Man Commits Suicide by Stepping in Front of Truck

Man Commits Suicide by Stepping in Front of Truck

Best Gore member @ThurnisHaleyH sent us these pictures of the aftermath of an apparent suicide by truck from Argentina:

Hi, so I’m from a small town called Cañuelas in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Being such a small town, nothing happens here and it’s pretty boring, so we all got pretty surprised on August 4th when some
guy decided to step into a truck’s path and well, you figure out the rest.

I don’t really know what happened with the driver, but witnesses claimed that it was a succesful suicide attempt. Hope you like the pictures.

Thanks so much for the pictures. They are top notch.

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        1. I’ve been a member for quite some time now and I still can’t figure out what ..iip means. Someone help me out. Thank you in advance.

          Great to have my Gore back after an execrating week and what a doozey picture to satiate me. I am aware of the issues however, I was just about to pull my hair out. LOL

          1. @Gnat, thanks mate. These little people are the future and we need to put them straight . My 5yr old grandson came round for tea the other day and told me some fucker had walked on the moon ! No more sweets for him.

  1. It was definitely a successful suicide. He’s just splattered across the road. I feel bad for the clean up crew that has to scrape all of that up. Finding chunks of flesh, wondering what in the hell it is and which part of the body it was.

          1. They don’t clean up the body right away either so the smell would get worse as time went by but what about the stuff that is stuck to the ground, how do they deal with that?

        1. Gag! Comment out of place. Was SUPPOSED to go under “I’ve heard that red meat gets real sticky too.” There’s no way I’m gonna be getting close enough to eat anything that smells like day old raw chicken! Just sayin’.

          1. There’s a business like that in almost every city… crime scene Disaster Cleanup . I’m sure they’re always hiring, strong stomachs only need apply..

          2. @eyez2die4. Thanks for the welcome! Living on a farm when younger I’d have no problems with the blood and the guts and the gore, but I KNOW other people’s smells would do me in, too. 🙁

          3. As that shit right there is instant gag material imagine entering an already messed up scene and adding to it..? and it would definitely be of projectile type,so I believe if you wipe some vicks under both nostrils it’s problem solved..that’s if the sight of it all don’t do it.

          4. Just wanted to say,clean up teams take out carpets and floorboards,skirting and ceilings,joists.When someone dies in a 2nd floor apartment look out below if the bodies left for a few weeks .Ive worked with guys who have done crime scenes but some of the worst are repos were defendant has died and banks have repossessed the property.Yes I use Vic up the nose almost once a month.You put loads up,but you only use it when you enter a scene if its bad you gag,then use it as a measure.By the way,Vic is used to plug the nose,you don’t smear it.

      1. I worked in a house (remodeling)where an old man died…smelled like hell!!! Not only that! I had to live there for a month to protect all the equipment and tools ,i was cripped out every night. thank god i had me bwerskis and one door unlocked just incase the old gizzer came back to haunt the place.

  2. well if you want to die there are many ways to do it. to me he didnt do his mother any favors she probly had nightmeres of her son getting killed brutally. folks if your going to off your self think of your parents who see you as a child not grown up but a wee one. dont blow your brains out in there house go to a field or something. i helped a mother her son used a shot gun in bathroom the police had hasmat get rid of most of it we remodeled it and found bits of stuff all over but never said to her but she ended up going crazy and died 2 years after she never used that bathroom. i got a call at 3 am and went to see her she had me screw the door shut and put plastic sheet over and duct tape it due to her saying she seen her son sad but true.

    1. Well said! If you wanna go out on your own terms… please make it as “pleasant” as possible for the folks whom love you.

      For those whom dont give a shit about their near and dear… please go out with a plash boom or bang, so we at best gore can have some nice material to look at 🙂

  3. How did they know if the man really did commit suicide? It could be that people nearby have noticed him acting strange and looking depressed before he walked into the truck’s way. Why didn’t those pedestrians stopped him or at least even call his attention? They knew something is going wrong inside his head and yet they didn’t do anything to save his life. He could’ve been saved. He might have been mentally unstable when he decided to commit suicide, and therefore could arrive to decisions that are not helpful for him and everyone who knew him.

  4. Reminds me of a scene from ROBOCOP where this one looks similar to someone ending in a hot toxic waste in a big splatter .
    BTW not all suicides are seen to be this successful

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