Man Decapitates Himself by Tying His Neck to a Fire Hydrant and Driving Off in His Van in West Dallas, Texas

Man Decapitates Himself by Tying His Neck to a Fire Hydrant and Driving Off in His Van in West Dallas, Texas

This happened a few days ago in the western part of Dallas, city in the state of Texas, USA. 35 year old Hugo Rodriguez drove to an intersection and tied a rope around his neck. He then walked to a nearby fire hydrant and tied the other end of the rope to the fire hydrant. then got back in his van and gunned the engine, the accelerating vehicle applying enough pressure to actually rip Hugo’s head right off of his shoulders. The van continued onward but fortunately, no one else was injured. Although I’m sure the myriad of witnesses will have plenty of emotional and mental scars from witnessing the event.

Now to the weird part. Before the suicide, Hugo had spray painted the words “no codigo” (no code), and “CODBO” on the side of his Van. Investigators are speculating that this is referring to the video game, “Call of Duty: Black Ops”. Of course, nothing is verified yet but the US mainstream media is already strongly suggesting that video games are responsible for this suicide. Are you surprised? I’m not. It’s just a part of this modern societal psychology where everyone except the perpetrator of a crime, murder or suicide is held accountable.

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    1. Hello, first time poster, long time lurker. This story was the final straw…had to sign up lol.

      Anyway, I’m giving this guy +10 for originality (although it has been mentioned that this is not the only time this has been done). I don’t understand it…I mean, why off yourself when there’s pussy and beer to enjoy instead? “Oh fuck, my life sucks so bad that I’m going to tie this rope to a fire hydrant, then around my neck, leave my door open and gun it.” It’s both NOT funny and funny at the same time. It’s like reverse whiplash at the highest level possible…

  1. Very ingenious but simple way of suicide with an audience. He could’ve made a name for himself but it’s too late now. Now He just legend in the minds of the onlookers, they’re probably thinking, why?

    He probably lost on the game he was playing and couldn’t take it, just a case of game rage with suicide.

  2. It has happened before, i’ve read of several similar cases, but i hadn’t seen pics of it yet. The guy must’ve left his car door open, i guess it would’ve been even more dramatic if he had only left the window open ( resulting in decapitated corpse behind the wheel ). How long would his rope have been, anyone knows?

    1. @H Thompson.

      I’m thinking similar, I’d like to know where he is in relation to the van. Also if the force was great enough to pull his body out of the van he should still have an attached head and not the clean cut we see on the ground.

      1. Ha, Bobcat! I already tried finding aerial footage of the scene but I can’t find the fire hydrant anywhere on the pic.
        Decapitation by rope force is quite possible, it used to happen with the long drop hanging executions, and those ropes were only 3-10 ft max. , (calculated to deliver a force of 1260 lbf. , wiki says ). So how far and how fast did this guy drive before his head flew off? His van can’t have accelerated very fast. But I can’t imagine him driving with a rope hanging out of his car very far either.

        @Obli, thx for the post tbw! (-:

  3. A guy can get so wrapped up in a video game that he feels he must off himself like this !?, fuck me, am I missing something ?.
    He should have gone for a game of squash or a run or something, shake off the stress rather than become stressed.

    1. @ewe- I’ve seen some hilarious videos on youtube of young guys going absolutely crazy over their video games. They can get pretty violent too. Glad this guy decided to only end his own life and not take others down too…if violent video games actually had something to do with this.

    2. @ewe- I’ve seen some hilarious videos on youtube of young guys going crazy over their video games. Some get pretty violent too. Glad this guy decided to only end his life and not take others down too…if violent video games did play a part in his suicide.

      1. Seems crazy that people can be so wound up by a video game @Little Foot, but I’ve never played the modern stuff, the last video game I remember playing was track and field back in the 80s ! πŸ˜€
        This guy does look too old to be playing those daft games, so maybe they have nothing to do with the incident.

  4. Thanks for the hook-up. I was inquiring about this in the previous post, and hey presto, here it is. Good going guys πŸ™‚ Now lets have a video of it! With all the witnesses there must have been someone with a cell phone or other video capable device hanging around.

  5. Well considering that he didn’t use English to write “no code” despite living in America I am going to assume that he didn’t know much, if any, English and therefore was a new arrival.

    If the above holds true the possibility then exists that “no code” may be referring to the fact that he did not possess a valid Green Card and was in fact an illegal alien.

    If the authorities had told him to pack his bags and leave because he was illegal it would give us a possible motive for the suicide because this suicide was very much a “fuck you” type of suicide, a metaphorical middle finger to the rest of society as it were.

    The acronym “CODBO” may not necessarily be referring to the game, particularly since he wrote mostly in Spanish. It could even be an acronym of Spanish Origin as well.

    My conclusion, he seems to have been a bit too old to kill himself over a video game.

    Suicide over games tends to be a teenager issue mostly and when you consider that, as a van driver, he would have worked away from home a lot and in various shift patterns as well it does go to show that he would not have had a lot of free time to be playing video games, certainly not enough free time to become obsessed with them.

    I just can’t see video games being the motive here.

    1. This is my first post here, though I’ve been a lurker for a few years, I <3 BG! Anyways, I was gonna mention something about AHS, because I've never heard of this kind of suicide, until I saw last week's episode. Pretty creative way to go out I think!

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    1. I’m a little younger and play the same games (call of duty/battlefield/crysis).. Though it doesn’t at all seem a game was his motivation, there’s no codes to be input either aside from the Mountain Dew/Doritos codes on call of duty advanced warfare, and the rewards are certainly not decapitation-worthy! But video games actually are quite popular with middle aged adults… Shit, I even play plants vs zombies garden warfare haha

  6. I recall a similar story not too long ago from NY where an old man put a chain around his neck and a pole, then went into his car, hit the gas pedal, and decapitated himself in broad daylight.

    Also, I don’t think CODBO stood for Black Ops in his case, he doesn’t look like the type of guy who would be a gamer at his age. Probably meant something personal to him.

  7. What a silly fuck. Black Ops, eh? Hell, who knows? Maybe the Russians DID brainwash him. And, a set of numbers told him to off himself for the Russians protection. Ha. Pretty doubtful. Dude, was just more crazy than a sack full of cats. Its shit like this…..that makes me proud to be from D/FW. I fucking love that place. πŸ™‚

  8. Here’s another creative idea: Tie piano wire around your neck, get yourself elevated somehow (don’t make it obvious), attach the piano wire securely to a joist in the ceiling making sure it is short enough that you feet can’t reach the floor, Krazy Glue your hands to your hair/head, now JUMP!
    It will fuck up whoever finds you, as you will appear to have ripped off your own fucking head.

  9. Hi all new here…was searching for more info about this gentleman and found his family has started a Go Fund me page for his wife and kids. Haven’t been able to find any video of him tying rope around himself of the fire hydrant. Also there has to be more to this then the blk ops angle been playing video games all my life and never wanted to kill myself, but their are trolls out there that just love messing with people.

  10. Ok, posting from the US. This just goes to show how much the media “shelters” our minds. I haven’t. Heard a single thing about this on the news! And i like like 3 hrs from dallas! So thamkful for bg for informing me of what the media doesnt

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