Man Dangling Off Bai Chay Bridge in Vietnam Slips and Falls to His Death

Man Dangling Off Bai Chay Bridge in Vietnam Slips and Falls to His Death

In Vietnam, a man was dangling by a rope from the Bai Chay Bridge, which connects the city of Bãi Cháy with Hồng Gai in Halong Bay. Passers-by appear to try to hoist him up, but the man ultimately slips and falls to his death. The bridge is about 50 meters (160 ft) above the surface of the water. It is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world.

It’s refreshing to see a cameraman capture the fall, instead of mimicking an epileptic seizure like an American. Not having the relentless “Oh My Gawd, Oh My Gawd…” commentary does not hurt either. As does not the fact that the cameraman holds the phone the right way – horizontally. Vietnam freaks me out – too much sanity and common sense.

Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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74 thoughts on “Man Dangling Off Bai Chay Bridge in Vietnam Slips and Falls to His Death”

      1. This bridge is 160 ft. above the water surface. Golden Gate is 120 ft. and has a 98% kill rate for suicide jumpers. Most commonly, ribs shatter upon impact and penetrate internal organs or the heart is torn from major arteries.

    1. I jumped ahead around 40seconds after watching for a minute. kinda made me feel guilty soon as I did it. here this guy’s clinging to life, futility as I know he’s going to die. his last few minutes of his life and I’m all like ain’t got no time for that. and I do I got time for that . I lit a citronella candle I could go four hours. sorry splash rip. rip tide! move ’em on, head ’em up
      head ’em up, move ’em on. eip tide! my condolences to family

      1. I also thought that Viet Nguyen could’ve been saved if at least 3 or 4 heads out of all the 15 viet cunts pulled on the rope.
        I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many useless heads in an easy to fix life and death situation.
        It’s like if they are at the consciousness level of animals.
        Actually I’ve seen animals that act like if they are conscientious.
        One time I was driving down the road at night and when I made a turn and my headlights illuminated the street I saw a gory scene involving a cat that had just been ran over by a vehicle and was left all gutted out in the middle of the road.
        This picture it is so fresh in my mind even though it happened more than two yrs ago.
        As I made a turn into the dark street my headlights (bright ass hid headlights) so the image my mental cam captured was pristine high definition clear.
        A fucking pussy cat looks up at the oncoming vehicle and stops and stares and it has in its mouth the shredded lifeless body of the other cat that got ran over.
        Pussy cat was pulling dead cat to the side of the road.

        I was and still to this day am baffled by that scene.
        Animals are not suppose to have consciousness.
        They only have the reptilian brain and that’s it.
        I’m still trying to figure WTF I saw that night.
        I know I saw more than just Pussy. There was/had to be something behind that pussy’s actions.

        Anyways that pussy cat had/has more consciousness in his reptilian brain than all dozen yellowish useless cunts looking down from the bridge.
        Not to mention the other half dozen down below.
        I bet that had one of them dove in the water soon after hanging dude dropped we would’ve had two drowned Vietcong fucks.
        That would’ve been awesome!!!
        Why did guy didn’t pulled himself to safety is beyond me. I mean I haven’t fact checked but if I input in my imagination, average weight of the average Vietnamese and I’m registering 120lbs.
        And I have never ever wondered any body’s nationality average weight.
        So hypothetically speaking I just popped that cherry.
        And when I do fact check and find myself right in the money I will then know I popped that cherry like a real cherry popper would.

    1. there are never dumb questions only dumb people. firstly I think steveO is always completely naked , least he was whenever I tuned in. secondly you are completely correct it’s all in the landing. me personally I think he had it , right till he hit that that “riptide?” YES!
      “though the streams are swollen
      keep them doggies rollin!”

      mom mom I think I see the puppy!


  1. He could easily have survived that fall. Considering he was over deep water he had an extremely high chance of survival. He should have prepared himself for the worst by positioning himself to fall correctly. Before entering the water he needed to enter feet first and take a breath.

    If he was thinking rationally then this incident would have been no worse of an outcome than diving into a swimming pool from a high diving board.

  2. 7.5 lost points for making to large of splash on entry! If he had pointed his toes little more on entry it would have helped the water not splash!! He got extra point for excellent grip strength holding on that long. His fellow country men and women not so well. Sounds like start of bad joke. How many Vietnamese people does it take to pull a man up a rope off a bridge? Apparently they needed couple more 30 or so wasn’t enough to pull a 150lb man up. That’s if he weighed that before being soaked in water. Maybe when they pulled him out of water he was 150lbs.

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