Man Crushed to Death by Truck in Mar Del Plata, Argentina

Man Crushed to Death by Truck in Mar Del Plata, Argentina

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @CapitanIllu, who took a picture of a man crushed by a truck in Argentina for us, after he found out there was a deadly accident in his city.

The incident happened at the intersection of Juan B. Justo and Pellegrini Avenue in Mar Del Plata, Argentina. An unidentified man aged 30 to 40 years reportedly ran across the road and threw himself under the wheels of a truck transporting dirt.

According to the eye witness reports, the man got dragged for several meters, leaving behind a smear of blood. By the time the truck came to a stop, his body was destroyed. Everything seems to suggest that the victim committed suicide by truck.

Props to Best Gore member @CapitanIllu for driving to the accident scene after learning that this happened in his city, and taking the pic exclusively for us.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. and with the 21st comment in the 2017 best gore commentary section, tmoney2600 replies ouch, there is no way he didn’t feel at least a little bit of that and a big kudos to the driver for not giving a fuck

  2. Thank you guys! When I knew about this I literally just jump out of my chair, run into this place and took this photo only to publish them here. Badly, the police took me out so the other ones are in bad quality or moved. 🙁

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