Man with Half Face Missing from Shotgun Blast Found at Landfill

Black and Red Hole in Mouth Region

Man with Half Face Missing from Shotgun Blast Found at Landfill

According to the backinfo I got, the photos show an alleged shotgun suicide victim.

The photos indeed show a man who looks like half of his face was taken off with a shotgun blast, but I fail to see the weapon anywhere near the victim. Also, the body was found at a landfill, which strikes me as an odd choice for suicide. That’s where murdered corpses are deposited, but not where suicidal people typically go to take their own life.

Props to Best Gore member @uncuckyourself for the pics:

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96 thoughts on “Man with Half Face Missing from Shotgun Blast Found at Landfill”

    1. This isn’t really a landfill. It’s just some random trashy area as seen in pretty much every slum anywhere on the planet. Looks to me to be some random barren spot out somewhere that has managed to collect an odd assortment of mixed trash.

    1. No expert but. Looks frontal to his left, going across to the right. With slight angle up.

      My opinion for it’s worth nothing, I’d say it was 12Gauge. FUCK Shot..!
      The dentures have been placed there to distract the viewer from the REAL crime. (Just a guess).

      As if he was standing. Assassin (if indeed) opposite to the left of center, practically point blank from a lower angle. Because he was a short arsed beaner that took the shot…

        1. أعتقد أن ما تحاول قوله هو. أنا راعي الكثبان الرملية من ذبح النساء المتعلمات في العراق أو ربما سخيف سوريا. الرد بالإنجليزية. الولايات المتحدة هي الأفضل إذا كنت تحت موقف سخيف….UNDERSTOOD?

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          2. شاید اگر شما مردم خنده دار هستید ، خاورمیانه ادامه نمی دادید و همدیگر را منفجر می کنید و عیسی مسیحیان را به محض الهه سر می زنید. بنابراین شاید شما یک زبان لعنتی داشته باشید که در آن حروف به نظر نمی رسد که من آنها را با دیک من گول زده ام. فارسی در برابر عربی. اوه آره این تفاوت لعنتی را برای 5 سال دیگر لعنت خدا مطالعه خواهم کرد. گه خنده دار گرچه باید اعتراف کنم.

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  1. Obviously, his body may have been moved around but, I think the way he was laying indicates that he was murdered. He looks like he was lying with his arms behind him. I’d say that, if you shoot your face off with a shotgun, you’re going to want your hands in front, operating the gun. When you inevitably hit the deck, your hands are going to be in front.

    Or I could just be talking shit.

  2. No way to tell if it was an under the chin shot or an in the mouth one…either way, poor bastard suffered a horrific millisecond with a gory aftermath…..I know, I know, @pickmynose123 , he should have stopped shooting his mouth off years ago…..

  3. i dont get it…

    how did he suicide ? with birdshots ?
    i mean chevrotine or a slug would have travel all way and came out of his skull, exploding his head.
    but here, he just exploded his jaw…
    i guess he was holding the barrel under his chin before firing and not in his mouth, but still…. birdshots.

      1. Interesting. It ALSO looks like a fuckin’ rodeo clown shirt. His tan for life-colored ASS COULD have been impaled by a fuckin’ bull judging from the size of that crater-sized “It sucks to be an aborigine nigger in South America”-wound.

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