and pretty much every aspects of life under coercion.

    To top it all shitty sand dunes and palm trees as a sight, no snow-covered peaks, no temperate forests, my bad.

  5. His country bombed into the Stone Age by the US. This country was building cities of stone and marble when the rest of the world was wrapping a buffalo hide around some sticks and calling it a house. They had written language and libraries when the rest of the planet was dabbing Mammoth blood on their cocks and making patterns on cave walls with it.
    A million dead in Iraq since Amerika and Halliburton started their Freedom Endurance Campaign of Death, Destruction and Rebuild with False Flags and Proxy Armies to legitimise more carnage every few years. A previously reasonably secular state with excellent Healthcare and progressive policies which were strictly policed and enforced now shattered into deliberately dissolute sectarian enclaves kept on the boil by constant arms and thug supplies. Rumsfeld said it would be an endless war, but that it would last at least 100 years (that was before the US even went into Iraq).
    I don’t know how the poor guy on the bridge lasted so long before doing blowing his brains out.

  6. Damn dude. Youre in Iraq you know. At least blow yourself up in a market somewhere and take 50 other people with you. Why didnt you let the Taliban know you wanted to do the suicide?

  7. Iraq
    My how we’ve grown to know a Nation and its people.
    Here on this Bridge a man by the name of Adil Muhammad Muhammad Mahmoud Salahaddin Abdul-Muhtallab Shasta Rum-Cola
    Boom-Shakalaka Drakkar Noir Ben Kingsley committed An act of Bravery by not killing Anyone other than himself, for that we praise Allah’.
    (Iraqi Tours 2018)

  8. Now there’s a lot of Bang for your buck!
    I heard that he couldn’t take a shit for 2 weeks, and it was unbearable. They tried the kite runner, but the poop just got packed further in, so BANG, for the tourists!

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