Man Filmed Committing Suicide by Train in Finland

Man Filmed Committing Suicide by Train in Finland

In May of this year, an elderly Finnish man committed suicide by train. The man walked erratically up and down the railway track for a while, and then, when a speeding train that didn’t stop at the station announced itself, the man stood in its way and faced the impeding death. His nervous behavior and the fatal impact were filmed by a person inside a train on the opposite side of the platform.

Best Gore member reddye, from Finland, added the following commentary:

Suicide rate in Finland is high. I wonder why we don’t have more of these kinds of situations happening. Maybe people just kill themselves alone at home. At least the man got into a better place.

It sure is over and done for him now. Except that by going for suicide by train, the victim surely added indescribable stress to the train conductor’s life, who just wanted to deliver commuters to their destinations, not watch someone die right before his eyes without any realistic means to avoid killing him. The act also surely screwed it up for the commuters who were now delayed and couldn’t carry on with whatever they had planned for the day.

With that in mind, a quiet suicide at home would be more considerate. Although when someone reaches the point of not caring if they live or die, it is usually because they were systematically and aggressively let down by others. Such person couldn’t care less if tables are turned for once.

Thanks a lot reddye for the video:

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    1. why is the suicide rate high in Finland? It can’t be too horrible in Finland. If it wasn’t for Finland we wouldnt have the band HIM. Ville is beautiful. but he does sing sad love songs… hmmmm Still HIM is awesome.

      1. I love HIM and they had lots of my favorite bands,apocalyptica,the rasmus,sonata arctica, nightwish,to die for,children of bodom,amorphis, the 69 eyes,lordy, lullacry,stratovarious and a lot I can’t remember now but finish guys are cute 🙂

      2. Also, i have a Finnish favorite band (out of the many) named Sentenced. They broke up in 2005 but the idea is that all their songs implied suicide and pain, sadness, loneliness, misery. Beautiful songs, but the pain behind them was and is unbearable. And on the other side of things there are Korpiklaani, who don’t seem to have a care in the world.

      3. ***why is the suicide rate high in Finland? It can?t be too horrible in Finland. If it wasn?t for Finland we wouldnt have the band HIM. Ville is beautiful. but he does sing sad love songs? hmmmm Still HIM is awesome.

        …it may be, because they’re not properly trained for suicide

        If they did it right the first time, there wouldn’t be as many of them doing it to begin with.

    1. Had the same thought my brotha bb, but I would have tackled the guy instead of filming it. Some people’s mind close down in a phase or clause of reality. At least the guy got to be on BG, should have worn a wig, to go out in and with style.

  1. Suicide rates are up all over Europe now thanks to the mass uncontrolled immigration forcing the wages down and turning the indigenous population into surplus labour who are then denied the social support that they have paid into all of their lives.

    How can any European look at their country now and not feel suicidal, it’s a mess.

    Today in Calais, France over one hundred African illegal immigrants tried to storm their way onto a ferry to get to Britain. The ferry crew had to raise the ramps and turn the water cannons on them in order to prevent them from forcing their way onto the ships.

    When they’re not doing that the illegal immigrants are hiding under trucks and trying all sorts of shit to get into Britain.

    London is now referred to as little Africa due to it’s large African demographics and exceptionally high crime rates.

    I could go on but I won’t bore you anymore, regardless, the economic repercussions of this large scale immigration has destroyed many livelihoods and will destroy many more and this, in my opinion, accounts for the huge spike in suicide rates, particularly among the young and economically disenfranchised indigenous population.

    Who is to blame, well, not the immigrants actually. They arrive here only because our politicians welcome them with open arms and give them free money and houses, it’s the sell out politicians and the greedy business owners who profit from the influx of cheap immigrant labour that are to blame for it all.

        1. Except brown subhumans like you, JennyMuerte, are too cowardly to invade our countries. It’s not even your plan in the first place, you’re just following your shepherds (the Zionists) in massive herds like the sheep you are.

    1. EmptyS….guess who’s idea it was for Europe to be more multicultural? Its the same group of people that have been kicked out of almost every country in Europe? Brits won’t need to commit suicide once Ebola breaks-out from all those Africans….

      1. that is true. those people that got eboli trying to preach about Jesus over there in africa or some shit hole like that and help people in that hell hole. I was mad as fuck when they let them fuckers come back to this country. They should have had to stay there ass over there until the day they die. Don’t come back to our country spreading shit. and ofcourse they lived in Charlotte north carolina less than one hour from my house where I have family.

  2. If each one of us “indigenous” natives found a migrant to beat senseless daily, it seems the problem would be alleviated.
    I mean if I knew I was being stalked by strangers I’d sneak back OUT of the country. Wouldn’t you?
    Killing yourself in a closet like Robin Williams sounds meek and small, why not take your pain out on others?
    Why punish yourself?

          1. Tucker. you’re stupid. you believe Mickey mouse is real. you have no clue where diseases come from. The. guy above me inspired the same comment and you wanna go off on me. when he probably even isnt a native of his land. you dumb ass.

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        1. @Elmo I am 100 percent German and damn proud of it. You want to learn a little about the TRUE White Supremacy?
          Let’s meet up in person, Elmo, I’ve got our pledge written right on the sole of my boot.
          Your illiteracy and poor punctuation speaks volumes about your intelligence level, and you accuse me of being stupid?
          You are a good joke to this site. We all need a little humor now and then.

          1. @sledge. my spelling and punctuation mistakes? you should check your first comment to me. then challenge my intelligence. I didn’t know that writing to you here required the grammar nazy to stamp my comment for approval. When all I was trying to do was prove a point. but all you can do Is instigate with violence. you scare me?. you wouldn’t in person. even worse through a keyboard. i think you forgot we all die. you can be proud all you want. just don’t be an ignorant german living in the US. when were trying to prove a point on the natives of that land.

          2. Elmaspison is worshipping us Europeans, especially Germans. Just look at his profile picture, I believe it is of that German metalhead who beheaded a girl who rejected him. Native Americans are funny.

          3. @joln worship? far from it. When this is a site of gore. why put a Brasilian, when this guy gets attention. to talk about gore in another continent.
            germans have nothing I want. There for i don’t need to live there. and that’s good that you find us funny. I rather that. Then be white on some crazy medication that keeps me from walking into the path of this train. and not from the stress from immigrants coming to another country. As most here assume.

    1. That’s another train. that kind of train can’t take off that fast. It needs room to speed up. and he was going pretty fast. even as it tried to stop.
      The retarded side of my brain thinks I would dent the train and be stuck to the windshield like a bug, alive, waiving voyage conductor. but the smart side of my brain reminds me of best gore.

    2. So there is 3 sets of tracks. I only saw two. Suppose the bright side of this is 2 days ago I went for an eye check up. Glasses will be delivered in 1 to 2 weeks. Had gone 5 yrs since the last check up. Thanks for putting up with my blurry eyed ass till then. 😉

      1. @rayf hah me too…I need some new contact lenses. You know down here in South Texas we have a program once every year that gives anybody free eye exam with glasses, free basic dental care, & free medical exam no questions asked. All because were a bunch of poor lazy spics who can’t afford health care. I ment to go & get a pair of glasses but I was to lazy. Lol

        1. @BloodBinge same here I was just being lazy. Got to noticing the night time driving was getting a little more difficult and decided it was time, the fucking deer out here actually have a reverse gear or something and even when you do see them the bastards like to walk backwards right into your car. Need every advantage I can get. 😉

    1. Hey i’m finnish 🙂 though I never heard of this. I go past that station almost everyday 😛 to enlighten others there are 2 tracks, one f?r the trains what go further and cost a normal passanger ticket and skip some stations, the other one ffor slow local trains which accept bus cards

    1. Indeed. Finland is probably the most worthless and unimportant country on this planet. I encourage any Finns reading this to off yourselves, you’re just not worth it. I’d be the same if I had to live in a socialist shithole filled to the brim with grey apartment blocks.

  3. My experience of decoding human behavior telling me that almost 100% of public suicide is strongly connected to disappointment in fellow humans. Hence, they kill themselves in everyone views to punish them.
    -It is same bizzare as some young student fail whole year just to spite his parents.

  4. i understand the whole “do it quietly at home thing” @ate….
    but i think sometimes the victim (if can you call a suicide case a “victim”?) wants to die in the most..erm..”explosive” way

    i remember my friend who set light to himself (i mentioned his story on here once) not only wanted to die, but wanted to burn and suffer spectacularly.

    but as i said then – how can we reason,or try to understand the motives of someone in such a terrible mental state?

  5. I would get closer to film it, he’s going to do it anyway,it would be funnier 😆 I like Finland I have read they have the biggest forest in the world or something like that besides it’s really cold and I love cold places

        1. pos claro. somos pa?ses porque el europeo nos hizo pelear en contra de nosotros mismos. y fuimos divididos por dinero y por inponer politicas para controllar los recursos q da nuestra naturaleza. antes no hab?an pa?ses. solo tribus. Azteca, maya, inca etc etc. tenemos m?s cultura y somos m?s due?os de las Am?ricas que estos gringos europeos imb?ciles. pero sus mujeres no se comparan con las mujeres latinas. nunca. Las europeas son feas!!!

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  6. Google Street view only gets you on the other side of the track. This is Puistola/Parkstad station in Helsinki, the date is 2nd May 2014 at about 1600 hours.

    There are 5 tracks in all, the clip is shot from a commuter train standing on the second track from the east, looking west over three tracks. Another commuter train’s is standing on the 3rd track from the east, and is heard actually blowing its horn briefly.

    The train was a medium-distance commuter train running on the fast track normally reserved for Intercity trains, and ran at 120-140kph and stopped in less than 200 meters (I counted the cars times their length.),25.035642,3a,75y,122.8h,76.07t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sQVJcGY2J-QURO5ORambVTA!2e0

    Here’s the station setup shot at another time

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