Man Dead After Jumping Off Building in Los Angeles, California

Man Dead After Jumping Off Building in Los Angeles, California

Man Dead After Jumping Off Building in Los Angeles, California

Best Gore member @marcmeth-k hooked us up with the video which claims to show a man dead after jumping off a building on 8th and Hope in Los Angeles, California on March 20th at around 5pm.

Great capture, if that’s true. I got no backinfo on whether the man was suicidal or Thai-suicided, but his footwear went bye bye regardless of what happened.

Thanks a lot for the video, @marcmeth-k:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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126 thoughts on “Man Dead After Jumping Off Building in Los Angeles, California”

      1. @snafuman69 This is what makes BG such a valuable place for learning. I live in the land of damp valleys and misty glens. Scotland. Plain food and lukewarm beer. Turnips and potatoes. Exotic foods are not a Scottish speciality.
        However, thanks to His Excellency Mark, BG is a great international crossroads of learning and sharing – “Douchey Entrailata” I love that. Of course there must be downsides to exposure to such delicacies on a daily basis. California was set up to be a gay state for mad homosexuals. This video shows one of the downsides and its culinary by-product.

        In Scotland gays just live quietly in shame like the rest of us. Most of our buildings are low-level slums so suicide from high buildings is difficult. So we mostly just grow old and die in misery and collective shame. I thank you for your local culinary wisdom.

    1. We heard you the first time. He looks African American to me. Probably jumped because of some Thot. Shame that suicides don’t know life experience and that there is so much more to live for. Shit, why kill yourself over pussy? He could have met a woman…. a real woman. Shame.

        1. You know nemsie, I believe you are correct. A lot of Arabs swing that way, esp when in sand country. They like to diddle little boys, and whatever else comes in that package. A right of passage and the like.
          My guess is his last breath smelled like sweaty balls and smegma!
          One last thought- probably the Imam’s sweaty balls and smegma on that fuckers last breath, the heathen.

          1. Ha! You know I read something only a month or two ago. The Ottoman Empire (read Moslems) were one of the first ” countries” to decriminalise homo sex between men …back in the 1850’s. That tells you a lot. Legitimising their boy raping and shit. Yet ,homo is outlawed by their Koran! It is in our Bible too but we don’t bang on about it like they do and how “pure “they are. Fuck off Moslem Hypocrites!

          2. Dil Doe @fred1212 & @hopingfornemesis

            I know… not technically “Arabs”, but check this video on the “Dancing bachas” of Afghanistan.
            As you will have guessed, the young boys “dances” are just the first course of the meal, so to speak.

            Before posting a link to a video, i would usually write “enjoy” – but in this case….Urgh!!
            ” ‘They prefer boys in Afghanistan’: Dancing bachas recruited for sex (RT Documentary) ”

          3. Absolutely right @karmen40 . It fucks you up enough to sell yourself for gaysex in the western world .. can you imagine how much worse it’s in the repressed Moslem World!

            Many of these guys form the “adult children” rapefugees in Europe now. Ie actually adults but pretend to be minors in Europe and even go to highschool in Germany etc teenagers when they are in their thirties etc! Ie as the state preserves the lie that they were minors upon entering. Some have gone on to committing horrible rapes and murders .

          1. Except one hole has a cock and a set of balls on the other side. Call me old fashion, but….I prefer doin the tapping, and as a Texan drilling as many holes as possible.
            Yeah the fuckers go for the little boys. Sick mother fuckers. And turn a blind eye is turned to it.
            Also I think it goes back further than the Ottomans, way back, like Mohammad’s time.


    1. The black brothers don’t need to, they just kill each other off with guns, crack, and heroin…..however, the last one alive is going to have to take the jump.
      But be real KK, if that cats white my mother is Aunt Jamima. He’s a fucking Arab, colloquially a Sand Nigger, and we do know how they’re into suicide! Don’t we?

      1. Well his child/man raping and killing days are long gone. So what is a high-strung fruity looking snackbarist to do but do the only other thing his people do. Probably yelled out a snackbar on his way down.

      1. I was gonna say an alien probably killed him and left his mark. Or it could be an ancient symbol, let’s get Tom Hanks aka Robert Langdon on the case from that movie Angels and Demons.

          1. Well I’m an arachnophobe, I still don’t trust it. Kind of ironic considering my handle n’ avi is a Spider-Man character. Guess it’s like Batman embracing his biggest fear; bats… I still flinch like a little bitch when I see one scuttle by me, though. Think I’d inevitably shit my pants if I ever visited Australia.

  1. Sand Nigger was always Mumbling some chit about not being one of the “Hijackers” on 9/11. …. After Jumping we all heard him Screaming “I Like Snack-Bar, I Like Snack-Bar”. … Well, you dumb sumbytch, You landed 20 feet from the Phuckin Snack-bar. I think it would’ve been more healthier to take an Elevator to the Snackbar.

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