Man Commits Suicide by Hanging Himself in the Jungle

Man Commits Suicide by Hanging Himself in the Jungle

Well, this is a man who did want to die rather than just make a scene. He chose a secluded location in the jungle and quietly committed suicide by hanging himself by the neck from a tree. No drama, no scenes, no audience – just death right there, right in that moment.

He probably died to a sweet chirping of the birds and buzzing of the crickets. He looks pretty fresh – was probably found on the day he killed himself. Sun was shining on his last day alive and he had fresh rainforest air to enjoy with his last breath. Meh!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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55 thoughts on “Man Commits Suicide by Hanging Himself in the Jungle”

  1. his body is left behind but where is his spirit, his soul, his consciousness? or is there only blackness/non existence awaiting all of us? i’m feeling philisophical again today and that fellow gorgians is the question for the day. responses?

      1. let me set you straight pussy. i am 48 yrs old, fucked up, not confused, straight dude. if you find me annoying then DON’T READ MY FUCKING POSTS! and i won’t read yours.equality rules on this post and bg members are all equally twisted otherwise they wouldn’t be on this fucked up website. why are you here? are you not fascinated by gore? do tell.

        1. I would love noting more than if, when we die, we are gone and completly done with .
          No after life, no truth to religion, no justifiction of ANY of the religious non-sense killings and redoric that has overwhelmed man”kind” for so long.
          Just us, and our egos.
          That is what I really HOPE is what happens, is NOTHING.
          To prove us as small as we are, not what we THINK and fancy our selves to be.
          As far as what IS and what WILL, well, that’s always been the $64,000 question, hasn’t it.

        2. Thats not true we are all not equally twisted. Yes i look at gore shit but i don’t comment sick shit like oh id still fuck her or make jokes about there dead bodies like some do here. Some just look because there fascinated, others look laugh and make jokes im even sure some get of on it so were all not twisted equally:)

      1. I think thats why humans have religions(that tell us there’s life after death), its comforts people, because it’s very frightening to think theres nothing! personally I think its ‘lights out’, the brain(your mind) is dead so theres no thinking

      1. Seems to be a true statement.
        Many don’t see the similaritys of themselves and the images on B.G.
        If they could only get over themselves that they are as much Gods as those crushed under the heavy things depicted on this glorious site that we all enjoy so very much on a daily basis.
        I am guilty of my ego, thinking others are beneath me sometimes, due to the fact that they think themselves industructable, with my willingness to show exactly what I am made of (in every sense of the reality, that those few of us here understand what that means)
        My life is not good, nor is it bad, however.
        Just being here for 34 years and studying human nature for half that time has sickened me to living a blissfull, ignoriant life of thinking that I am any diffrent than the dead, I just happen to be alive, but time may be short.
        I have always lacked the fire inside of seeing myself 109 years old, because, why? I have seen countless times that there, really is no point to being around that long. Horrible things happen, wrong doings, based on cruelity and greed decenend not only on those who don’t deserve it, but those who have safeguarded themselves by living a good life, helping others and being good people.
        These, good people breed a monster into the world, that, decades later, became their demise (grand parents and their first born son)
        Let alone all the countless other examples that I have not occupied a first person accounting of, that, have raised questions of “What is the fucking point?”

          1. If I am or if I’m not, it’s just a matter of opinion, and opinions change like the Depends undergarments of old people. Often.

            I just hope that, for some, that they use the time here to not boost their ego’s because they “are so hardcore because they CHOOSE to look at pictures of dead bodies on the internet so they can have something at school tomorrow to shock their friends with”(wow, that was a fuck long run-on sentence!) But to truely educate yourselves that the end is not something that makes since (sence?) that life and the time we have, usally, is pointless, dispite what our goals are.
            Make no mistake, work like hell and persue your goals, business owners, drug dealers, what ever goal we have set for ourselves keeps us busy and keeps a feeling of purpose in the time that we are around.
            However, the point I am trying to make is that everybdoy want to read too much into life it seems. Something that is usally falsified due to ego and ignorance.
            i have talked way too much. I’m going to hang up now.

    1. Because they reach the conclusion that living, or being alive itself, would be more painful.

      Anyway, isn’t it much better than deciding to inflict pain on others, people he hate or just random people ? You know some hopeless assholes actually do so instead of killing themselves, or before it.

      1. I like what you wrote.
        Who knows how many, but some suicedes are chosen to implode quietly because, deep inside themselves they know a reality, a reality that they do not need to talk about and nobody is needed to afirm that it is true, that they are a true monster, a time bombe that is capable of truely horrible things. They are truely expeicencing the fact that they are a human, and they know, that it is better for them to kill themselves quietly and not harm others, because they are all to aware that they mose certinly can.
        Is it better for somebody to implode quietly as to go and do as much harm as humanly possible? of course it is, and those people should be honored for their decision. But, this is very hard to explane to someone who is not like them, for the average person will ‘understand” and try to tell them things that prove that they should have never opened their mouths in the first place.

        Like Alicekawazay said, others just feel, beyond any shadow of doubt, that the pain of life is more ongoing then the discovery of the unknown rhelm of post-death. “Just a new place to go, with hopefully a new and better way to feel, or, maybe feel nothing at all”
        The process of staying alive is a very long and drawn out thing, like most of my postings.
        It is said that suicide is selfish, the most selfish thing one can do infact.
        I propose this question.
        If me living is against my will, something I do not want to do, yet i endure it year after yer after year to ensure that OTHERS don’t have to deal with the trauma of my death, what is more selfish?
        Your hurt feelings or my living hell?
        These are all things I have spent much time thinking on in past years.
        I have few conclusions besides life, all in all, has very few rules, and very few justices, and many, many hardships.

  2. There are those who feel that life is not worth living for one reason or another and they decide to leave.
    these people who do so like he did have made the choice and carried it out peacefully.
    Others want the attention, or, someone to try and stop them, and then some use it to make an ultimatum.

    1. always shocking when you hear of a suicide “I think he was just looking for attention and thought someone was gonna be there to stop/save him!” whoops, didnt think mum/dad would get caught in traffic on the way home…

  3. It is funny that there is nothing under him. He could have climbed the tree but his shirt is not long enough. I believe that this is a murder not a suicide. Why would you go into the jungle? The others did it at home. Or jumped off a building, jumped in front of a truck. Just does not make sense.

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