Man Is Found Shortly After Hanging Himself, But Nobody Is in Hurry to Unhook Him

Man Is Found Shortly After Hanging Himself, But Nobody Is in Hurry to Unhook Him

Man Is Found Shortly After Hanging Himself, But Nobody Is in Hurry to Unhook Him

I got no backinfo, but the people in the video look South East Asian to me.

The video shows a man committing suicide by hanging. He lets go from some height, but it doesn’t break his neck. With the noose tight around his neck, he swings and spins for a moment.

About a minute and a half into the hanging, somebody walks into the room and checks him out, looks at his feet to make sure he’s not standing on anything, but without any sense of haste, leaves the room. Two of them show up later, stop him from spinning but again – no obvious haste to get him unhooked.

I’m sure the rope would have crushed the guy’s trachea, and some brain cells would begin to die off due to the lack of oxygenated blood supply, but something’s telling me that if they unhooked him within 3 minutes, it would be possible to revive him. Not like that’s what he would want, seeing that he himself carried this suicide out and apparently set up the camera to record it, but still, I find the lack of action to save the guy’s life unwholesome.

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116 thoughts on “Man Is Found Shortly After Hanging Himself, But Nobody Is in Hurry to Unhook Him”

    1. I bet those motherfuckers owed him money, and they were protecting the goose that laid the golden egg by not letting anyone near him to cut him down, that’s brilliant, I can’t argue with that

          1. Well for our own human nature i think any human being wants to save another in a death situation, the witness of the hanging is just an asshole

          2. I agree but im starting to wonder with all the suicide as of late especially out of India and the Indochina countries if alot of people aren’t thinking “hes better off” or “i wish i could join him”

  1. Why stop and help him? He wanted to die, he has the right to kill himself, if I wanted them die and some wanker helped me and I was a vegetable for the rest of my life I would be bloody annoyed lol let the man kill himself

        1. Bro for real ngl im a filipino but this fucking race of mine makes me regret living. Fucked up government, fucked up society, fucked up people two faced motherfuckers tbh i don’t wanna be a pinoy anymore.

  2. I just think the guy who walked in was probably told before hand by the suicider that this would happen, he doesn’t look the least bit shocked or even surprised.

    He just checks the guys pulse and takes his time.

    1. After reading your comment I watched it again and think you are correct.
      The woman is clearly upset, probably insisting he cut him down, but the man checking his pulse reacts like he’s waiting for the guy to die.

    1. indeed after the fall I think he was gone for a few seconds then tried to fight it when he come round, but his hands and coordination couldn’t manage it ..

  3. From my experience in east asia, if someone has gone through with steps to commit suicide, strangers respect the decision and don’t seem to care. Family, is different however.

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  5. Die you bastard die they must be thinking to themselves for doing fuck-all but watch him spinning around like a marionette. He must’ve did something drastic, and very bad for wanting to hang himself over it. And the way people seam to give close to so shits about it, i think it confirms my take on things.

  6. If you’re intent on killing yourself by hanging you better make damn sure nobody will come find you for at least an hour. I read a news about a man who hanged himself in a forest but was found and revived by cops. The man became a vegetable who can’t move his entire body, only his eyes. It’s a fate worse than death.

    1. Lol I’d wish that on my close friends honestly. Would be fun to visit them with a bouquet of flowers so others think how nice of a guy I am but actually I’ll just punch him in the gut and show him pictures of my dick in his ex’s mouth!! 🙂

  7. Kinda disturbing watching him panic for a second there after the initial fall….perhaps he thought he would have snapped his neck so death would have been instant..

    I think the guy was actual checking his pulse….he looked sad but not surprised….maybe this was something he dreaded but knew it would happen

    They did try to get him down but I have a feeling it isn’t as easy as one thinks…he looks like a big guy…probably weighs a ton being dead weight

  8. I’m quite confused on this one I thought Asians where one of the top smartest beings and this well just contradicts it all .. I mean that’s not how you approach a person doing that is it or am I just not making sense I mean grab the fucker pick em up and some one cut the cord or run upstairs Mac !! I mean the guy is suffocating lulz for Pete’s sakes waow .. little minds never seize to amaze me smh in disappointment .

    1. Maybe he didn’t want him to survive.
      Maybe the guy had confided in him that he was going to hang himself and although it looks like he is checking his blood pressure in video was really holding his hand as he went out.
      You are talking shit it has nothing to do with having a little mind. You closed minded fuck.

          1. Oh now you acting all Innocent mate come off with it you pansy you know what you said … and really you didn’t have to reply to my comment to begin with if it bothered you so much can’t I give my opinion ?.. I thought it was a free country …?red thorn I mean really no offense but kinda of a name is that you mean as in cactus ? Mine is so simple it’s Joseph or chevi very simple very professional try finding a better identity Mac will ya ..? Have a nice day

          2. Because in my world ..where I come from ..we save each other out of the fires and flames mate that’s why is so hard to believe we sweat bleed and cry for our lives As we walk threw the shadows of death and as we fear no evil we win and lose together in the name of the lord and in Jesus name brethren .. can I get an amen ..? <3 woo !!!!!! xd

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          1. Nhaw ma’e I is a dude … lulz why ? ^_^ anyways it doesn’t matter …. welcome back ??yeah well thanks man … wait where did I go ? Huh … wait … thank you nvm ^_</ glad to be here thank you kindly !

  9. This was an interesting video. We have seen so many hangings. They are not often found, when they are people frantically try to cut the person down.
    With this it seems like the people that were around ( the guy at least) either knew or suspected he was going to commit suicide.
    I get that lots of people are saying why didn’t he react and cut him down. Which is fair enough but maybe there was a mutual understanding.
    If i choose to hang myself and was found 1.30mins in I would be gutted to be cut down. It’s not fair, why inflict possible brain damage on someone who already wanted to die.
    The world really needs to rethink our way of dealing with people who are suicidal. Instead of it being a crime it should be a choice, a comfortable one at that.
    Euthanasia clinics. Lets get them going. We need to reduce the population anyway.
    It shouldn’t just be for the terminally ill in Switzerland!!

      1. That is too much to ask. People who like and want to fuck will fuck. No contraception is 100% as I’m sure you were taught in school. So other than mass genocide, allowing people who WANT to die isn’t that bad an idea.

    1. I agree whit you

      My husband hanged himself six years ago
      One of his greatest fears was being cut off too soon and becoming disabled and suffering.
      He did it here at home, and I had to swear him to leave him hanging for an hour

      1. Wow, you are an incredibly strong woman. All credit to you! The loss still must hurt, it never really goes away does it. You can be safe in the knowledge he did not suffer becoming disabled and also you didn’t endure that as well. Must have one of the hardest decisions you’ve made.
        I found my ex who had jumped to his death…

  10. Hi gore loving motherfuckers, it’s my first comment though I’ve been around here for years and still loving it.

    I can’t stop laughing at this dude spinning back and forth from left to right and vice versa…

    Does that make me a bad person ?

    By the way, how can you end your life this way… I always thought that if you had enough of your living, at least do something crazy before going down, for fuck’s sake.

  11. lot’s of scenario to this … first of all , dude walks in tries to wake his ass up from hangin then check pulse how far he’s going … then another guy walks in, probably said.. fked this fucker is heavy…. if that’s what he want’s to do let it, I’m not going to change his fken diaper or whatsover he needs done to take care of him if he comes out alive to this BS! Or…. either guy owe’s them money or visavers the guys owes money that oh well I guess we don’t have to pay him back now since he’s dead…. oh wait let me see if he’s still alive…. yeah he’s pulse is fading away… Mai Ling make some tea for us for helping this focker ..he dead now!

  12. This took place in Myanmar.
    The reason why he committed suicide is because he found out his wife was cheating on him.
    And yes, he couldn’t stand with the situation of being a total loser.
    Before he committed suicide, he forced his 2 children to watch him hanging.( The kids were taken out of the room by their mom just before he committed suicide.)
    Yes, I’m from Myanmar. Thanks!

  13. This is cause in Myanmar (Burma).
    This man’s mind is not good.This man have two child ( daughter and son).This man think his wife is cheating on other guy. They are talking about this problem .And then this man did it. By the way;I’m From Myanmar.

    1. Yeah it looks like he broke his neck and it looks like he shit himself pretty quickly as well. You can kind of see the lump growing in the rear of his skirt while he spins. At least he had the decency to wear some sort of form fitting undergarment when he hung himself, don’t want to shit on the floor.

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