Man Fiddling Around with Rifle Shoots Himself Accidentally in Head

Man Fiddling Around with Rifle Shoots Himself Accidentally in Head

Man Fiddling Around with Rifle Shoots Himself Accidentally in Head

In the video, some idiot who apparently doesn’t understand firearm safety keeps fiddling around with a rifle, seemingly trying to attach the magazine.

Eventually, with the barrel pointed at his own head, he somehow manages to press the trigger, shooting the cap off his head, but also the brain in his skull.

I guess his compadres can count themselves lucky someone this skilled with firearms didn’t point at one of them when he fucked around with it. Geez…

I didn’t get any backinfo with the video, so I don’t know when it was filmed and thus, if it’s something we’ve seen before. Likewise, I don’t know where the video is from. Please fill me in if you know more about the incident.

Props to Best Gore member @pigsticker for the video:

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138 thoughts on “Man Fiddling Around with Rifle Shoots Himself Accidentally in Head”

    1. Poor bastard.
      I hate guns, and if I was screwing about with one, I’d be very careful where it was pointed.

      When this fucka wakes up dead, he’s going to be annoyed with himself.
      Such a waste.

  1. It looks like the hat flew off due to the transmitted energy of the impact to the bottom of the head. I don’t think the shot went all the way up through his head. At the end, he leans forward, and it looks like the top of his head is still intact.

  2. @Mr JXK777,
    Did he……..”dieded?”

    Hey mister. I’ve been busy trying to steak Capt Kirk’s job off him but he makes it very difficult.
    We’ve got to keep writing these Certs, though. What will you put for this one?

  3. I’ve heard about these things called ‘guns’. Apparently they fire a bullet, which can cause a devasting effect on the human anatomy. Might just be me, but I suggest when operating such a lethal machine, utmost caution should apply. Fuck it, that was beautiful, Darwin Award of the day.

  4. All of the above. Now that’s somebody that has never picked up a weapon. That fucker with the video camera is a dam psychic. He knew what was going to happen. Hell I’ve seen videos of Americans do the same thing. funny what you will see at the shooting range.

  5. He is adorable… I meant deplorable, sorry… he made my day 😀 I was raised as muslim child and thank god he (as if) he/she made me an atheist… Love this video and his little contribution to our society of civilized people… if he is jew, I am just as grateful as I would be if he was muslim… and any other religious fuck anywhere… if you are still stupid to believe in this shit and question science, you do not deserve any advances and should just do this… take stick of TNT and light it, it is after all just like candle stick you need in the time of darkness… and if you hear BOOM, it is god that is calling you… I love this site and I am not even sociopath, just sarcastic as hell and fed up with religious stupidity… please do kill yourselves and make my day… cheers…

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