Man Fiddling Around with Rifle Shoots Himself Accidentally in Head

Man Fiddling Around with Rifle Shoots Himself Accidentally in Head

Man Fiddling Around with Rifle Shoots Himself Accidentally in Head

In the video, some idiot who apparently doesn’t understand firearm safety keeps fiddling around with a rifle, seemingly trying to attach the magazine.

Eventually, with the barrel pointed at his own head, he somehow manages to press the trigger, shooting the cap off his head, but also the brain in his skull.

I guess his compadres can count themselves lucky someone this skilled with firearms didn’t point at one of them when he fucked around with it. Geez…

I didn’t get any backinfo with the video, so I don’t know when it was filmed and thus, if it’s something we’ve seen before. Likewise, I don’t know where the video is from. Please fill me in if you know more about the incident.

Props to Best Gore member @pigsticker for the video:

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