Man Going Through Depression Hangs Himself from Bridge in Iloilo, Philippines

Hanging from Bridge, Depression Pushed Him Over Edge

Man Going Through Depression Hangs Himself from Bridge in Iloilo, Philippines

Best Gore member @delimanu has the backstory:

This happened yesterday morning. Few days prior, the guy went to a hospital because he was experiencing flu like symptoms and has a weak immune system. But he was denied because the hospital said his case wasn’t severe. He experienced depression cause he was denied and just hanged himself.

It must have been a cumulative effect of everything going on in his life, and the alleged denial of medical care was just the last straw that in his mind showed him that nobody cared about him. So he grabbed a rope, drove himself to the bridge and committed suicide.

Many thanks for the pics, @delimanu:

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69 thoughts on “Man Going Through Depression Hangs Himself from Bridge in Iloilo, Philippines”

  1. My great-grandfather saw something similar that he lived in Germany when the Russians invaded, he told me that German civilians who refused to fight were arrested on poles and bridges and he told me that the scenes never left his head.

    1. Keep good care of your wonderful horses and yourself. But remember, “Power concedes to nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

      We’re starting to see this around the United States, and this is GOOD!!!

      Someday, I’d like to see these Corporate Scumbags, drying out their laundry this way.

    2. Seeing a huge spike of domestic violence arrests locally. Not unexpected of course.
      People being without jobs, stressing about bill and getting on each others nerves while being stuck at home all day, that is the natural result. One guy even burned his house down last week.

    3. I don’t really mind the social isolation. I wasn’t very social to begin with, but what’s annoying me is that I have nothing to do. There are some days when I feel like dangling from a bridge just to get some excitement in my day.

      1. I think his overhanging could work somewhere else. Possibly with a beheading or a heart removal. But trees in my opinion, provide a much prettier setting.

        This is why I like overhanging trees.

        What’s your preference… HIV?

      1. Doesn’t it just… but you can’t explain it to them. They live in their own bubble and are ignorant and oblivious to the outside world. They are right… everyone else is wrong and deluded. The United Shithole of America…. ffs.

        1. True…for the individuals who have never LEFT North America. After visiting Europe recently and coming back ALIVE somehow. I notice just what it is exactly that makes different cultures different from other nationalities. Obviously…the fuckin’ Natives have NEVER changed throughout the fuckin’ course of time. They think they know how the world works…but in the end they do NOT. Yes, even the most successful restaurant owner in Italy is going like “Yes I love my life, but I live amongst a fuckin’ continent that might as well be 1 WHOLE communist nation.” Because each nation on the other side of the world is struggling for the most fuckin’ control of their world. Most of them are like fuckin’ robots, and they’re trying so HARD to keep up with the United States. From pop culture, to music, the fashion styles there. Yet…they just go back to being fuckin’ half-breed humans. The historical culture has fucked most people over there. Rich or poor…whatever. Just about every fuckin’ nation outside of North America has NOT reached its full development stage. Maybe it has…but that’s as far as it will ever get during the average lifetime. Just keep having to close your boarders against other nations trying to attack you while your Economy does battle with the other one.

          …it’s interesting…but it also sucks dick big time.

  2. When it comes to how other people treat you, or if you think they care about you or not, keep your expectations low, that way you won’t get disappointed when nobody gives a fuck about you. Stop looking to other people for approval and acceptance. Love and accept yourself, take care of yourself.

    1. Good advice. This is something I have tried to keep in mind but there is just one problem.. it has affected my ability to form bonds with people. I don’t want to get emotionally attached for fear of giving someone the power to hurt me, but I’d like to form some sort of meaningful relationship down the road. If only people weren’t so damn shitty.

      1. That’s fear holding you back. Fear of emotional pain. Don’t let fear of emotional pain stop you from forming a partnership with someone if you want that.

        Remember, don’t get so obsessed with one person, that you are devastated if they leave you. There are tons of people out there to date. If someone leaves, start dating again and find someone new. Trust me, you will be excited once you start looking again. You’re not going to live forever. Don’t waste the precious time you have in this life letting fear stop you from living your life. Take chances, your life will be more interesting.

        1. I appreciate your words. It’s easier said than done and I admire those with emotional resilience, especially as someone with borderline personality disorder. All I can say is that shit is the closest fuckin’ thing to hell on Earth I’ve ever experienced, wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. At 20, I’m in the process of recovery for my disorders after struggling for 5 years alone and losing most of my teen years. I’ve also isolated myself from all of the friends I did have because the emotional investment I placed in people in the past was far too much and I couldn’t accept the fact that relationships aren’t perfect and eventually, people screw up one way or another.

          1. @maladaptive0211

            I see. You’re 20 years old, that’s still really young. As the years go by and you get older, you’re going to get used to being who you are.
            It doesn’t matter if you’re not perfect, everybody has their flaws. Accept yourself for who you are.
            Don’t hate yourself, don’t reject yourself. Accept yourself. Self acceptance is something everybody has to struggle with at some point. You’re only young, give it time. You are going to learn so much in the next 10 years. Just keep moving forward every day. Have goals as well.

            You need to learn to control your emotions. The way you control your emotions is by controlling your thoughts. Say positive things to yourself. It’s called positive self talk. Instead of saying, my personality disorder is hell on earth. Say, yeah, I’ve had tough times, but I’m a survivor, and I will get through this, and I will improve.

            Also, if you start thinking negative thoughts, and you catch yourself doing it, say to yourself STOP! It’s called thought stopping. Pay attention to what you’re thinking about. Change it to a positive thought instead.

            Write down 10 things you like about yourself. There is no time limit. Think about it for a while. You have positive qualities. There are things that you are good at. You need to focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

            Example. If you think about your mom dying, your are going to feel negative emotions. If you think about a funny joke, you are going to laugh.
            You’re emotions are totally in your control, because what you think about is up to you.
            The main trick is to think positive thoughts. If you think negative thoughts, you will have negative emotions. If you have positive thoughts, you will have positive emotions.

            Think positive.

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