Man Falls Out Apartment Window, Impaled With Pole in Paris

Man Falls Out Apartment Window, Impaled With Pole in Paris

A man in Paris fell from his apartment window directly on to a street pole. He was alive when emergency crew showed up. Pole was taken with man to hospital, he died shortly after. Unclear is whether it is suicide or accident; whatever the case, must have been very satisfying and painful way to die. Props to sticking a perfect landing.

Would have been ironic if this happened in Poland, don’t cha think?

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  1. Sorta like being impaled on the proudly upheld middle finger of Satan. Right up through your tattered ringpiece, slurry chute, large intestine, lungs and throat. If the dead guy’s mouth was opened you would have seen the shiny top of the bollard at the back of his throat.

    A sorta finger puppet. But on a very bad finger.

  2. “He died shortly after” ya don’t say!!! When I saw the thumbnail I thought that lump was a crazy broken spine!!
    I’d have thought that if it was a suicide he’d have at least checked the landing area?

  3. This was very satisfying to watch. Stupidity at its best. Stupid for jumping or stupid for falling out of window. Either way this dickhead recoeved his comeuppance, his just desserts. He reaped what he sowed

  4. I live in Paris. There is a scandal at the moment about this video and above all another one taken by emergency crew at hospital which show him with the cut off pole still in him being operated on. He died in hospital and his family is furious that this video was taken and leaked. It was a suicide attempt. The person who took the video will soon be identified and arrested.

  5. What’s with the blue square in the middle of the videos nowadays? Some sort of watermark? I find it extremely annoying. It blurs what you’re trying to look at to some extent. Are we being punished or something?

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